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One of the technicians from Betafarl who travelled to Xenon. He died when the radioactive airborne virus planted by Zukan was released. Zeeona recognised him as he died, calling out his name.
One of these is Jarc


(B-11: GAMBIT)

Servalan's aide on her visit to Freedom City. His position or rank was never specified, nor indeed his purpose. He appeared to have trouble understanding Servalan's plans, rather limiting his usefulness, and was unaware that Travis had previously worked with Servalan. He might not have been a Federation officer at all, especially given the nature of her visit to Freedom City. He did, however, disconnect Travis" artificial arm under Servalan's direction, and may thus have been a cybersurgeon. Travis described him as looking "like a powderpuff".



Formerly a Captain in the Federation's space fleets, when he had commanded the kairopan shuttle at the previous harvest (although Del Tarrant, then a lieutenant, described that as his own first command). Contemptuous of the Federation's willing dependence on computers he resigned the service and became a labourer in the construction grades. Servalan consulted his file, which was shown to bear the number X250824 - whether this was from his Space Command days or his new position in life was never specified.
Jarvik claimed that "any fool with three pursuit ships" could take the Liberator, and as an acting major proved it to Servalan, misquoting the Duke of Wellington in the process. She offered him co-rulership of the Federation with her, on condition he retrieve the crew's teleport bracelets after they had been marooned on Kairos. He defeated Tarrant in a one-to-one contest, and was grappling with Dayna when he was forced to teleport aboard. He died when he tried to prevent Shad shooting Dayna in cold blood.


(26 episodes from A-1: THE WAY BACK to B-13: STAR ONE)

Described by Servalan as a "superior grade citizen of the Federation", Jenna first met Blake in the holding cell awaiting transportation to Cygnus Alpha, where she described herself as a "free trader", which Vila interpreted as meaning smuggler.

In the Way Back
She joined Blake in attempting to take the London, and was put aboard the drifting Liberator with Blake and Avon. She remained with Blake, leaving with him, according to Cally, when the ship had to be abandoned in the closing stages of the Intergalactic War. On Sarran, Avon was told by Zen that she was on a hospital ship with superficial injuries, and in Powerplay Zen stated that Jenna was injured whilst in her life capsule and was now en route to Morphenniel on a neutral cargo ship. She would thus appear to have been separated from Blake soon after leaving the Liberator.

Some hints of her past prior to meeting Blake are given in some episodes. In Project Avalon it was revealed that she had met Avalon before, but only once in unspecified circumstances. The android Avalon did not appear to recognise her, and Jenna showed no surprise at this. In Bounty she was reunited with the Amagon pirate Tarvin, with whom she had hid from 300 customs guards in the mountains on Zolat-4. She saved Tarvin's life during this period. In Shadow she revealed that she had previously dealt with Largo (whom she denied was her "friend"), and that she had refused to run a consignment of shadow from Callisto to Earth once she found out what it was. Fear of the death penalty was not her reason for turning the offer down. She was arrested soon after, and later suspected Largo of having a hand in this. It may well have been this arrest that led to her being shipped to Cygnus Alpha. This was not, however, explicitly stated.

Jenna Captured in Duel Known relatives: The Liberator's defence mechanism tried to lure Jenna with an image of her mother surrounded by Federation troopers. It was not stated if this was a genuine incident as witnessed by Jenna herself, but does suggest that Jenna's mother fell foul of the security forces at some point. No other relatives were mentioned.

Bodycount: In Time Squad she asked Avon if he thought he could kill someone face-to-face, and didn't sound too sure of her own ability to do so. However, Jenna can claim to be the first person to score a kill with a Liberator handgun, killing two of the guardians in Time Squad. She later claimed at least 4 troopers in Project Avalon. In Gambit Blake had to persuade her not to kill Travis. She effectively killed Molok by teleporting him into deep space.

Significant brawls: Jenna grappled with two of the programmed guardians; fought Keera in Duel; disabled three of Tarvin's henchmen; and knocked out a scavenger on Cephlon in trying to escape from their camp.

Significant injuries: Injuries were few: she was hit on the left shoulder by a tool thrown by one of the programmed guardians; knocked unconscious by Gan when his limiter malfunctioned; rendered unconscious by the scavengers; affected by severe radiation sickness as a result of visiting Cephlon; tortured by the Kommissar on Horizon; and was reported by Zen as having suffered superficial injuries in a life capsule malfunction when abandoning Liberator during the Intergalactic War.

Captured by: Keera in Duel (who wanted to take blood from her, but was stopped from doing so by Travis); by the Amagons in Bounty, although she was allowed a limited amount of freedom; by the scavengers in Deliverance, where her attempt to escape failed and she was rescued by Avon; by the Altas in Redemption; by the natives of Horizon, where she was tortured by the Kommissar and forced to work in the mines; and by Molok, whom she later teleported into space. In The Web her mind was temporarily under the control of Saymon, who used her as a mouthpiece to talk to the rest of the crew. In The Keeper she was temporarily transfixed by Tara's powers.

Notable rescues: She rarely had the opportunity to risk her life saving other members of the crew, but betrayed Tarvin's trust in her to release the others in Bounty, and teleported down to Earth in Pressure Point, where she used Servalan as a hostage to secure the release of Blake, Avon, Vila and Gan from Travis. By teleporting Molok into deep space in Hostage she prevented Travis from gaining control of the Liberator.

Places visited: Jenna set foot on UP-Duel, UP-Project Avalon, Cephlon, Space World, Space City, Zonda, Horizon, Earth, Exbar, Asteroid P-K118, Atlay, Freedom City, and Goth - a total of 13 planets/space stations. If what Blake told Tarrant is to be believed, she also spent some time on Gauda Prime.

In Weapon

In Horizon
Her chief skill was in piloting, and on a few occasions it was only her expertise that saved the ship and its crew. Blake gave her control of the ship in Duel whilst he discussed strategy with Avon and Cally, and in Breakdown where he had to hunt down an escaped Gan as the ship plunged into a gravitation vortex. Jenna's knowledge of space craft was useful on many occasions, and her prior contacts with such people as Avalon, Tarvin and Largo suggest that she had widely travelled before being arrested (although her meeting with Largo was on Callisto, in the Solar System).

Other notable actions include persuading Blake not to grieve over Cally's apparent death in Seek-Locate-Destroy, working with Cally to distract Chenie as Blake hunted for Docholli in Gambit, and informing the Federation of the approaching alien fleet in Star One. Renor in Breakdown described her as "a celebrity", indicating how Blake and his crew were becoming well known for their exploits

In Killer
Jenna frequently exhibited a mind full of strong, perhaps even fixed opinions. She took an instant dislike to Cally, apparently centred on the fact that Cally was an alien: it was some while before they were evidently friends. Although her personal commitment to Blake's cause was unsteady, she had a very definite view of the Federation. "They're human", said Blake, of the Federation personnel on Fosforon, to which Jenna replied, "I need proof of that". Cally in The Web told her she was "very practical", and she proved to be decisive in thought and readily prepared, if not always willing, to take risks.

Her relationship with Blake was an ambivalent one: when asked by Avon if she had ever met an honest man she replied, referring to Blake, with "Perhaps". She rushed to embrace him when he returned safely from the first use of the teleport. But she was prepared, albeit reluctantly, to abandon Blake on Cygnus Alpha, but only after waiting an hour "to convince myself I gave him a fair chance". In Time Squad she expressed her doubts about Blake's plans to Gan, and wondered whether or not to opt out while she had the opportunity. Like the others, she was not fully committed to an attack on Central Control on Earth: "None of us is prepared to commit suicide", she told Blake, and the others concurred. She was also prepared to abandon Blake in Trial. Blake told her not to worry when he kissed Inga goodbye in Hostage, but she never made any blatant approaches towards him.

Jenna was last mentioned by Blake on Gauda Prime, where he described her to Tarrant as a "young smuggler, actually", who had taught him how to use a random flight program. He further explained that she died running the blockade around the planet, and hit the self-destruct, taking "half a squadron of gunships with her".



Planet on which Blake reportedly died of his wounds and was cremated a year before the Liberator was destroyed at Terminal. Servalan told Avon this, and she appeared to believe it, untrue though it later turned out to be. Did Blake's clone (from Weapon) die here?


(various episodes) By Murray Smith

At least a total of 75 characters, 51 named and 24 unnamed, wore jewellery in the series. The following list is very subjective, both in terms of whether the characters wore jewellery, and what the jewellery was made of. While I have used late twentieth-century Earth terms to describe the metals and gemstones depicted, such metals and stones could have been of types unknown to that period; because, as an example, gold was supposed to be, according to Tarrant in Gold, `virtually mined out' except on Zerok.

1. Named characters: These are the characters whose names are known.

BaybanEarringSmall, circular, flat and golden, in his right ear. (City at the Edge of the World)
BroachIn the shape of a skull, golden, attached to the upper chest of his costume. (City at the Edge of the World)
BenosNecklaceChain, golden. (Assassin)
BraceletAvon's Scorpio teleport bracelet, worn on his left wrist, until it was taken off him by Nebrox. (Assassin)
BlakeMedallionSilverish, attached to a black string or thong. (The Web, Breakdown)
BoorvaRingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Warlord)
  • Small, roughly teardrop shaped, silverish. (Hostage)
  • A spray of golden metal, set with dark stones. (Gambit)
  • Necklaces
  • Silverish, made of linked tubes, in the shape of a noose, the latter ending with a small white stone at her waist. (Redemption, Horizon)
  • Two ovoid beads or stones, one white, one olive green, on a silverish string. (Trial, Countdown, Star One - Powerplay)
  • A slender piece of golden metal with the ends crossed in front. (The Harvest of Kairos)
  • All golden, comprising an ornament, looking like a pair of downward pointing arrows of different lengths, on a chain. (City - Children of Auron)
  • Silverish, a slender ring of metal around her neck with a corkscrew at the front. (Rumours of Death)
  • Silverish, a strand around her neck, whose ends crossed once, then twice, the second time ending in a corkscrew. (Sarcophagus)
  • Silverish, a twisted strand with its ends crossed in front. (Terminal)
  • CollarGolden, composed of what appeared to be rough-surfaced rectangles, as part of a noose, that ran down almost to her belt. (Weapon)
  • All golden, a small rectangle on a chain. (Volcano - Dawn of the Gods)
  • All silverish, an oval with a triangular piece at its top, with a large hole, on a chain. (Ultraworld)
  • All silverish, circular, with the design of a six-pointed star, on a chain. (Moloch)
  • All silverish, a rough oval with a large hole containing figures, including a bird, in a chain. (Death-Watch)
  • BeltComposed of the same rough-surfaced golden rectangles as the collar mentioned previously, with a belt buckle, also composed of the same materials. (Weapon)
    BraceletsComposed of similar materials as the collar and belt mentioned previously, on both wrists. (Weapon)
  • Silverish, set with a small black stone, on the third finger of her left hand. (Redemption)
  • Two coppery rings, worn as follows:
    • One worn on the third finger of her left hand. (Redemption, Horizon, Killer, Volcano)
    • One worn on the fourth finger of her left hand. (Hostage - Gambit)
    • Two, one worn on the third finger of her right hand, and another on the fourth finger of her left. (Trial, The Keeper)
    • Two, one worn on the third finger of her right hand, and another on the third finger of her left. (Star One)
  • Silverish, on the third finger of her right hand (Hostage - Gambit), and on the third finger of her left. (Death-Watch)
  • Golden, on the second finger of her left hand. (Weapon)
  • Composed of, as seen from the base of the finger, what appear to be silverish, coppery and grey strands, on the third finger of her left hand. (Shadow)
  • Composed of silverish and coppery strands, on the third finger of her left hand. (Pressure Point)
  • Silverish, set with an oval dark brown stone, first worn on the fourth finger of her right hand (Shadow, Horizon - Star One), then on the third finger of the left. (Dawn - Harvest).
  • Silverish, set with a large oval black stone, first worn on the second finger of her right hand (Aftermath - Powerplay), then on the third finger of her right hand (Volcano), then on the third finger of her left (City - Rumours), to end up back on the third finger of her right. (Sarcophagus - Terminal)
  • Golden, set with a large black stone, taken from the corpse of the alien in the sarcophagus, on the third finger of her right hand, replacing the ring of the previous type, worn earlier in the same episode. (Sarcophagus)
  • CancerBrooch Golden, crab-shaped, set with a large red stone, on her left breast. (Assassin)
    CatoCirclet or headbandAll silverish, set with eight convex disks. (Power)
    ChenieEarringsGolden, set with large, teardrop shaped, black stones. (Gambit)
    CollarBlack ribbon, tied in an elaborate knot, set with black stones. (Gambit)
    BraceletsBlack, set with black stones, on both wrists. (Gambit)
  • Right hand - Golden, set with a black stone, on her little finger. (Gambit)
  • Left hand - Golden, set with a black stone, on her fourth finger. (Gambit)
  • Left hand - Golden, on her little finger.(Gambit)
  • ChesilMedallionAll golden, a rectangle on a chain. (Moloch)
    CoserBelt buckleSilverish, set with a red stone. (Weapon)
    RingGolden, set with a white stone, on the little finger of his right hand. (Weapon)
  • Golden wire, bent into a roughly incomplete circular shape, with a small silverish sphere on its lower end. (Aftermath - Powerplay, Harvest, Rumours, Moloch - Death-Watch)
  • Looking triangular, with a triangular piece cut out to accommodate the ear, worn perpendicular to the latter, silverish, except for the forward-facing side, which was black, with a silverish boarder. (Volcano, Children, Sarcophagus - Ultraworld, Rescue)
  • Flat, golden, teardrop shaped. (Dawn)
  • Small, roundish, golden, set with black stones. (City)
  • Roughly circular, silverish, set with two stones, one smaller than the other. (Terminal)
  • All silverish, cylindrical, composed of a spiral of wire with caps at both ends. (Rescue - Headhunter)
  • All golden, circular, crescent shaped. (Assassin - Blake)
  • MedallionHer father's graduate medallion, identified by her as such in Volcano. (Aftermath - Rescue)
    NecklaceAll golden, a leaf pattern on a chain. (Aftermath)
    BraceletAll golden, on her left wrist. (Aftermath)
  • Golden, V-shaped, on the third finger of her left hand. (Aftermath - Powerplay, Moloch)
  • Golden, set with a small black stone, first worn on the second finger of her left hand, (Volcano - Dawn), then on the third finger of the same hand. (Harvest, Rumours - Ultraworld)
  • Black, set with a black stone, on the third finger of her left hand. (Harvest)
  • Golden, on the third finger of her left hand. (City - Children), then on the second finger of the same hand (Ultraworld), then back to the third finger of the same hand. (Terminal)
  • Golden, set with a pearl, on the third finger of her left hand. (Death-Watch)
  • DorianRingGolden, on the little finger of his right hand. (Rescue)
    EgrorianRingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Orbit)
    GolaAmuletCircular, brown, set with four stones, then set with a parallelogram of golden metal, the metal set with nine stones. It appeared to be on a golden chain, the chain, before it joined the amulet, set with golden metal, set with eight stones, four on each side, all the stones mentioned seemingly brown, orange, blue and grey in colour. (The Keeper)
    BraceletsHe wore as bracelets Vila and Jenna's teleport bracelets. (The Keeper)
  • Right hand - Golden, set with a dark red stone, on his little finger. (The Keeper)
  • Left hand - Golden, set with a dark red stone, on his little finger. (The Keeper)
  • Grant, AnnaEarringsSmall, round and silverish. (Rumours)
    HowerBroochConvex, eight-pointed, golden, set with an orange stone in the centre, on his left breast. (Volcano)
    RingSilverish, set with a large, irregular orange stone, on the fourth finger of his right hand. (Volcano)
    IngaCirclet or headbandLeatherish. (Hostage)
    JarriereEarringGolden, set with a teardrop shaped, opaque, white stone, in his right ear. (Gambit)
    JennaCrownGolden, set with pearls. (The Keeper)
  • Silverish, thin, circular, very roughly three centimetres in diameter. (The Way Back - Redemption, Weapon - Trial, Hostage - Voice from the Past, The Keeper - Star One)
  • A spray of silverish metal set with green stones. (Gambit)
  • Necklaces
  • Silverish, composed of three rows of flat pieces. First were two rows of square pieces, each in one row opposite a similarly sized gap in the other, then a third, outside row of almost parallel rectangular pieces, separated by gaps of equal size. (The Way Back - Shadow, Horizon, Trial - Hostage, The Keeper)
  • White beads, joined together in curved sections. (Countdown - Voice)
  • Black, threaded through a number of golden rings, some being part of flat, rounded, golden discs. (Voice, The Keeper)
  • All silverish, teardrops on a chain. (The Keeper - Star One)
  • Brooches or clasps
  • Three worn, one on each breast, one at her waist. All were the same size, golden with black centres, shaped vaguely like twelve pointed stars. (Weapon, Pressure Point)
  • Two, on both shoulders, roundish, silverish. (Horizon)
  • Belt buckleOval, black, set with black stones, with a string of black stones. (Horizon)
  • Silverish rings alternating with dark red stones set in silverish metal, on her left wrist. (Redemption - Shadow, Horizon, Killer)
  • Silverish links alternating with blue stones set in silverish metal, on her left wrist. (Weapon - Pressure Point)
  • Rings
  • Silverish, on the fourth finger of her right hand. (The Way Back - Time Squad)
  • Silverish, twisted, set with a coin, a Winged Liberty Head (or Mercury) dime of the Earth state the United States of America. (The Way Back - Seek-Locate-Destroy)
  • KateCollarSilverish, set with a V-shaped, yellow, ingrafted co-radiating crystal. (Power)
  • Single earring, small, circular, thin, silverish, in her right ear. (City)
  • In both ears, small circular, thin, silverish, of a different type to that above. (City)
  • NecklaceAll silverish, a small ring on a chain. (City)
    BraceletThin and silverish, incorporating a ring, on her lower right arm. (City)
    RingGolden, set with a dark stone, on the fourth finger of her left hand. (City)
    KeilerRingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Gold)
    KlynEarringsSmall, hemispherical, golden. (Blake)
    KrantorBroochSilverish, in the shape of an eight pointed star, set with white stones, with a hole in the centre, this crossed by a cross of red stones, on his left breast. (Gambit) (Note: The brooch was supposed to resemble the Star of the Order of the Garter)
  • Right hand
    • On the second finger, wide, golden, set with two large and many small white stones. (Gambit)
    • On the little finger, narrow, golden, set with a small green stone and smaller white stones. (Gambit)
  • Left hand
    • On the second finger, golden, set with white stones in a flower pattern. (Gambit)
    • On the fourth finger, two rings. The first was golden, set with a dark green stone, turned inward, towards his palm; the second was golden, set with white stones. (Gambit)
  • LargoOrnamentA black ornament on a golden chain around his neck. (Shadow)
    RingSilverish, set with a small black stone, on the little finger of his left hand. (Shadow)
    LaurenEarringsA small convex, circular, golden disc, attached to an elongated, isosceles silverish triangle, with a small silverish rectangle on the outward-facing side, at the bottom, parallel to the latter. (Aftermath)
    MedallionAll golden, a small, round disc on a chain. (Aftermath)
    LeylanRingGolden, on the little finger of his left hand. (Space Fall - Cygnus Alpha)
    LomBraceletPiece of golden metal, secured by a strip of leatherish material, to his upper right arm. (Powerplay)
    LuxiaCollarSilverish, set with a V-shaped, yellow, ingrafted co-radiating crystal. (Power)
    MajaBroochSilverish, vaguely flowerlike. (The Way Back)
    MallBraceletPiece of golden metal, secured by a strip of leatherish material, to his upper right arm. (Powerplay)
    Mellanby, HalMedallionA silverish rectangle, with a rectangular golden centre, stamped or inscribed with letters of symbols, also with four points, one at the middle of each side, the whole on a silverish chain. (Aftermath) (Note: The medallion, worn by his daughter Dayna after his death, was identified by her in Volcano as his graduate medallion, signifying that he had graduated from the Federation Central Science Complex)
    BraceletSilverish, on his right wrist. (Aftermath)
    RingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Aftermath)
    NinaMedallionSilverish, an oval disc set with a small black stone in its centre, on a chain. (Power)
    NorlMedallionRectangular, light green, with holes in it, on a black string or thong. (City)
    PellaCollarSilverish, set with a V-shaped, yellow, ingrafted co-radiating crystal. (Power)
    Plaxton, Dr.RingGolden, on the fourth finger of her left hand. (Stardrive)
    PoolaMedallionAll golden, a rectangle on a chain. (Moloch)
    Earrings Circular, silverish. (Moloch)
    RodAmuletCircular, brown, set with a golden metal, that metal set with precious stones. (The Keeper) (Note: Unlike the amulets worn by his father and siblings, Rod's seemed to be attached to his chest, rather than hung around his neck.)
    RoHelmetGolden, set with blue and turquoise coloured stones, with a large green circular plume around the edge of the crown. (Horizon)
    SelmaClipsTwo, blue, in her hair. (Horizon)
    GirdleGolden, set with blue stones. (Horizon)
    BraceletGolden, on her upper right arm. (Horizon)
  • Teardrop shaped, transparent, containing discs of silverish metal. (Weapon)
  • Silverish, set with a row of three small white stones. (Pressure Point)
  • Circular, convex, pearl coloured. (Trial, Hostage, Voice, Star One - Aftermath)
  • Silverish metal, in a spray, set with white stones, one large with three strands of smaller ones, one strand shorter than the other two. (Hostage)
  • Golden metal, set with red stones. In her ear a red stone, encircled by smaller red stones, then two strands, one slightly shorter than the other, of golden metal set with the same stones, ending in a red stone the approximate size of the one in her ear. (Gambit)
  • Triangular, equilateral, pearl coloured. (The Keeper)
  • Small, silverish, lozenge shaped, stud like. (Aftermath - Powerplay)
  • All silverish, small, stud-like, shaped like hollowed out half teardrops. (Volcano)
  • Oval, silverish metal, set with a white stone, itself encircled by smaller white stones. (Harvest, Moloch, Traitor, Gold)
  • Silverish, on a chain, what looked like a fat needle with lugs. (Children)
  • Spray of silverish metal, set with white stones. One stone with four strands of smaller stones, each strand ending in a teardrop shaped, pearl coloured stone. (Rumours)
  • Strands of silverish metal set with white stones, in a roughly teardrop shape. (Death-Watch)
  • Silverish rectangles, set with white stones and a row of five black stones. (Terminal)
  • Spray of silverish metal, set with white stones, with a larger white stone set near the top. (Animals, Games - Sand)
  • Silverish metal, set with white stones. Two lozenges, one with a cross pattern, from which was suspended a far larger lozenge, the latter with two progressively smaller lozenges inside it. (Assassin, Orbit)
  • The same pattern as in (Spray of silverish metal), but with a silverish hemisphere in place of the larger white stone. (Warlord)
  • MedallionBlack multipointed star, with a convex centre, the latter encircled by white stones, on a black strap or ribbon around her neck. (Traitor)
  • Double string of pearls. (Star One - Aftermath)
  • Silverish, made up of diagonal pieces, with a circular piece folded around it at the front. (Harvest)
  • Similar to the one above, but made from a silverish mesh. (Children)
  • Silverish, made up of diagonal pieces. (Moloch)
  • Brooches or clasps
  • Black and silverish framework of straight pieces piled on top of each other in a diagonal pattern of two per level, on her left shoulder. (Terminal)
  • Star shaped, silverish, set with a black stone, with a number of teardrop shaped white stones hanging from it, on her chest. (Traitor)
  • Silverish, set with a large, oval, black stone, on her left shoulder. (Animals)
  • Silverish, snowflake shaped, set with white stones, on her left shoulder. (Sand)
  • An arrangement of squares, some silverish, others black with raised round silverish circles, on her left shoulder. (Orbit)
  • RingSilverish, set with a black stone, on the fourth finger of her left hand. (Children)
  • Strings of alternating clear and black cylinders, twisted into various shapes. (Rescue - Headhunter)
  • Golden, set with large, teardrop shaped, black stones. (Assassin - Blake)
  • HairpinBlack, with a square head set with a square dark red stone. (Stardrive)
    MedallionSilverish, circular, with a starburst design, attached to a piece of grey cloth edged at the top with white. (Rescue - Headhunter)
    TaraCircletBlue, set with two blue stones. (The Keeper)
    AmuletBlack, parallelogram shaped, set with a slightly smaller parallelogram of golden metal, the metal set with nine blue stones. Two further blue stones, mounted in golden metal, were the links between the amulet and the ends of the black thong around her neck. (The Keeper)
  • Right hand - Golden, set with a blue stone, on the second finger. (The Keeper)
  • Left hand - Ditto, on the second finger. (The Keeper)
  • Left hand - Ditto, on the fourth finger. (The Keeper)
  • TarrantNecklaceGolden chain. (Volcano)
    TarvinRingSilverish, on the little finger of his left hand. (Bounty)
    TokNecklaceThree rows of pearls. (Assassin)
    BraceletTwo rows of pearls, on his left wrist. (Assassin)
    RingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Assassin)
    TravisMedallionOval, transparent, enclosing a pink oval, on a silverish chain. (Voice)
  • Silverish, set with a large yellow-orange stone, on the second finger of his left hand. (Seek-Locate-Destroy, Duel - Project Avalon, Deliverance - Orac, Weapon, Pressure Point - Trial, Hostage, Voice - Star One)
  • Golden, on the little finger of his right hand. (Pressure Point)
  • TynusCirclet or headbandGolden. (Killer)
    VenaEaringsOval, convex, golden disc, with an oval hole towards the top. (Headhunter)
    MedallionOval, convex, golden disc, of a similar pattern to the above earrings, except bigger, and with a piece of golden metal attached to its bottom, this piece widening out to its tongue shaped end, on a golden cord, string, or thing. (Headhunter)
    BraceletGolden, on her right wrist. (Headhunter)
    VerlisHeaddressSet with blue stones. (Assassin)
    BraceletSilverish, on her left wrist. (Assassin)
  • Right hand
    • Silverish, set with a sky blue stone, on her third finger. (Assassin)
    • Silverish, set with white stones, on her fourth finger. (Assassin)
    • Golden, on her fifth finger. (Assassin)
  • Left hand
    • Silverish, on her third finger. (Assassin)
    • Golden, on her fourth finger. (Assassin)
    • Golden, on her fifth finger. (Assassin)
  • ZeeonaRingGolden, on the fourth finger of her right hand. (Warlord)
    2. Unnamed characters: These are characters who, while unnamed, are identifiable by one or more of the following categories: occupation or former occupation, nationality, group membership, leisure pursuit, or costume. Due to this, if more than one character comes under the same category, the category is first given in alphabetical order, and then broken down into the characters.

    Agents on Domo (1) MaleMedallionAll silverish, oval with a large oval hole, crossed by a strand, on a chain. (Assassin)
    (2) Male, in Egyptian costumeCollar:Silverish. (Assassin)
    BraceletCoppery, on left wrist. (Assassin)
    Aliens in Sarcophagus (1) Female, in black robesRingGolden, set with a large black stone, on the third finger of her right hand. (Sarcophagus)
    (2) Female, deadRingDitto. (Sarcophagus) (Note: This was the same ring worn by the previous alien, who placed it on her finger.)
    Arbiters (Teal and Vandor)Medallions or chains of office Identical for both, all silverish, a circular disc set with red stones, on a chain set with red and white stones. (Death-Watch)
    Caliph of KrandorPinSilverish, set with a red stone, in his neckcloth. (Dawn)
  • Right hand
    • Golden, on his second finger. (Dawn)
    • Golden, set with a black stone, on his third finger. (Dawn)
  • Left hand
    • Golden, set with a black stone, on his second finger.(Dawn)
    • Golden, set with a black stone, on his fourth finger. (Dawn)
  • Croupier of the Big WheelRingSilverish, set with a blue stone, on the little finger of her left hand. (Gambit)
    Former Charl of the GothsAmuletCircular, black, set with a parallelogram of golden metal set with nine stones, on a chain or thing around his neck. (The Keeper)
    Hommik (shot by Avon)Circlet or headbandSilverish. (Power)
    Inhabitants of Kezarn:
    (1) Female
    NecklaceOlive green stones on a golden chain. (City)
    (2) Female NecklaceA green stone on a black thong. (City)
    (3) Female NecklaceSilverish, set with brown and other stones. (City)
    (4) MaleNecklaceSquare red stone on black thong. (City)
    (5) MaleNecklaceDark brown tooth, on ditto.(City)
    (6) MaleNecklaceBlack stones alternating with pieces of golden metal, on a black thong. (City)
    Circlet or headbandWorn by all the three males, made from a green cloth.
    KluteRingGolden, set with a large square black stone, on the third finger of his right hand. (Gambit)
    Passengers on Space Princess
    (1) Female
    CircletsTwo, one smaller than the other, composed of what looked like pearls. (Gold)
    (2) FemaleEarringsGolden, set with teardrop shaped, black stones. (Gold)
    NecklaceAll silverish. Seven shell shapes on a chain, getting smaller going further each side of the lowest one. (Gold)
    Patrons of the Big Wheel
    (1) Female
    CrownAll silverish, set with white stones. (Gambit)
    EarringsDitto. (Gambit)
    NecklaceDitto. (Gambit)
    (2) Male (Arab costume)Rings
  • Right hand - Golden, set with a black stone, on his little finger. (Gambit)
  • Left hand - Ditto. (Gambit)
  • (3) Male (Evening dress)RingGolden, on the fourth finger of his left hand. (Gambit)
    (4) Male (Nun costume)CrossMetallic looking, around neck. (Gambit)
    RingGolden, set with a black stone, on the little finger of his left hand. (Gambit)
    Sardoan (Female)MedallionAll golden, a rectangle on a chain. (Moloch)
    3. Unidentified characters: These were characters who, while identifiable as a group, are not readily identifiable as individuals, and whose overall number is unclear. They include the other male inhabitants of Kezarn in City, who wore the green circlets or headbands previously mentioned, and most of the Hommiks seen in Power, who wore circlets or headbands similar to Cato's.

    In terms of who wore the greatest number of individual items of jewellery in the series, the female characters easily won. Cally and Servalan both wore 27 items each - although neither wore any jewellery in the first season - followed by Jenna (17) and Dayna (15). The character who wore the most individual items in an episode was also female: Verlis in Assassin (8), who just beat Chenie in Gambit (7).

    The most bejewelled male in the series was Krantor, who wore 6 items of jewellery in Gambit, followed by the Caliph in Dawn (5). The recurring male characters seem to have had a rather austere attitude regarding the wearing of jewellery, with the possible exception of Travis, although it could be argued that his ring was worn for a practical purpose.

    Servalan wore the largest number of an item of jewellery in the series, wearing a total of 16 pairs of earrings; Cally wore what looked like the largest number of rings (10) and necklaces (7). In terms of the greatest number of a single item of jewellery worn in succession in a single episode, Jenna, in The Keeper, wore a total of three necklaces: types (d), (a), and (c).

    There were six groups of people who wore the same or similar items of jewellery to symbolise their belonging to part of a group: Bayban and Kerril (City), the male inhabitants of Kezarn except Norl (Ditto.), the Sardoans (Moloch), the Teal and Vandor arbiters (Death-Watch), most of the Hommiks (Power), and the Seska (Ditto.).

    The only artistic depiction of jewellery in the series was in Servalan's portrait in Traitor. She was depicted wearing heart-shaped, silverish earrings, set with white stones, and the same broach or clasp worn by her in Terminal, also worn on her left shoulder.

    There were three examples of jewellery seen but not worn. In Cygnus Alpha, Avon brought to the teleport area of the Liberator some of the wealth found by Jenna, which mostly consisted of what appeared to be silverish and golden bracelets and necklaces.

    In Gambit, Krantor was first seen holding an earring to his left ear, which he put down to greet Servalan. The earring was a spray of silverish metal, set with a dark stone and a number of smaller white stones. In Games, Belkov showed Servalan a necklace in a transparent case to illustrate his story about the difficulties he had in setting up his mining operation on Mecron 2. The necklace, said by him to be used by the Mecronian high priests as a source of their power, consisted of an equilateral triangle of six Feldon crystals on a golden chain.

    Vargas, in Cygnus Alpha, put on his right wrist one of the teleport bracelets found on Blake, because he correctly realised that they were valuable, although he had correctly concluded that they were not intended to be worn as jewellery: `Some sort of body adornment, I thought at first. And then I wondered why a man would carry so many'. By contrast, Gola in The Keeper wore as jewellery the teleport bracelets worn by Jenna and Vila, after the latter assured them that they were `Just bracelets, O King'. Also, Benos did the same with Avon's teleport bracelet in Assassin.

    In Dawn of the Gods, the Caliph of Krandor allowed the Liberator's crew to keep their teleport bracelets, which he called `bangles'. Either he had no idea of their real function and thought that they were jewellery, or, more likely, he did and was expressing how useless they were, as `Only the technology of the Lord Thaarn prevails on Krandor'.

    Two characters had weapons partly or wholly disguised as jewellery. The first was Travis, whose ring was part of the mechanism of the laseron destroyer built into his left hand. His adjusting of the ring's yellow-orange stone, as well as the operation of a hidden control in the palm in Hostage, appeared to have something to do with the weapon's activation or other control. The second was Cancer, whose brooch, worn by her in Assassin, was a weapon in itself: the disguised crab-like creature used by her to kill her `targets'.

    Of particular interest was jewellery that appeared to be forms of technology built to exploit the natural powers of the wearer. In Sarcophagus, the alien explained that her people had `learned how to boost their psychic abilities by means of high technology'. Avon realised that her ring was the `true source' of her power, took it off her and destroyed it, rendering her unable to take bodily form, keeping her dead yet sentient.

    In Power, the collars worn by the Seska, in particular the crystals each contained, made them able to carry out acts of telekinesis. Orac explained that there was adequate energy in the body to do this; the brain merely directed it, the crystal being `necessary to focus the beam'. The collars appeared to have been connected to the back of the neck and may have had a direct neural connection.

    Somewhat similar to the alien's ring, the Seska's collars were important to their existence, and were not just aids to exploit their natural powers. When the Hommiks captured Seska, they operated on them to remove their collars. Pella told Avon that this is what would happen to her and Luxia if nothing were done. If done, `we will no longer be Seska... When our spirit is broken, we give them sons. The daughters are left to die on the hillside. Sometimes we're unable to find them in time'. This suggests that the collars may also have had a contraceptive effect.

    There are obvious differences and similarities between the Seska and the alien. Both, due to their long dependence on their respective technologies in the form of jewellery, shared similar beliefs that their very identity would be lost if they allowed an unworthy person to misuse the relevant jewellery, hence the alien's dislike of Vila for wanting to steal her ring, and Pella's adamant opposition to Avon taking Luxia's collar.

    To conclude, jewellery was mostly worn in the Blake's 7 universe for the same reasons it was worn in late twentieth-century Earth: as a body adornment, and as a symbol of group identity. While there was some difference in that it was also occasionally technology that enhanced the natural powers of the wearer, the only difference was that of appearance; because humans on Earth, since the days of stone knives, have continuously used technology to enhance their natural powers.



    (various episodes) By Murray Smith

    A number of rare minerals, highly valued for at least two reasons. First, as gemstones, used in jewellery as a decoration, and second, for commercial and industrial purposes. Jewels were mentioned and seen loose in nine episodes:

    1. Cygnus Alpha: Jewels were part of the wealth in the strong room discovered by Jenna aboard the Liberator. Avon brought some of the wealth to the teleport area in a bag, and poured it out in front of her. It included white, blue and green stones.

    2. Project Avalon: The Federation were on the planet where Avalon's resistance group operated because of the discovery there of 'ice crystals' which were, according to Avon, 'gemstones of outstanding purity and hardness', used by the Federation in heavy duty lasers. They were 'unique and as such quite valuable'.

    3. Shadow: (a) Bek and Hanna took a bag of jewels from someone, as part of a deal made with Largo; but after giving it to the latter, they took it back when he threatened to renege on the deal.

    (b) Blake offered two large stones to Largo for his services as a go-between. While Largo disclaimed any connection with the Terra Nostra, he admitted that the stones were 'beautiful', and said that he could make an offer for them.

    4. Powerplay: Avon spotted Harmon, one of Klegg's troopers, coming out of one of the Liberator's sections with a bag. That section contained, according to Avon, 'considerable sums of various currencies, rare metals, precious stones and the like. He [Harmon] was coming out of the strong room'. Tarrant, after shooting Harmon, emptied the bag, which contained white, blue, green and orange stones.

    5. Sarchophagus: After uncovering the ring on the alien corpse, Cally commented that 'These jewels must be priceless'. Vila, his greed aroused, said 'Jewels?' and tried to take the ring, but was stopped by Cally.

    6. Moloch: Grose confirmed to Servalan that the energy-mass transmuters on Sardos could produce precious stones, gems and crystals, among other things, as long as they had 'the original pattern to work from'.

    7. Power: After his capture by the Hommiks, Avon claimed that he had been looking for dynamon crystals . Gunn-Sar said that they were rare, but that they had all been dug up. He thought them 'useless', because their only use was for womens' jewellery, calling them 'Expensive baubles for the ladies'.

    8. Games: The episode revolved aropung the attempt by the Scorpio's crew to steal feldon, the 'hardest known' substance in the universe, and at the time 'the most valuable' because it was extremely rare. It was 'much prized as a precious stone' until its 'industrial and commercial uses' were discovered, due to its 'infinite' ability to concentrate energy. At least two loose feldon crystals were seen in the episode, one or both being handled by Avon, Tarrant and Gerren.

    9. Blake: As a reward for bringing in Arlen alive, Blake was given a bag of jewels. The stones, seen in his hands, were red, blue, green and black in colour. Later, in order to test Tarrant, Blake gave him the bag, which he alleged was advance payment for a consignment of arms from some gunrunners whom he believed were going to cheat him. Tarrant took out and looked at some of the jewels, put them back, then returned the bag to Blake, having seen through the test.



    (B-8: HOSTAGE)

    A Councillor, one who had supported Servalan's appointment to Supreme Commander. He expressed dissatisfaction in the way Blake had not been brought to trial, adding, "Order - it is all that matters". He described himself as making a "dangerous enemy". He tried to contact Servalan whilst she was on her way to Exbar, but the call was ignored on her orders.


    (B-3: HORIZON) By Murray Smith

    Also called the Last Day, Doomsday, Day of the Lord, of Accounts, Retribution, Wrath, or Great Day, it is, according to the New Testament of the Bible, the Day when all human beings will be judged at the end of the world at the return of Jesus Christ, an event called the General or Last Judgement. The most dramatic accounts of this general judgement are to be found in Matthew 25.31-46, Mark 13.14-27 and Revelation 20.11-15. Those found to be wicked shall, according to Matthew, be cast into the fires prepared for the Devil and his angels. (Matthew 25.41-46.)

    In Horizon, the planet's magnetic barrier caused the Liberator's crew great pain. Vila, when asked by Cally what was going on, called their experience 'Judgement Day'. This reference by him, while an implicit one to Christianity, was presumably unwittingly used by him as a general one to a time of torment; because the reference had become detached from its Christian origin, both by time and the Federation's anti-religious policy.



    (A-1: THE WAY BACK)

    Computer that assimilated defence and prosecution evidence in court. The arbiter at Blake's trial on Earth told him that the Judgement Machine had taken into account his "past record, loyalty to the state and service to the Federation" - none of which had mitigated in his favour.


    (A-1 THE WAY BACK /B-6: TRIAL)

    Two trials were shown in the series, Blake's on Earth and Travis" on Servalan's command station. In both cases a verdict was delivered by a judgement program after prosecution and defence evidence was submitted to a computer, called a Judgement Machine in The Way Back (in Trial evidence was submitted to a Judgement Program). Sentencing was the responsibility of a tribunal presided over by an arbiter. In Travis" court-martial defence and prosecution counsels were allowed the chance to speak, something which was not seen in Blake's case, perhaps because he offered no defence.


    (A-1: THE WAY BACK)

    Department of the Administration. Arbiter General on Earth was Ven Glynd, and he appointed Tel Varon as Blake's defence counsel. Varon could use his credentials to access information in the Public Records Computer, at least as far as his Priority-3 clearance allowed.



    Variously described as a genetic engineer "amongst other things" and an expert on working in highly radioactive areas, Justin was head of a scientific warfare team sent to Bucol-2 to work on a top secret experiment in genetic engineering, creating intelligent, radiation-proof creatures to act as shock troops in contaminated zones (normal troop loss was 60% in such areas, due to the radiation). When the other scientists left towards the end of the Intergalactic War (and were shot down by an enemy gunship on their departure), he elected to remain, to continue with the experiments and look after the animals he had helped to create. He was still there when Dayna arrived, intending to conscript him and his skills for Avon's struggle against the Federation. Avon thought he might be able to engineer an antidote to pylene-50. Dayna was unaware that Justin had worked for the Federation, and Avon was presumably likewise misinformed - no information was given as to how Justin's location was traced (by Orac?) without any indication of who had sent him to Bucol-2 in the first place.

    Justin was a friend of Hal Mellanby, and had visited Sarran to tutor Dayna. Since the research on Bucol-2 had started six years before the War, and Dayna had been on Sarran for twenty years when the war started, leaving Earth as a small child, she could not have been older than her mid-teens when Justin taught her. That doesn't appear to have stopped Justin taking an interest in her. On Bucol-2 he persuaded Dayna to help him with his work, which was now directed towards using the animals to rebuild contaminated war zones, ignoring the likelihood of people not being able to live in such places for some while afterwards. After being taken by Servalan, Dayna was induced to hate Justin and she arranged for his capture. On Servalan's ship he surreptitiously informed Avon of his and Dayna's whereabouts, but was shot by Servalan whilst attempting to escape. His body was then dumped out of the ship as it took off.


    (B-2: SHADOW)

    Mentioned by Vila, with reference to him having been an inmate from an early age.

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