Star Trek: Classic

Before the Glory

(Kathleen Resch) - K/S fiction SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Where were they, before the glory that is the Starship Enterprise? Shivering in the sewers of Imperial Earth. Killing their enemies on Hellguard. Facing aliens... and the alien in themselves. There was the time a very young cadet erased an experimental program it had taken a Vulcan prodigy six weeks to create. There was the stopover for R&R on Tarsus IV - days before Kodos' massacre. There was happiness and heartbreak, innoncence lost - or never known.


Joyboy (by Syn Ferguson) Ambassador Sarek's young son finds life during a diplomatic conference somewhat restrictive. Then the survivors of Tarsus IV arrive - and his life changes in a most unexpected way.

The Companion (by Ray & Sandy Newton) In an alternate universe, the Vulcans went on Quest for a compatible mind to save the life of their young ruler.

On the Way to the Sky(by Ginna LaCroix) James Kirk fnids opposition to his Starfleet dreams from his own mother. His trip back to his hometown brings both reconciliation - and tragedy.

And much, much more!

Day of Vengeance

(Kathleen Resch) - K/S novel - Kahn is determined to have his revenge on Kirk -- a novel by Jean Lightfoot and C.Del Rio, with art by The Southern Cross. (Explicit Violence Warning!) K/S Fiction SLASH (Age Statement Required)

The Mystic Bond

(Kathleen Resch) Novel by Susan K Dundas. K/S Fiction - In a homophobic universe, Kirk must deal with the consequences when he agrees to save Spock's life in pon farr. Kirk had planned to simply resume his life, but he hadn't considered the ramifications of Vulcan mysticism, or the reality of the Vulcan bond.

SLASH (Age Statement Required)

The Price of Freedom

(Kathleen Resch) K/S Novel - A novel by Jean Lightfoot. Illustrated by The Southern Cross.

When Spock disappears, Kirk risks everything - his career and his life - to follow. The trail leads to a planet populated by a race related to the Romulans - a planet where Kirk can't possibly disguise himself as a native. He must traverse the length of a war-torn land before his quest is successful

He finds Spock the captive of the absolute ruler of a country torn by civil war. But his joy in finding Spock turns to horror - for Spock has been made into a drugged plaything - so changed by the chemical he is addicted to that he is capable of betraying Kirk without a second thought

Explicit violence warning (Age Statement Required)

Promises to Keep

(Kathleen Resch) K/S Novel by Jenna Sinclair - (240 plus pages) Paradise does not last forever. The crew of the Enterprise is sent to solve the mystery of violence that is sweeping across a colony planet, and they fail. Kirk and Spock try to include McCoy in the most important change in their lives, and the doctor does not understand. Admiral Komack sees not a successful starship captain, but the man who embarrassed and manipulated him, and so he embarrasses and manipulates Kirk in turn. And then the unique, glowing life that captain and first officer share within the meld is attacked. Color cover by Caren Parnes. Art by Shelley Butler, Chris Soto, and Caren Parnes.

SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Setting Course: The Jenna Sinclair Collection

(Kathleen Resch) A reprint collection of Sinclair's "Sharing the Sunlight" stories. Covers by Shelley.


(Kathleen Resch) Classic K/S fanzines

SLASH (Age Statement Required) for all Issues

(Excerpts from issues 7, 8, 11, 12 & 20)

Worlds Apart

(Kathleen Resch) Novel by ME Carter. Cover by Shelley Butler.


Novellas by Alayne Gelfand and Kathy Resch, stories and poetry by Meg Fine, Ruth Kwitko Lym, Tere Ann Roderick, Noel Silva, TACS, Jan Sullivan, Robin Hood, Laura, Wendy Rathbone, Georgia Barnes, Sandra Gent, Virginia Green, Art by Caren Parnes, Gayle Feyrer, TACS, Artemis, Sharon Garinger, Marilyn Cole, Georgia Barnes.


- Stories and poetry by Indra, Tere Ann Roderick, Robin Hood, Alta, Vivian Gates, Donna Vanderlaan, M.E.B., Gloria Jean Oberste, Chris Waken, Nima, Dovya Blacque. Art by Marilyn Cole, Gayle Feyrer, Maureen Burns, Alexis Fegan Black, Wendy Rathbone and Shellie Whild.


- Novellas by M.E.B. and Indra; tories and poetry by Flora Poste, Angel C. Soie, Robin Hood, Sharon Pearson, Judi, V.B., D.A. Martin, Alta, Faille, Liz Ellington, Venisa I. Duvetyn, and Nima. Art by Gayle Feyrer, Chris Soto, Marilyn Cole and Maureen Burns.


Novellas by T'Hera and Karin Porter; stories by Jungle Kitty, D.A. Marsh and P. Morgan, Gena Moretti, T'Rhys, Jane St. Clair and Emily Adams. Art by Shelley Butler, Liz Woledge, and Deeb.

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