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Reba: it goes back to the question of the old time folk lore with King Sarthur stories and Greek mythology and things like that. Where people wanted to hear stories and they wanted to hear stories about characters that were familiar. The easiest place to appropriate these characters from now is no longer old time mythology, but television or film which can be regarded as the source of mythology now.
I've got a ready made set of characters, and I find it very easy to write the dialogue that these characters produce. What's fun in watching Blake's 7 is the interchange of very fast lines, witty exchanges, and its enormous fun to sit down and produce a page of this, of people just biting off each other, slagging each other off and generally being awful to each other. It's quite therapeutic I suppose.
Reba: We are interested in putting out a version on the Internet, because traditionally when people publish fan fiction privately it's an expensive sort of operation that involves lots of printing costs. We were the first one to put a significant amount of Blake's 7 fiction on the world wide web.
Pita: People send us very nice letters, actually especially ones from Australia because they are so far away that most of the people who produce fan fiction are in America or England and so they are having to pay very high postage costs and they are very kind and grateful about being able to get the free fan fiction that is on the Aquitar Files.
Zen: Confirmed.

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Last updated on 16th of February 2005.