Lorna BreshearsProlific PropensitiesREBEL DESTINIES #1S4; D/Ta, V/Kerril, A/Anna, So/V, B/J; humor US, 1994.1
Kathy Hintze, plus this extra storyProlific PropensitiesKathy Hintze, "Just for the Feel of It" US, 1992.5)
James IdeProlific PropensitiesUNDERCURRENTS, Another Aspect of Blake's 7 part 1 of a projected 3; AATA universe; S3-4-5; A/C, D/Ta; US, 1991)
James IdeProlific PropensitiesGOING HOME S5; sequel to UNDERCURRENTS; stage adaptation of Quest, part 3 of 3; US, 1992)
Catherine KendallToo Much Love Can Kill YouGAMBIT #11Xiaodan series; S5; D/Ta US, 1994.3
Catherine KendallThe Wind Must BlowGAMBIT #12Xiaodan series; S5; D/Ta, A/C US, 1994.11
Nancy Klauschie Jean GrahamJ. S. Mulvey, and Karyn O'Rear, "The Frustrations of Space" S3; past D/Ta, D/V, and A/D
Sharon Ann Murphy and Virginia E. MilewskiInside a Broken DreamTHE PLAIN MAN'S GUIDE TO ALIEN INVASIONS #1S5; D/Ta, A/ocf, V/ocf US, 1989
Rose PriorModelsVILAWORLD NEWSLETTER #30S3; uc D/Ta, uc D/V, implied A/Ta nl; UK, 1988.9
Paul RagisThe DreamGAMBIT #14S4; uc D/Ta US, 1996.11
Roxie RayImpasseGAMBIT #8S4; uc D/Ta US, 1992.2
Jennifer SmallwoodThe Terrible Case of C.U.T.E.REBEL DESTINIES #1S3; uc D/Ta, uc C/Ta; humor US, 1994.1
C. K. SmithDayna's Gadget Works TooTHREADS THROUGH INFINITYS4; D/Ta US, 1991

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