Favourite Avon/Tarrant Stories

This is a collection of people's favourite Avon/Tarrant stories. Stories come from many sources, but thanks are mainly due to the members of the Space City mailing list.

Two of the recommended A/T stories are in REBEL DESIRES, and it also has Paula's superb V/T, "Feedback;" so the zine is definitely a good buy for Tarrant fans.

"B/A/Ts" by Riley Cannon, in SONGS OF EXPERIENCE. A PGP PWP, short and sweet. As the title indicates, it's a threeway, kind of a nice version of "Nearly Beloved/Rogue." B and T both want Avon, but decide to make do with each other. While they are enjoying themselves, Avon himself walks in, and they happily drag him in. A good time is had by all.

"Black Leather and Stud" by Grennen Barrett in OBLAQUER. Tarrant masturbates using Avon's leather glove to fuel his fantasies.

"Blood and Shadows" by Salome, in DARK FANTASIES 2. Avon and Tarrant are captured by Servalan, who tortures both of them and (temporarily) brainwashes Tarrant into helping her work over Avon. When only Avon can be rescued, the Scorpio crew have to decide what to do about Tarrant. Should they try to get him back if Avon will kill him on sight? Some very explicit violence.

"Bondsmate" by Dorian Gale, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 6.5. A classic, early A/T. A long story, starting after "Warlord" and continuing PGP. I like the first part best. Tarrant seduces Avon rather forcefully (though it isn't quite rape), and they both have a fine time. But the next morning, Avon is very sore and furious at Tarrant---poor Tarrant's efforts only made things worse! So typical of B7. In the PGP part, Avon is in a coma, from which Tarrant awakens him with a kiss. Yes, honestly. It's sweet, though. I like a scene in which Vila catches sight of them; he thinks at first they are fighting, then realizes what they are actually doing.

"A Chance You Have to Take" by Cassandra, in REBEL DESIRES. Tarrant, new on the Liberator, is so miserably horny that he gets drunk to forget his troubles. Avon realizes this is a dangerous situation and takes steps to correct it.

"Companions" by Cami and Randym, in AVON CALLING 3. Sequel to "Strange Interlude." Avon wants to resume the relationship that he and Tarrant began while ill on a distant planet, but Tarrant is angry because Avon pretended at first that their earlier liaison was a hallucination.

"Duty" by Pat Jacquerie, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 9.5. Novella. Stranded on a distant planet with unusual customs, Avon and Tarrant find that they must perform certain obligatory social duties in order to get the help they need. But all is not quite as it seems, either on the planet Fargone or in the shifting emotional dynamics between the initially reluctant lovers. A nice balance between plot and extremely hot sex, with a tearjerking bittersweet ending. A sequel is planned.

"Engagement" by Trinity Pawling, in DARK FANTASIES 3. Set just after "Headhunter." A violent sexual encounter between Tarrant and Avon, with a surprising twist at the end.

"Getting Lucky" by Willa Shakespeare, in RESISTANCE 8. Sequel to "Gremlin," a gen story in the same zine. In "Gremlin," we find out why Avon had such bad luck. In "Getting Lucky," he and Tarrant make their escape. They fight, and while they're rolling around on the floor one thing leads to another (this seems to be a very common device for A/Ts). Great dialogue, hot sex.

"Hide and Seek" by Kate Singer, in EVASIVE MANEUVERS. Described on the title page as "Post A/B A/T" and on its own first page as "An excerpt from a series of B7 novel(la)s in progress." Alas, rumor has it that the author has left fandom, so we may never see the rest. But I'm still hoping for a miracle of some sort, because it's a terrific story. In what I assume is early third season, Tarrant seduces Avon (without much difficulty, since the interest is mutual). The sex is red-hot for the reader, and at first, for them; but it all goes wrong, because Avon still wants Blake instead, and Tarrant is smart enough to realize what the problem is. A really interesting example of a good story with bad sex! Lovely descriptions of Tarrant from Avon's POV, and a nice angsty tone throughout.

"Instruments of Darkness" by Corona Polvanthus, in DARK FANTASIES 3. Very explicit violence. PGP, Avon and Tarrant, the only survivors of the Scorpio crew, are brutally tortured at Servalan's orders. Later, after their escape, their shared experience draws them together; but their budding relationship is threatened when they encounter Blake, who has good reason to believe that Tarrant is a traitor.

"Nightmusic" by Paula, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 6.5. The slash sequel to a gen story, "The Night Wind," in GAMBIT 2. Avon comforts Tarrant after Deeta's death. A really lovely story.

"Nightsongs" by Paula, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 9.5. The long-awaited sequel to "Nightmusic," and well worth waiting for. The relationship between Avon and Tarrant deepens as they work to save a dissident musician from the Federation. The plot and the very hot sex scenes are skillfully combined. Keep an eye out for more stories in this very appealing series.

"Prisoners: The Shattering" by Kai Aurelius, in THE BIG B7 ZINE. After "Rumours," Tarrant goes to Avon's cabin to make sure he's all right. They get very drunk together and have pages and pages of really excellent redhot sex.

"Quest For Fire" by Riley Cannon and Cami O'Tool, in REBEL DESIRES. Sequel to a PGP gen story, "Small Consolations" in BANZINE 2. Avon and Tarrant, the only survivors, are escaping through the snowy GP wilderness. They hole up in an abandoned cabin, where Avon discovers Blake's diary. He must deal with both his memories of Blake and the present reality of Tarrant. There's a beautiful illo for the story on the back cover of the zine.

"Scorpio Blues, and Green" by Lexa Reiss, in TEN-CREDIT TOUCH. A very funny fourth-season story in which Avon and Vila decide to put an end to Tarrant's tomcatting. No explicit sex, but the story ends with Vila tiptoeing out of the room and leaving the helpless Tarrant to Avon's mercies, thinking that Avon "didn't particularly fancy sex with men, but he did love to win at games."

"Sex & Sensibility" by W.K.D. Ways, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 8.5. A third-season orgy story---everyone with everyone.

"Stress Factors" by Paula, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 4.75. Sequel to "The Bondstone," which established a psychic and sexual link between Avon, Vila, Cally, and Blake. When Avon attempts to break the bond, he and Tarrant are accidentally pushed into a sexual encounter that is unwelcome to both of them.

"Such a Stupid Waste" by Mal O'Dar in AVON, ANYONE? Tarrant is immersed in a deep (passive suicidal) depression following WARLORD. Avon needs a pilot and can't allow Tarrant that indulgence. Avon feeds Tarrant, bathes him, then treats him to gentle sex. Yet Avon is never taken out of character; his sharp edge is very much in evidence.

"You Ought To Be In Pictures" by Rhapsodie, in SOUTHERN COMFORT 8.5. A very funny PGP Tarrant story, mostly het, but with slash, presumably A/T, implied at the end.

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