A novel by Pat Patera (Color Cover by Lucia Casarella Moore) This zine does contain adult situations; but no graphic portryals, no slash. (Rating PG)

A full 5th season Blake's 7 novel with everything:


"Jenna." It wasn't just the coldness of that voice that made the outlaw freeze. She kenw that voice. Knew it and -

"Avon." She spoke the name even before she turned to face the man: this spectre returned from out of her past.

Black. Gleam of leather, silver and sidearm. Quick gleam of tooth. He was leaner than she had remembered him, with a certain gauntness of cheek that augmented the haunted look in his eyes.


Soolin flushed, realizing that she had been watching him. Her eyes dropped a moment, to the cards that lay, abandoned, on the table... When she raised thema gaink, her chin tilted up in deliberate challenge. It had been some time since she'd flirted with Danger. The riotous rescue on Calpyso had awakened that drowsing appetite, and she wanted risk once more.

"It's late. I'm going to take a bath," she stated with cool nonchalance. "Why don't you join me?"


"Forget I ever mentioned it," Avon snapped. He flung his head up full, and the reflected sunlight flashed fire in the fierce eyes.

"Did I ever remark on how beautiful you are when you're angry?" Blake tried to tease him back from his sudden savagery.

"You only want me for my money," Avon, surprisingly, matched his playfulness.

"Just like I only love you for your mind." Blake's tone belied the tease.

Faced with this new earnestness, Avon felt a sudden flush of pleasure and, faintly embarrassed at the feeling, rolled away onto his back.

SEX --

"That depends."

"On what?" It was obvious how much she enjoyed the rough texture of the subtle torture he so carefully inflicted. But he knew, now, that nothing he did for her would ensure his survival.

"Oh how well you please me." Do you know that is a lie? Do you know that you are dead even as you make love to me?

He made her no answer, only leered at her contemptuously and applied himself to the task she set.

For her part, Servalan indulged in a private fantasy in which Avon loved her; and died at the moment of ecstacy, her stiletto plunged into the spinal cord at the base of the brain. I would like that, my love, to be the last moment of exult in your life.


Suddenly realizing that he lay alone and unprotected, Avon scrambled to his knees, peering through the blowing smoke, over the ruin of fallen bodies, searching for Blake. He spotted a familiar shape, leaning one shoulder up against the wall, as if suddenly weary.

Avon dodged over to him, furious at being left behind, furious at the senselessly heroic chance his friend had just taken, furious over the whole messy affair. "They're all dead, Blake! All of them!" he cried, dangerously near hysteria. "Your senseless charge got all of them killed! Are you satisfied now? Or do you want us both dead, too?"

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