Fire & Ice #2

SLASH (Age Statement Required) Extracts from 3 stories:

Melancholy (by Sebastian)

"Not one of our brightest moves," Avon said bitterly.

"Oh, I don't know." Blake's voice held a deeper, warmer note. Avon turned to look at him then, lying just as Avon had left him, dishevelled and sprawled. Blake's eyes dwelt on him intensely, rich and luxtrous; Avon stared into them in horror. "It might be just what we both need."

"What we need," Avon fairly spat. "That, you think that's what I need?"

Blake looked very still, now. "Revolting, was it?"

Avon was silent, having achieved his aim. Blake rose to his feet with sudden energy, a sharp figure cut in glass, all light and warmt about him gone. Avon watched him go.

Splendid Isolation (by Thomas)

Avon flinched back as Blake raised his hand, certain Blake was going to strike him, that he had somehow misread Blake's mood and provoked him one time too many.

Blake saw and smiled, not a pleasant smile. "Perhaps this will amuse you as well," he snarled. H pulled Avon's head up and pressed his mouth to Avon's.

"Are you crazy?" Avon hissed as soon as Blake let him go.


"Get out."

"Not so fast," Blake said and kissed him again, the rough cotton o fhis shirt chafing Avon's chest. "I'm just beginning to enjoy myself."

Planetfall (by Pat Terra)

Blake rubbed the bridge of his nose thoughtfully.

"You've met my -- associate, Avon." The statement was cast as a leading question.

Carnell tipped back and smiled at the sky. "Oh, yes."

Blake's eyebrows lifted, encouraging him to continue...

..."This player may pick as his victim someone he has never met: whoever happens to be handy when he has finally accrued enough for redemption."

Blake licked his lips, suddenly cold beneath the tropical sun. 'How does one recognize such a man?"

Carnell smiled. Most people were so dense. "Just listen to him. His favorite pasttime is discussing double-crosses - past, future, real or anticipated. Observe him. His favorite game is proving that others are untrustworthy."

"Inferior, stupid, or wrong-headed?" Blake clarified.

Carnell nodded. "Exactly. Sound like anyone you know?"

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