Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

At over 500 pages of small print, there's no doubt that this is a novel!

And I confess, I've never been able to get all the way through it. Now that I finally own a copy (bought in Pat's used zine sale, after looking for some time for a copy that was both in reasonably good condition and reasonably priced), maybe I will. I have mixed feelings about the zine. It's extremely well written stylistically, and I like the author's other work, but IMO this one should have been edited down to a shorter length. An awful lot of it is what's going on inside people's heads, and I for one tend to get bogged down in all this introspection and lose track of the plot.

But other people whose taste I respect and often agree with love it; one says it's her very favorite B7 story. So, YMMV.

What I really bought the zine for is the yummy art. The Karen River color cover is gorgeous, and most of the interior illos are really nice too.


(novel by Sandy Hall, in 2 vols.; alt- S4)

Editor: Sheila Willis
Publisher: Spice Press (Laurel, MD)
Date: July 1987
Format: Vol. 1: letter size, pp. 1-262, slick full-color card front cover, white card back cover, white comb binding; Vol 2: pp. 263-552, black comb binding, otherwise same as Vol. 1

Vol. 1: Sheila Willis, "Edit's (Orial)"
"Thank You Very Much"
Vol. 2: Sheila Willis, "Hello Again!" (editorial)

Art (both volumes):
Karen River cover A-D (color; same on both vols.)
Nancy Kolar p. 17 Dorian
p. 26 So
p. 36 A-D
p. 58 D-Ta
p. 71 A-V
p. 165 Ta
T. J. Burnside p. 135 A
p. 152 So
p. 156 V-D
p. 216 So-Ta
Tim (Pieraccini?) p. 88 A-Ta-V
p. 106 C-A
Jean Clissold p. 190 A, D, So, C
p. 211 D; illo
p. 234 So-Ta-V
p. 238 ocfs
p. 242 D lying in bed
p. 267 A/D in bed
p. 276 B, C
p. 283 Se
p. 292 Ta
p. 301 A/D kissing
p. 330 B-C
p. 345 B
p. 374 So
p. 385 V
p. 421 C
Pat Cash p. 366 B
p. 400 A-D; illo
p. 408 C
p. 472 Se
p. 522 So
p. 538 D-Ta
TACS(?) p. 438 D-Ta
p. 463 D-A; illo
p. 516 D-A; illo
p. 528 A-D
Sheila Willis p. 445 Se
p. 487 C
p. 529 A

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