Script for Rumours of Death

by Chris Boucher

(c) 1980 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Del Tarrant
Dayna Mellanby
Major Grenlee
Section Leader Forres


Guard Commander
Rebel 1
Rebel 2

[Avon is alone in a cell, barefoot, in prison coveralls, bearded, looking tired]

PRISONER[V.O. screams at medium distance] Oh, no, no, please! Please, no, no, no! [Shrinker enters]

SHRINKERThey tell me you haven't been cooperating.
AVONNo? What's the matter? Did I bleed on the wrong bit of floor?

SHRINKERGood, good.
AVONI'm glad you're pleased.

SHRINKERI hate to waste my time.
AVONDon't let me detain you.

SHRINKERI'm a specialist, you see.
AVONOh, it's written all over you.

SHRINKERI specialize in uncooperative prisoners.
AVONAnd you love a challenge.

SHRINKERIt's good that we understand each other.
AVONYour name wouldn't be Shrinker, by any chance, would it?

SHRINKERYou've heard of me?
AVONAh. I knew if I held out, you would show up eventually.

SHRINKERThat says more for your nerve than your brain.
AVONYou think so?

SHRINKERLong before I've finished with you, you'll be begging for death. Don't worry, it's sending all right.
AVONWhat are you talking about?

SHRINKERThe implant in your neck.
AVONI don't know what you're talking about --

SHRINKERThere is a homing device implanted in your neck.
AVONHow did you know?

SHRINKERWe detected it as soon as we picked you up. We've been monitoring it ever since. It's been sending steadily for five days.
AVONFive days? Is that how long I've been here?

SHRINKERYour friends aren't coming.
AVONOh, they are. They must.

SHRINKERAn attack on this place would be suicide anyway. Is there anyone who thinks that you're worth dying for?
AVONNot anymore, not since Anna.

AVONDead. Anna ... is dead.

SHRINKERDo you know what this is?
AVONIt's a laser probe.

SHRINKERIt's a laser probe. Now we're tired of waiting for your friends to come to us, so we have decided to go to them. You are going to tell me who they are and where they are.
AVONI can't. Please, I can't.

SHRINKERI'm going to start by burning out your eyes.

SHRINKERAnd you're going to start by telling me your name. Now that's not too difficult, is it? Who are you?
AVONAvon! My name is Avon.

AVONAnd you misunderstand about the homing device. My friends won't come while it's sending. But now I've switched it off --
TARRANTAnd we're here.
DAYNAStill! Stand very, very still.

SHRINKERHow did you get in here?
TARRANTIt's called a teleport.

SHRINKERYou're Blake's people.
AVONThat's right. That's why I couldn't tell your interrogators my name.
TARRANTWhat IS your name? You look terrible, Avon. What have they been doing to you? [Dayna takes quick aim at Shrinker.]
AVONNo! Don't kill him. I waited for him!

AVONHe's mine!

SHRINKERNo! Guards --
AVON[Chops Shrinker, who falls. To Tarrant] Bracelets.
TARRANT[Puts bracelet on Shrinker. Sorry we took so long. A two-minute alert is difficult to sustain over five days.
AVONI thought he'd never show up. Then I thought you'd never show up.
DAYNAWell, now everyone's showing up. Get a move on.
DAYNA[Into bracelet] Go. [Explosion in corridor]

[Teleport bay]

VILAYou look terrible.
AVONSo I've been told.
VILAI thought you might need this. [Hands him some green liquid]
AVON[Accepts] Thanks.
CALLYSo you're Shrinker. He doesn't look like much.
TARRANTIt depends on what you paid to get him.
AVONHe cost me enough.
CALLYWas it worth it?
AVONI'll let you know.

SHRINKERWhat are you going to do with me?
DAYNA[Smiles] He's going to kill you. [Dayna and Tarrant lift Shrinker to his feet]

SHRINKERWhy me? I haven't done anything. I've only ever --
TARRANTOh, don't tell me, let me guess. You've only ever followed orders.

SHRINKERIt's true! It's true!
TARRANTI believe you. Stand there.
AVONIs everything ready?
VILAJust as you said. I set it all up myself.
CALLYAre you sure you want to go on with it?
AVONYes, I'm sure I want to go on with it. Look, Cally, I know you don't want any part of this. All right, I'm not going to give you any part of it. You're out. This is mine. I'm doing it.
CALLYAnd what am I doing, Avon? Just following orders, like him?

SHRINKERShe's right. It'd be murder.
VILAWell, you should know if anyone does.
AVONI'm going to get cleaned up. Will you entertain my guest?
TARRANTIt'll be a pleasure. [Avon exits]

SHRINKERWhy? I don't even ... I never saw him before. What have I ever done to him?
DAYNAYou killed someone he loved.
VILAAnd there aren't many of them about. Avon's not a very lovable man, in case you hadn't noticed.

SHRINKERWho was it? [Vila, Dayna and Tarrant circle Shrinker as they taunt him]
TARRANTOh, did they give you names when they gave you your orders?
DAYNAHm, even if they did, could you put a face to the name? One screaming face among so many screaming faces?
VILADid they beg, Shrinker? Did they plead? "No, Shrinker. Please, Shrinker"?
TARRANTCan you remember how they cried, what they cried? Can you separate the voices now?
DAYNAOr is it just one long satisfying scream?
CALLYStop it! Stop it! All of you! Leave him alone.
TARRANTHe's an animal, Cally.
CALLYYes, and it's contagious, isn't it?
TARRANTGet over there and sit down.[Shoves Shrinker, who whimpers, and sits on steps]
DAYNAWhat do you suppose went wrong down there?
VILATook longer to trap him than we expected, that's all.
DAYNANo, I didn't mean the plan. I meant the whole thing. What happened to the rebellion? Why is the Earth still controlled by creatures like him?

[External of Residence One. Federation guard troup quick march in front of building.]

CHESKU[Rehearsing] ... a question of leadership. The rabble which sought to challenge the established order lacked our inspiration, our unity, our leadership. They are crushed. Earth and the Inner Planets are once again united. Gentlemen, I give you a toast. Our inspiration, our unity, our leader: President Servalan. [To Sula] What do you think?
SULAI think it's crude and obvious.
CHESKUThank you, Sula.
SULAYou asked what I thought.
CHESKUStupid of me. I should know better by now.
SULAIf it's any consolation to you, I'm sure Servalan will be delighted. She is, after all, a tasteless megalomaniac. [Looks at Residence One.]
CHESKUI think it's rather fine.
SULAYou would, Chesku.
CHESKUHer presidential palace.
SULAA grotesque anachronism, like its owner. We could have built two cities for what it cost to reconstruct that absurdity.
CHESKUYou keep talking like that, you'll get us both killed. [Two troopers show up.] Yes? What do you men want?
SULAI'm afraid they want your security pass and your clothes. The rabble aren't quite as crushed as your speech suggests. [She point a gun at him]
CHESKUSula ... is this some kind of a joke?
SULANo, Chesku. This is no kind of a joke.
CHESKUI don't understand. You're my wife.
SULAThat's all over now. [He bolts. She shoots him in the back.] Get him out of sight.

[Surveillance room in Residence One]

FORRESMaybe we should have stopped them, sir.
GRENLEEStopped them?
FORRESCouncilor Chesku and his wife. Maybe we should have stopped them leaving the surveillance zone. We are supposed to watch everyone.
GRENLEEThat is the meaning of surveillance, yes. Have you been studying in your spare time, Forres?
GRENLEEYou think we should have stopped them, do you?
FORRESIt is standard procedure.
GRENLEEFor a member of the High Council there's no such thing as standard procedure.
FORRESThe book says --
GRENLEENever mind what the book says, Section Leader. All you have to worry about's what I say, right?
FORRESAbsolutely, sir.
GRENLEEAbsolutely, Section Leader. And what I say is that if a High Councilor wishes to swing stark naked through the trees and spit on the surveillance scanners, then swinging stark naked through the trees, spitting on the surveillance scanners, becomes standard procedure, at least for him. Or his wife.
FORRESNow there's a thought.
GRENLEEHuh! Not one to dwell on, given your present rank.
FORRESOne law for the rich, eh Major?
GRENLEEThere's no law for the rich, Forres, and even less for the rich, personal friends of the President.
FORRES[Puts his feet up on the console] They are only civilians, though.
GRENLEEDo you want to join them? [Nods at feet]
FORRES[Takes feet down] Sorry, sir.
GRENLEEIf you want to get on in this man's army, Forres, you've got to learn to distinguish between civilians who are and civilians who aren't.
FORRESSir. [Thinks twice] Are and aren't what, sir?
GRENLEEWhen you know that, Section Leader, you'll be ready for promotion.
FORRESI don't know that I'd want it -- promotion, I mean.
GRENLEEYou done the routine sweeps?
FORRESAll is smooth and sweatless.
FORRESFull sweep is negative, all systems, sir. Surveillance is clear. Function is normal. Sir.
FORRESSome days are better than others, sir. They say that where I come from, sir.
GRENLEELoudly, I imagine, on the day you left.
FORRESMy mother cried when I left. Thought she'd never see me again.
GRENLEECries easily, your mother, does she?
FORRESNo, not really, sir. But I owed her money, you see. [Grenlee looks askance.] Oh, it's true, may I never leave this spot.
GRENLEEThat can be arranged, Section Leader.

[[ The original script has an extra few lines here ]]

[Teleport bay. Avon enters, shaven, in usual clothes]

AVONThe teleport coordinates set?
VILAAll set.
TARRANTNeed any help?
AVONI'll manage. [To Shrinker] On your feet.

AVONI'm tired and I hurt. It would be easier to kill you here and now. On your feet. [Points Shrinker to teleport pad]
VILAAvon. [Hands him a little control box.]
VILAConcentrate. He's more dangerous than he looks.
AVONIsn't everybody?
TARRANTListen, you've got him on his feet. Are you sure you can stay on yours?
AVONI'm touched by your concern.
TARRANTMy concern is that I don't find myself looking down the wrong end of your gun with him on the right end of it.
AVONDon't worry. You won't. [To Vila] Put us down. [Avon and Shrinker materialize in a cave. Water drips.]

SHRINKERWhere are we?
AVONThe bracelet. [Shrinker raises arm, Avon removes bracelet]

SHRINKERWhat, what is this place?
AVONIt's a cave. If you're thinking of running, don't. There's nowhere to go. The only way out is the way we came in.

SHRINKERYou're -- you're really going to do it, then? In cold blood?
AVONExecutions are always in cold blood.

SHRINKERExecutions, I see, so that's it, is it? Execution? Justice?
AVONYou tell me. [Hits the control switch. Lights come up in the cave, illuminating a large poster of a woman]

SHRINKERWell, who is she? [Avon remembers Anna, leaning on a silver lame pillow. The woman is recognizable as Chesku's wife, Sula.]
ANNAWho are you?
AVON[O.O.S.] Isn't it a bit late to ask that?
ANNAWhy do I never know what you're thinking, Avon?
AVON[O.O.S.] I could never say it.
ANNANot even to me?
AVON[O.O.S.] Especially not to you. [Anna smiles] [In the cave.]

SHRINKERI never saw her before in my life. I'm telling you the truth. I don't know who she is.
AVONAnna Grant. Her name was Anna Grant.

SHRINKERIt means nothing. You, you've got to believe me.
AVONOh, I do. It's been several years. You must have killed hundreds since you tortured her to death.

SHRINKERAll right, yes. I've killed hundreds -- and remembered them all, all of them, every last whining traitor. And there wasn't one that died without telling me what I wanted to know. Not one.
AVONProfessional pride?

SHRINKERIf you like.
AVONNot much, no.

SHRINKERI never saw your woman.
AVONYou were looking for me. She knew where I was. [Again, Avon's memory, of Anna.]
ANNAThis man you're buying the exit visas from ... do you trust him?
AVON[O.O.S.] Trust him? Of course I don't trust him.
ANNAWell then?
AVON[O.O.S.] Trust is only dangerous when you have to rely on it.
ANNAThat's very profound, my love.
AVON[O.O.S.] As long as I know I can't trust him there's no problem.
ANNADo you trust anyone? Do you trust me?
AVON[O.O.S.] Oh, yes. I'm afraid I do. [In the cave.]

SHRINKERWhy were we looking for you? You hadn't joined up with Blake. Not then. Not here on Earth.
AVONI'd found my way around the security programs in the banking computers. I was about to undermine confidence in the entire Federation credit system. Anna and I were going to be so rich that no one could touch us. And we were almost there.

SHRINKERYou were never even close. I remember you now -- you're Kerr Avon, the great bank fraud.
AVONThat's what I just said.

SHRINKERBartolomew was running you.
AVONRunning me?

SHRINKERCentral Security -- Bartolomew was their best agent. They were on to you from the start. But they were convinced that you were political, so Bartolomew stayed close and let you run. Anyone that you so much as looked at was marked for collection.
AVONYou expect me to believe that?

SHRINKERYou, you dropped out of sight, after you killed the man who was supplying you with exit visas. I'm right, aren't I?
AVONI was shot. I was stupid enough to let him fire first.

SHRINKEROnce Bartolomew lost sight of you, all your contacts were pulled in.
AVONSo. You remember her now.

SHRINKERNo! That's just the point! I never saw any of them! It was Bartolomew, he was in control. I didn't kill her. Bartolomew did. [At the perimiter, Sula and rebel jam surveillance camera. Sh motions, several more run up a stream bank.]


FORRESEverything's out in that section, sir. Visual, audio, electromagnetic -- they're all out.
GRENLEEBreakdown or sabotage? Well, what is it, Forres?
FORRESI'm not sure, sir.
GRENLEEBeing sure is what you're paid for, Forres. Would you rather be back on foot patrol?
FORRESBreakdown. I'd say it was a breakdown, sir. All the equipment hasn't been fully tested yet. [Grenlee grunts] Why sabotage a small section like that, anyway? [Grenlee opens a comm link.]
GUARD[V.O.] Guard Commander.
GRENLEE[Into comm] Major Grenlee here.
GUARD[V.O.] Yes, Major?
GRENLEEGet a squad out to section --
FORRESSix one delta zero.
GRENLEE-- six one delta zero. We have a surveillance malfunction. I want to know why.
GUARD[V.O.] Right sir.
GRENLEEAnd Guard Commander?
GUARD{V.O.] Sir?
GRENLEEAt the double and alert.
GUARD[V.O.] Naturally sir. [Breaks link]
GRENLEE"Naturally sir." I only wish it was. [To Forres] Are all the others clear?
FORRESAll functioning normally. It's just that one. Shall I seal the perimeter?
FORRESStandard operating procedure, sir.
GRENLEEI don't give a damn if it's Holy Writ. You don't seal the perimeter on the day the President's giving her first official reception in her new residence. Not unless you'd like to explain to her that the guests couldn't get through because we had a faulty microcircuit.
FORRESThere are worse things than foot patrol, sir.
GRENLEEOh, there are indeed, Section Leader. And if we interfere with that reception, we'll get to know most of them -- intimately.

[Servalan and guard in a formal dining room, with a very long table fully set for a banquet.]

SERVALANExcellent. My other guests will be arriving in about four hours. I trust everything will be ready for them? [Servalan exits banquet room. In corredor, speaks to another guard.]

SERVALANMy compliments to Councilor Chesku. Ask him to check the seating arrangements in the banqueting hall before our meeting. [Guard nods, turns upstairs] [ Servalan enters office. At her desk, she stabs commlink.]
GRENLEE[V.O.] Surveillance. Major Grenlee.

SERVALANI take it surveillance and perimeter security have been fully briefed on the guests I'm expecting, Major.
GRENLEE[V.O.] Yes, ma'am. Everyone's fully briefed.

SERVALANAny problems?
GRENLEENo, ma'am. Everything's normal. No problems, ma'am.

SERVALAN[V.O.]Good. Keep it that way, Major. [Breaks link]

[In survellance]

GRENLEEWhere the hell is that squad? [Fed guards find jamming gear. Rebels drop from trees and take squad out. Sula shoots one in the back]
SULAWhen you've stripped them, make sure the bodies are well hidden. [To Balon] Balon. You know what to do. [Hands him the squad leader's communicator. He faces surveillance camera]

[In surveillance]

FORRESWe can't wait any longer. We must seal the perimeter. It's taking too long. Something has happened to that squad!
GRENLEEAll right. Status One alarm. Seal the perimeter.
BALON[Over video, distorted, coming into focus] Surveillance. Surveillance, do you read me? Surveillance. Surveillance, do you read me?
GRENLEEWe read you. What happened?
BALONYou aren't going to believe this. [Holds up a dead squirrel] It was building a nest in the microwave transmitter.
FORRESThat's why nothing got through to us. I told you that was the weak point in the system.
GRENLEEAll right, Forres. [To Balon] Well done. You and your men can get back now.
BALONRight, sir, but, uh, with your permission, we'd like to make a quick sweep beyond the perimeter, now that we're here.
GRENLEEOh, very well. Out. [Balon breaks link] Section Leader Forres?
GRENLEEIf you ever panic like that again, I'll see you are busted so far down you'll be saluting civilians.

[At the perimeter]

SULAWell done, Balon. Get some rest. We start the second phase in two hours.

[In the cave]

SHRINKERI've told you over and over and over again. Why won't you believe me?
AVONAll right. Let us assume that I do believe you. Who is Bartolomew? Where do I find him?

SHRINKERWhat's in it for me?
AVONA way out.

SHRINKERI don't trust you.
AVONThat's your problem.

SHRINKERWhy should I trust you?
AVONI'VE got the gun.

SHRINKERBartolomew was just a code name.

SHRINKERWell, I'm not sure who he was.
AVONEnd of conversation.

SHRINKERNo wait! Don't shoot! Bartolomew w-was Central Security's top agent.
AVONSo you said.

SHRINKERNo one knew who he was. That's why no one was safe from him. He was free to hunt anyone in or out of the service. Bartolomew could be watching you, and if he didn't like what he saw --
AVONParanoia is the occupational hazard of the torturer.

SHRINKERBartolomew was real.

SHRINKEROne of the first targets of the Rebellion was Central Security. That was where they made their mistake. They were obsessed with revenge. By the time they'd finished kicking the corpses, they, they'd lost their chance, and the, the President had regrouped her forces.
AVONAre you telling me that Bartolomew was one of the corpses they were kicking?

SHRINKERWell, no! At least I don't think so, I mean, if I escaped, why shouldn't he?
AVONYou're wasting my time, Shrinker. "Ifs" are no use to me or to you, either.

SHRINKERNo, wait, PLEASE! I've got a name.
AVONA name?

SHRINKERI had to question a controller from Central. When I was with the rebels ...
AVON[Laughs] So that's how you escaped. And when the rebels lost, you changed sides yet again. No one could accuse you of being doctrinaire, could they? Why didn't the controller recognize you?

SHRINKERWhy should he? The elite from Central didn't mix much with members of the interrogation division.
AVONTheir fastidiousness did them credit.

SHRINKERWell, somebody's got to do the lousy jobs!
AVONLife is cruel, isn't it? Spare me the rationalizations. Just give me the name.

SHRINKERCouncilor Chesku.
AVONThe controller told you that that was who Bartolomew was?

SHRINKERWell, not exactly.
AVONWell, WHAT exactly?

SHRINKERWell, I, I, I'd finished questioning him -- he, he was dying -- and suddenly I got curious, so I hit him with one last order: Identify Bartolomew. And HE said: "Councilor Chesku is still -- " and th-then he died.
AVONChesku ...

SHRINKERHe's one of Servalan's closest advisors. She'd know the answer, I mean, why don't you ask her?
AVONI might just do that. [Into bracelet] Are you ready to bring me up?
VILA[V.O.] Ready when you are.
AVONStand by.

SHRINKERUh, we had a deal.
AVONDid we?

SHRINKERA way out. You promised me.
AVONOh, and I'm a man of my word. In the end, that's all there is, really. [Tosses the gun on the ground]

SHRINKERWhat's that for?
AVONThat's your way out. It's a better deal than you gave any of your victims. [Into bracelet] Bring me up.

SHRINKERNo, we had a deal. [Avon teleports.] That isn't what I meant. That isn't fair. It isn't fair!

[Teleport bay. Avon materializes. Tarrant trains gun on him. Avon holds his hands up till Tarrant holsters]

TARRANTYou took your time.
AVONIt was necessary.
TARRANTIs it done?
AVONYes, but it isn't finished.
VILAWonderful. Who's next on your list? Servalan?
AVON[Inserts key] Orac.
ORACWhat is it now?
AVONGracious as ever. Orac, I want you to interrogate the Federation Security computers and get me Servalan's present location.
VILAI was joking, Avon.
AVONThen I want your best strategy for reaching her.
ORACYou wish to communicate with her.
AVONFace to face with a gun in my hand.
TARRANTAnd a hole in your head. Have you gone completely mad?
AVONPossibly. How long, Orac?
ORACI will inform you when I have the necessary data.
VILADon't we get a say in this?
AVONBy all means. Say away. Oh, Orac!
AVONCheck on a Councilor Chesku at the same time. I want to know where he is, too.

[In Servalan's office. Into comm.]

SERVALANIt is the duty of surveillance to keep track of everyone.
GRENLEE[V.O.] Councilor Chesku and his wife left the perimeter some time ago, ma'am. They were taking the air.

SERVALAN"They were taking the air." You let them leave.
GRENLEEWe had no authority to stop them, ma'am. But they were accompanied. Two troopers were following them, ma'am, at a discreet distance, of course.

SERVALANFind them. Bring them here. Convey my compliments to the Councilor, and assure him that I am certain he has an excellent reason for keeping his president waiting.
GRENLEEYes, ma'am. [Breaks link] Some days are better than others. Thank the stars that squad is still out there.
FORRESI hope the Councilor's wearing fireproof underwear.
GRENLEEIf I were him I think I'd keep on going. [Into comm] Squad Leader, Squad Leader, this is surveillance, do you copy? Come on, man, come on. [To Forres] I suppose they are still out there?
FORRESAbsolutely, sir. They definitely haven't come back across the perimeter.
GRENLEEI'll have that Guard Commander on a charge. If his men were any slacker you'd have to pour them into uniform. [Into comm] Squad Leader, Squad Leader, this is surveillance, do you copy? [V.O. Over comm] Squad Leader, Squad Leader, come in, please. [Outside Residence. Balon and Sula listen to comm]
BALON[Into comm] Surveillance, this is Squad Leader.
GRENLEE[V.O.] Have you seen Councilor Chesku and his wife?
BALONYes, sir. We passed them about, uh, ten minutes ago.
GRENLEE[V.O] Get back to them and remind the Councilor that he's late for a meeting with the President. You might tell him that she's not exactly overjoyed about it.
BALONRight, sir.
GRENLEE[V.O.] At the double, Squad Leader. Out.
SULAPerfect. Get to your positions. And good luck. [The "troopers" get into formation. She checks her watch. Speaks to man dressed as Chesku] All right. Let's go.

[Surveillance. Forres and Grenlee watch monitor]

FORRESHere they come. [Grenlee opens a comm link.]

GRENLEECouncilor Chesku's on his way, ma'am.

SERVALAN[V.O.]Very well. [Link breaks]
FORRESI'll say he is. Look, he's starting to run. [Grenlee laughs.] Go on, Councilor!
GRENLEEYeah, it's a race. Come on, Councilor, you can do better than that.
FORRESIf it wasn't free, you'd pay to see it, wouldn't you? Look at him go.
GRENLEEOh, dignity, Councilor, at all costs dignity.
FORRESMy money's on the woman. Look at that movement. I had a feeling she'd be athletic. Every part a moving part.
GRENLEEYes, all right, Forres. Back to work while you can still see.
FORRESSir! [More men are visible on the monitor]
GRENLEEWhat is it?
FORRESWe're under attack! [Alarms sound. Explosions, shooting, several Fed guards go down. Sula and two men enter Residence One. Sula and co. run to surveillance, break in, shoot Forres and Grenlee. A rebel turns off the alarm. They leave and shut the door behind them. Grenlee crawls to Forres]
GRENLEEForres. Forres. [Flips him over] Some days are better than others, Section Leader.

[More fighting outside Residence]

[Sula tries Servalan's door. It's locked.]

SULABreak it down. [Two rebels break the door down. Servalan moves from behind her desk]

SERVALANI take it these creatures belong to you. [A rebel chops her to the floor. Sula points gun at her]
SULAThat's right, Madame President. And they want you to resign.

[Liberator's teleport bay]

TARRANT[V.O.] You can tell Avon the new orbit is now confirmed and steady. Green on all systems.
DAYNA[Into comm] Right. [To Avon] You heard that? [Avon nods.] Are you really going through with it?
AVONI made a promise.
AVONTo me.
DAYNASo what are you going to do? Stick a gun in Servalan's ear and say, "Give me Bartolomew or I'll blow the top of your head off"?
AVONSomething like that.
DAYNAAnd if she doesn't?
AVONI'll blow the top of her head off.
DAYNA[Smiles] Yes, I believe you would.
AVONSo will she. [Inserts key] Orac, have you got it yet?
ORACAn examination of the plans contained in the main security computers indicates that there is no safe place to teleport within that defense perimeter.
AVONOutside it then?
ORACTo cross it undetected would be impossible.
AVONI'll take your best option within the perimeter.
ORACVery well. I will set the teleport coordinates. I would, however, strongly advise waiting until dusk.
DAYNAWhy not full dark?
ORACDespite all efforts to eliminate this weakness, dusk and dawn remain the human being's most vulnerable times. Therefore, insofar as the security system contains human components --
AVONAll right, Orac, we get the picture.
ORAC-- it will be at its least efficient at these times.
AVONYou know Orac's main drawback?
DAYNAHe's too useful to destroy.
AVONIrritating, isn't it?

[Outside Residence, bodies are being dragged away]

[Servalan's office. Sula sits behind the desk]

SULAShe's useful.
HOBThe men want her killed.
HOBYes, really. The men want her killed now. [Bangs the desk]
SULAI'm not deaf, Hob.
HOBJust not listening, is that it? I'm not fighting my own men to protect Servalan. Or to protect anyone else, for that matter. D'you understand me, Sula?
HOBYou see, I know which side I'm on.
SULAMeaning what, exactly?
HOBMeaning I've never been a member of the senior echelon. I have no problem understanding how the men feel. I've never eaten at Servalan's table.
SULA[Laughs] I wouldn't let that bother you. I'm sure your exception from the guest list was an oversight rather than a deliberate insult.
HOBDon't patronize me, Sula.
SULAThen stop talking like a fool. Do you seriously imagine I have any personal regard for that woman? Doesn't it occur to you that I might hate her more than any of you precisely because I do know her?
HOBSo let's cut her throat and be done with it.
SULAShe is more use to us alive.
HOBThe men don't think so.
SULAThe men don't think at all.
HOBMaybe not, but they do fight and they do die. And that isn't something that's new to them.
SULANow you're patronizing me.
HOBWe didn't fight to put you behind that desk, Sula. [Sula stands]
SULAIt was my planning that got us here, Hob. Without me, you and your men would still be skulking around the wastelands. You seem to have forgotten that rather quickly.
HOBDid you expect gratitude?
SULAI expected to be listened to.
HOBSula, we've WON.
SULANot yet!
HOBServalan IS the Federation. Kill her and it's over.
SULAYou're not really that naive, are you?
HOBI'm speaking for the others. It's what they believe.
SULAAnd you? What do you believe?
HOBI believe we're lost unless we stick together. If killing Servalan is what it takes, then she's more use to us dead.
SULAAlive, Servalan can order her forces to disarm. Alive, Servalan can announce that she's standing down in favor of the People's Council, which you and the others will lead. Alive, Servalan can hand over power. Dead, she's just one more corpse. Haven't we got enough of those?
HOBWe're clearing them away now.
SULAThat's not what I meant.
HOBYou think she'll actually do all that?
SULAI think she could be persuaded.
SULAI imagine that between us, we could think of a way.
HOBYou'd have to persuade the men, first.
SULAWill you back me?
HOBYes. You've been right so far.
SULAGood. Get the men together. We'll talk to them.
SULAIn the banqueting hall.
HOBAll right. [Exits]
SULAAn appropriate place to whet the appetite of the People's Council.

[In Surveillance. Guard is dragging Forres out into hall]

HOBGet a move on with that. Sula wants to talk to us about the next phase. [Closes the door. Grenlee, in pain, staggers into room, leans over comm panel]
GRENLEE[Into comm] This is Major Grenlee on emergency band seven. Residence One to Command H-Q. Do you copy? We need help. Do you copy?

[Avon stands behind the bracelet rack in the teleport bay. He 'hears' Shrinker's voice, and 'remembers' Anna, as though thru a reflective tube. Anna lifts glass of red liquid in toast to Avon]

SHRINKER[V.O.] Bartolomew was running you. Anyone you so much as looked at was marked. Bartolomew stayed close ... let you run. [Rhyming shot with Anna in the cell., echoes the first time we see Avon. ]

PRISONER[V.O. Screams at medium distance] No, no, please. Please, no, no, no! [Avon, caught up in his reconstruction, suddenly draws his gun]
ORACThe optimum time for teleport will be in precisely one minute and forty-three seconds. [Crew enters teleport bay, strapping on guns, selecting bracelets.]
TARRANTGood. Let's get on with it, then. [Crew position themselves on teleport pad, guns drawn]
VILAUh, I'll operate the teleport. A visit to Servalan appeals to me rather less than going bald, or breaking both legs.
AVONI'm going down alone.
TARRANTNot this time.
AVONThis has nothing to do with you -- any of you.
TARRANTThat's true.
DAYNAOn the other hand, you are something to do with us.
CALLYWe've talked about it and discovered we care what happens to you.
TARRANTWithin reason, of course.
DAYNAWe're as surprised about it as you are.
VILANot to mention, embarrassed.
AVONI stand a better chance alone.
TARRANTNo you don't. Are you coming?
DAYNAWe'll try not to get in your way.
CALLYWhat's the matter, Avon? Are you afraid of witnesses?
ORACIf you are going at all, now is the optimum time.
AVON[Draws gun. Steps onto teleport pad.] Put us down.

[They materialize at the perimiter, where Sula and co. recently killed several guards. Dayna discovers a body, and calls to Avon, who is moving towards the Residence]

DAYNAAvon! He's been shot. Not too long ago.
TARRANTProbably forgot to salute. [Into bracelet] Vila. [Avon moves off.]
VILA[V.O.] Yes?
TARRANT[To the others] Get after him. [Into bracelet] Vila.
VILA[V.O.] Still here.
TARRANTMake sure you stay that way. I think we've walked into a revolt.
VILA[V.O.] You're among friends, then.
TARRANTAvon may not see it that way. Stay awake.
VILA[V.O.] Of course.
TARRANTAnd sober. [Breaks link]
VILAThat was uncalled for. [Pours a drink] I only drink to be sociable. Cheers, Orac.

TARRANT[Gruffly, to attract attention] Hey! [Cally, Dayna, and Avon each club a guard. Tarrant makes a gallant bow. They enter the hallway. Voice from the banquet hall is audible]
HOB[V.O.] Listen. Listen! Sula's right. Servalan's main forces don't even know we're here. Why throw away an advantage like that? [Avon, Dayna, Cally, Tarrant approach banguet room door]
SULA[V.O.] You have to make up your minds. Do you want victory, or do you want revenge?

[Avon and Tarrant move off]

REBEL 1[V.O.] We want both!
REBEL 2[V.O.] Yes!

[Avon and Tarrant break into Servalna's empty office, and leave. They break into Surveillance. Avon savagely shakes Grenlee in his chair.]

AVONHey! Wake up! [Grenlee groans throughout.] Where is Servalan? Where is Servalan!?
TARRANTEasy, man, you'll kill him! [Removes Avon's hands from Grenlee's shoulders]
GRENLEEI don't ...
TARRANTMajor, where are they holding the President?
GRENLEEI, I think below ...
TARRANTIf we help you, can you show us where? [Grenlee groans and discovers blood.] Yes, Major, you're dying, but that's what you're paid for. Now the President's life is at stake. Can you take us to her? [Avon stares at Tarrant]
GRENLEEI'll ... try.
TARRANTGood man. Take his other arm -- "Section Leader."
AVONYes "sir."

[Avon and Tarrant stagger into hall, supporting Grenlee. In cellar, camera pans around to Servalan, slumped down on floor, arms chained to wall and above her head, dress torn, face and neck bruised. Avon, Grenlee and Tarrant stagger down the stairs]

TARRANTGently, Major.
GRENLEE[Weakly]Be all right ... in a minute.
TARRANTTake your time.
AVONBut not too much of it.
TARRANTOdd feeling.
TARRANTPlace feels old. Do you suppose this part's original? Genuinely pre-atomic?
AVONPossibly. Does it matter?
TARRANTObviously not. [Avon lets go of his half of Grenlee.] Oh, Avon -- it's all right, Major, I've got you. Avon, you really are a prize -- [Puts Grenlee down. Avon finds Servalan]
AVONYes, I really am. So shut up and let me do what I came to do.

SERVALANI might have known you were behind all this.
AVONYou flatter me.

SERVALANGo to hell, Avon.
AVONProbably. But I'd like some information first.

SERVALANIn exchange for what? A quick death?
AVONTHAT is the reward for silence.

SERVALANI've had worse offers.
AVONTell me what I want to know, and I'll get you out of here.

AVONWhat's the matter with you, Servalan? I'm offering to set you free.
TARRANTYou're offering to let her go. That's not the same thing.
AVONWhat are you talking about?
TARRANTI'm talking about the President of the Terran Federation, Ruler of the High Council, Lord of the Inner and Outer Worlds, High Admiral of the Galactic Fleets, Lord General of the Six Armies, and Defender of the Earth.
AVONGet to the point.
TARRANTThe point is, that a few dozen guerrillas walked in, killed her guards, beat her up, and then chained her up. You want to set her free? Convince her that it didn't happen.
AVONShe's been a prisoner before.
TARRANTYes, but in her own palace, on Earth, in what should be the center of her power?
AVON[To Servalan] Is that it? Have you finally lost your nerve? [Roughly grabs her neck] Have you murdered your way to the wall of an underground room?

SERVALANIt's an old wall, Avon, it waits. I hope you don't die before you reach it.

[Cally and Dayna outside the banquet room, listening]

SULA[V.O.] Then we're agreed? Then bring Servalan to me. You'll see. She'll do everything we say, and that, my friends, is real revenge.

[In cellar]

SERVALANWhy should I tell you anything? What can you threaten me with?
AVON[He picks her up, rather ungently, considering her bruises.] I spent some time with your interrogators.

SERVALANIt's too late for that, Avon.
TARRANTYour dead major there might have given the alarm. Help could be on the way. Don't you want to be alive when they get here?
AVONAnd unchained? [She holds out a manacle for release. He smiles and shakes his head no.] Who is Bartolomew?

AVONTell me who.

SERVALANTell me why.
TARRANTHe killed someone. A girl. Anna Grant.

SERVALANANNA? [She smiles.] Release me. I'll tell you anything you want to know. [Avon starts to comply, but they hear someone approaching on the stairs and duck for cover.] [Sula spots the dead major and draws her gun.]
TARRANTThat's far enough. [His gun is at her head. She moves] Don't. [She puts the gun in her jumpsuit's leg pocket.]
AVONHello, Anna.
ANNAAvon. [Tarrant retreats.] Avon ... Avon! Oh! I was afraid they'd kill you. I heard there was someone with Blake, but I didn't know for sure, and I didn't dare let myself hope. Oh, Avon, Avon. [Kisses him twice, but he doesn't help.] Why didn't you come back for me? What's the matter?
AVONI didn't come back, because you were dead. [Cally enters and gets the high sign from Tarrant. She holsters.]
ANNAWell, as you can see, I'm not.
AVONAs I can see.
ANNAYou don't seem very pleased about it. 'Course, it's been a long time, I suppose there's someone else, is that it? Is there someone else, Avon?
AVONNo, no, there's no one else.
ANNAWhat then? What's wrong? [Move to kiss him] Why won't you touch me?
AVONPerhaps because I can't believe that it's you.
ANNAHave I changed so much?
AVONI don't know. Have you, Anna?
ANNANot the way I feel for you. Nothing's changed since you left me. There hasn't been one single moment when I wasn't alone, I want you to know that. You must see that. Avon, look at me. Look at me.

SHRINKER[V.O.] Anyone you so much as looked at was marked for collection.
AVONHow did you get away, Anna, that last day, the day I got myself shot? How did you get away?
ANNAI waited for you, and when you didn't come back, I ran.

SHRINKER[V.O.] Bartolomew was running you.
AVONWhere to? Where did you run to, Anna? Not to your brother. He thinks you're dead. Who hid you, Anna?
ANNAMy husband. I didn't love him, he knew that. There was only you. But he wanted me and I was afraid.

SHRINKER[V.O.] Bartolomew stayed close and let you run ... close and let you run ... close and let you run.
AVON[whispers]He ... wasn't Bartolomew, was he?

SERVALANNo, he wasn't. Not even Chesku knew who Bartolomew was. But you do, don't you Avon? [Anna goes for her gun.]
CALLY[O.O.S.] Avon!
AVON[Wheels and fires. She falls and he catches her, sinking to his knees, cradling her.] At least that was honest.
ANNAI knew when you found out, you would kill me.
AVONUnless you killed me first.
ANNAHuh. We were well matched, Avon.
AVONYou weren't even real. Bartolomew, Central Security's best agent, one of your colleagues told me that.
ANNAAnna Grant. I was only ever Anna Grant with you.
AVONOf all the things I have known myself to be, I never recognized the fool.
ANNA'Twasn't all lies. I let you go ... my love. [Dies]
AVON[Kisses her temple] Oh, no, you never let me go. You never did. [Sets the body down. Removes his bracelet and drops it on the floor]

SERVALANCan you convince yourself that that didn't happen, Avon? [Avon stands, fires his gun at the eyebolt holding Servalan's chains, freeing her]

[Upstairs, in a darkened corridor, Dayna with gun drawn. Fed troops enter, and Dayna shoots]

TROOPER[V.O.] Attention in the house. You are surrounded. Throw down your weapons and come out.
DAYNA[Into bracelet] Stand by, Vila.[Runs down corredor]
TROOPER[V.O.] You are surrounded. [Alarm sounds.] Throw down your weapons and come out. [More troops appear]

[Teleport desk]

VILA[Into comm] Are you ready to come up? Is that what you said?

[In cellar. Avon kneels still by Anna's body]

TARRANTLooks as if he did get through.
CALLYAvon, we've got to get out of here.
DAYNA[Runs down the stairs] Time to leave!
TARRANT[V.O.] Vila. Vila, can you hear me?
VILA[Into comm] Teleporting now. [Cally, Dayna, and Tarrant materialize on teleport pad]
CALLYYou idiot, Vila!
VILAWhat do you mean "idiot"? That was a very fast pickup. Where's Avon?
TARRANTPut me back down.
VILAOutside the house, like before.
CALLYPut me back where you just took us from.
VILAUh, well, I can't. The output coordinates are still set.
CALLYWell, didn't you check the input coordinates as we came up? [Cally strides to the desk]
VILAI, I forgot.
DAYNAHe forgot! Well, put me down outside the house.
CALLYOh, don't be stupid, Dayna. It'll be crawling with Federation troops by now. This'll take at least two minutes to calculate.

[In the cellar, Servalan now has Sula's small gun trained on Avon. He is again kneeling by Anna, his hand covering hers]

AVONYou really think I care?

SERVALANPut the bracelet on.

SERVALANJust do it. [He does. She walks around him, strokes his cheek with Anna's gun.] I'm going to send your friends a corpse. Tell them to bring you up.
AVON[Into bracelet] Liberator. Bring me up.
HOBSula! Sula! [Servalan shoots Hob. Avon teleports.]

[Avon materializes, kneeling, on the teleport pad]

AVONServalan was planning on sending you a corpse.
VILA[Hands him a drink] Corpse reviver?
AVON[Drinks it] But, "The rumours of my death -- "
TARRANT" -- have been greatly exaggerated."
AVONWell, slightly exaggerated, anyway.

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