Extra Script for Rumours of Death

The following are about 16 lines of Grenlee and Forres which don't appear in the final version but are in the original script by Chris Boucher.

It follows on from the (present) end of the first Grenlee and Forres scene. That now goes from

FORRESMay I never leave this spot.
GRENLEEThat can be arranged, Section Leader.
to Avon and Vila discussing arrangements for taking Shrinker down to the cave. In this, Forres and Grenlee continue:
FORRESMajor Grenlee?
FORRESWhat's the President like?
GRENLEEHer own way mostly, why?
FORRESNo I mean what's she like as a person?
GRENLEEShe isn't a person. She's a president.
FORRESAnd a woman.
GRENLEEIdle speculation section leader.
FORRESI wonder what makes her so special though? When you think about it there's thousands of men ready to die for her.
GRENLEEEvery man needs something to believe in Forres. There are no exceptions to that. It's a universal rule.
FORRESIf you say so, sir.
GRENLEEI do say so. Just be grateful you joined the service and you don't have to worry about what to believe in. It's all laid out for you.
FORRESOh I am grateful, sir.
GRENLEEI mean it. Some men have to find their own faith.
GRENLEEIt can be section leader. There's only one thing more dangerous than a man looking for something to believe in. And that's a man who thinks he's found something.
(Then back to Avon and Vila.)
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