Sandy HallGhostsFIFTH SEASON #4S4; A/D US, 1986.8
Sandy Hall, in 2 vols.GhostsTHE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN alt-S4; A/D; US, 1987.7)
Nancy Klauschie Jean GrahamJ. S. Mulvey, and Karyn O'Rear, "The Frustrations of Space" S3; past D/Ta, D/V, and A/D
OracTwisted Moloch, or, What Really HappenedTHE PLAIN MAN'S GUIDE TO ALIEN INVASIONS #2S3, Moloch; A/D; humor US, 1990
C. K. Smith'Tis the SeasonSPACE DEBRIS #1S4, post-Animals; A/D, A/So; adult Epilogues published separately US, 1989
Sylvie WhiteNecromancia, Part ISHADOW ONEmedieval fantasy AU; A/D, A/Se UK, 1985.5
Sylvie WhiteNecromancia, Part IISHADOW TWOmedieval fantasy AU, S5; A/D, A/Se UK, 1986.4
Sheila WillisColfaxFIFTH SEASON #6S5, episode 6; A/D US, 1990.6
Sheila WillisDreams That Never WereFIFTH SEASON #6S5, episode 1; A/D US, 1990.6
Sheila Willis with Kat Yount"Coda" S5, episode 7; A/D
Sheila Willis and Kat YountSecretsFIFTH SEASON #4S5, episode 8; A/D US, 1986.8

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