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Alan: The last episode of the series was called Blake and written by Chris Boucher. It was brilliantly written by Chris Boucher and it dealt with the death of Blake's 7.
No sooner had those closing gun shots rung out on the TV then fans got down and started writing. It doesn't end here. Right this is how they got out of it, or this is how they got out of it.
Una: Fan fiction is fiction written by fans which takes the characters in the program and puts them in a variety of situations.
Fandoms don't tend to develop round things like, say, Coronation Street. You will get lots of people who watch Coronation Street, who enjoy it immensely, but they don't go out and write fan fiction.
Reba: Basically there is an ongoing tension between what was shown by the people who make the show and what we really want to see.
Its a compulsion you have to write. You know these characters. There are only 52 episodes. You've just thought what would happen, "if?" Ahh! and you are away, and there is no special effects budget on fan fiction. You can have whatever you want in there. You can have them going down on to an alien planet of your choice. You can have expensive explosions where you want them. You can have expensive sets. The world's your oyster.
Reba: Here is the show. It's terrific. It has great characters, a great setting, great ideas and they do a lot of good stuff with it but they could do more. Or it's not quite right, so you think, "Ah well, you know, or maybe if we just think about this, we can fix it."
Judith: The first large thing I wrote was a novel. It started out as a short story that was all about Avon and Servalan as that fascinated me. What would happen if they were forced to work together as opposed to being on the opposite side?

Extract and reviews of Nova - Nova is available from Horizon NOT Judith.

Judith: So I set up a situation where Servalan was essentially on the run and had to go with Avon. Then I could explore that sort of love-hate relationship between them with all the implications, and ask questions like: what would happen if they did fall in love because of the very strong attraction between them on screen? And what would happen if Servalan then got the choice of becoming President but only by selling Avon down the drain?
Sevalan: I have never shared power with anyone.

Judith: The one that I have had most feedback on is the one I wrote most recently. It's what we call a crossover story where you take Blake's 7 and another TV series and write something that brings the two together. In this case it was a crossover with "Morgan's Boy" which is something that Gareth Thomas did back in 1984, and I thought what happen if Avon went back in time and met this man who looks just like Blake, but who isn't Blake and what would happen.

Morgan - The Zine

Morgan's Boy The Program

I like to explore motivations, emotions, and maybe it's because both characters ment a lot to me, that was the best thing I've ever written.

There's even now, 20 years on quite a lot of people publishing Blake's 7, there are two fan clubs: Horizon and The Avon Club. They both publish fanzines. I publish fanzines. Now I am running a convention next February so in the space of five years, I have gone from not being in the fandom at all to organising the next convention!

Zen: Confirmed.

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