Editor/publisher: Wendy Rathbone
Date: August 1994

Tounge N. Cheek, "Duet for Emmanuelle" (A/B)
Irish, "One Human Heart" (A/B)
Brennan Iori, "If It Comes Down to That" (Ta/V)
Amethyst Lane, "Drunk" (A/B)
J. Mercedes, "A Poor Reward" (A/B)
Willa Shakespeare, "One I'd Love" (A/Tr)
Vanessa Mullen, "Good Intentions" (A/V)
Willa Shakespeare, "Gremlin" (gen)
Willa Shakespeare, "Getting Lucky" (A/Ta, sequel to Gremlin)
Drew Flynn, "And Then There Was One" (A/Ta)
Patti E. McClellan, "Second Chances" (gen, included by mistake)
Catherine, "To Worship the Devil" (A/B)
Irish, "A Familiar Companion" (A/B)
Willa Shakespeare, "Vila Rides" (A/V)

Sabrina Stone, "Playrebel Data Sheets"

Sabrina Stone, "Answers"
Robin Hood, "Immortality of Innocence"
Robin Hood, "All the Worlds Are Stardust"
Robin Hood, "The Careful Friend"
Sabrina Stone, "Doubts"
Catherine, "The Final Gesture"
Catherine, "The Double-Edged Sword"
Catherine, "Confessions"
Catherine, "Demon Lover"
Khylara, "Freedom"
Khylara, "Barriers"
Khylara, "Ties That Bind"
Sabrina Stone, "The Bridge"
Sabrina Stone, "My Love, Not Through Rose Colored"
Amethyst Lane, "If I Had a Soul"
Amethyst Lane, "Last Sounds"
Amethyst Lane, "Blanks"
Amethyst Lane, "Melancholy Dreams"
Amethyst Lane, "Rebel Doldrums"
Amethyst Lane, "Rebel Love"

Sabrina Stone - cover
Sabrina Stone - Playrebel Dataa Sheets
Sabrina Stone - art for "The Bridge"
Sabrina Stone - art for "My Love, Not..."
Sabrina Stone - art for "Blanks"
Sabrina Stone - art for "Melancholy Dreams"
ORmaC - illos for "Vila Rides"

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