Dee BeetemNo Hard FeelingsTHREADS THROUGH INFINITYalt-S4; So-V, So/V ? US, 1991
Lorna BreshearsProlific PropensitiesREBEL DESTINIES #1S4; D/Ta, V/Kerril, A/Anna, So/V, B/J; humor US, 1994.1
Theresa BuffaloeEpilogueSHADOW IMAGININGS #1S5; So/V US, 1988.1
Rebecca DonahueCrisis of ConscienceREBEL DESTINIES #1alt S4-5; Ta/Zeeona, So/V, D/ocm, A/C, A/Meegat, A/Se US, 1994.1
Cheufell DoshierThe DrunkGAMBIT #8S5; So/V; humor US, 1992.2
Catharine DunhamThat Touch of Minx (with apologies to Cary Grant)ELEVENTH SECTOR #2with apologies to Cary Grant US, 1989
Susan R. MatthewsThat Touch of Minx (with apologies to Cary Grant)THE MIND OF MAN IS A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD part 1 of 3; alt-S3-4; A-hc, past A/Anna, A/C, So/V; US, 1983)
Roxie RayA Friend in NeedFORGOTTEN SEVENFriend in Need series; S4, post-Sand; So/V, past uc C/V US, 1990
Roxie RayConsummate ProfessionalsTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #4S4; So/V US, 1990.7
Roxie RayMore Precious Than GoldBLAKE, RABBLE AND ROLL #3S4; Friend in Need series #4; So/V US, 1992.8
Anne Collins SmithStiff CompetitionFORGOTTEN SEVENRoxie Ray's A Friend in Need universe; S4; So/V, So-Kerril; humor US, 1990
K. Rae TraversOn the Way to HeavenTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #11S4; V-hc, So/V US, 1998.5
Carol WykeOn the Way to HeavenAVON #2: Nemesis S5; V, A-V, A-hc, So/V; UK, 1992)

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