Dee BeetemVoice from the FutureSTANDARD BY SEVERAL #1S5; B/Avalon, V/Kerril, Ta/?f, A/Se, G/Veron Kasabi; humor US, 1987.7

Tarrant/alien (in Sarcophagus)

Lorna BreshearsInsects in AmberZEN & THE ART OF REBELLION #3S3, alt-Sarcophagus; Ta/alien US, 1994

Tarrant/original character(s), female

Moira DahlbergKyri AdeinaTHE STAR CHANGE and Other Stories, Part TwoS3; Ta/ocf aka STAR CHANGE ADDITIONS; AU, 1984
Heidi DennisCompanionshipHORIZON #2S3; Ta-hc, Ta/ocf UK, 1981
Heidi DennisThe Heinan AffairHORIZON #3S3; uc Ta/ocf; D-hc UK, 1982
Jeanne DeVoreAmbushTHE PLAIN MAN'S GUIDE TO ALIEN INVASIONS #1S4; Ta-hc; uc Ta/ocf US, 1989
Kurt HallamThe Day TripG.R.O.T. #1S4; uc Ta/ocf; humor UK, 1985
Gillian MarsdenThe Day TripSTANDARD BY SEVEN SPECIAL #1: Deadly Night Shades S4; Ta/ocf, A-So, A-ocf, uc A/Se; UK, 1982); reprinted in MILLENIUM SPECIAL (UK, 1999)
Monica MitchellSong for a Winter DayCHRONICLES #37/38S4; Ta-hc, uc Ta/ocf AU, 1989.1
Sophia MulveyThe Face of the StrangerSOMETHING... UNFRIENDLY #1S4; Ta/ocf US, 1988.5


Rebecca DonahueCrisis of ConscienceREBEL DESTINIES #1alt S4-5; Ta/Zeeona, So/V, D/ocm, A/C, A/Meegat, A/Se US, 1994.1

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