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The Tapes

Alan: The tapes I do came about from a meeting with Alistair Lock. He's an engineering genius. He has about 16,000 pounds worth of equipment and has been producing plays and music for many, many, years. I started doing the audios because it was a chance to write. We had a ready made cast, we had a ready made audience.

Details of the Tapes

Alan: So why not do a Blake's 7 story with Brian Croucher and Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow and Jacqueline Pearce in. I mean it was a good idea they were good strong characters. The Logic of Empire is actually set after the final episode 'Blake' because the trouble with sequels is often you have a sequel and it ruins the original film. I hope 'The Logic Of Empire' has not ruined Blake, I think it has extended it.
Lydon: Oh Avon please make yourself comfortable.

Kelso: Oh, Hello Avon, I am afraid Elsie didn't introduce us properly early on.

Avon: Didn't she?

Kelso: No my name is Kelso. Some people call me Slim.

Avon: Who do? The blind?

Kelso: Eh? what are you inferring?

Avon: I'm not inferring anything. Implying. You are the one who is inferring.

Kelso: Oh. Could you say that again?

Avon: Yes.

Lydon: Sit down Kelso keep your brains warm.

The tapes are done on a very small budget. It's non profit making. The actors aren't paid, bar expenses. The money comes from Horizon which is a Blake's 7 appreciation society. It's been going since 1980 and it has about 2,000 members and they are very keen on hearing new Blake's 7, so that's who I am mainly producing it for.
Zen: Confirmed.

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