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This Mirror Which Is My Soul (by D.V.S.)

It is a rare privilege to be given admission to the Un'falban Museum. Those who have been given this opportunity have seen some of the rarest scientific marvels of the universe. But when Spock arrives, his experience is something altogether different...

Chiaroscuro (a novella by Judi)

In an alternate universe, James Kirk is given a most unusual opportunity on the diplomatic staff of the Ambassador from Vulcan, an opportunity which he uses to fulfill his consuming passion for the stars. But the position brings him far more than he expected...

The Fire Give in to the Sun (a novella by Kathleen Resch)

Scientist Richard Delmar has vanished on the planet Sigma Gamma II. Science Officer Spock and a select crew go to the rescue - and vanish, as well. Kirk follows - but the Spock he encounters is far different from the Science Officer he knows so well. And this Spock is on an obsessive quest of his own - a quest that James Kirk discovers he must follow, as well.



Timelines (by A.T. Bush)

"Damnit, Bones, it's been too long," Kirk whirled toward his companion, thrusting the tricorder toward him. "I'm telling you something has gone wrong. I've scanned these readings three times. Vulcan history has changed."

"I didn't say it hadn't changed, Jim. I just said, give Spock a little more time."

Kirk stalked directly in front of the grey stone-metal archway where fast-paced images flickered across the portal. That same opening had swallowed Spock. "Guardian?" Kirk called, command tone ringing in the eerie quiet. "Guardian, return the travellor now!"

"THE TRAVELLOR CANNOT RETURN," the Guardian intoned.

Northern Star (by Susan Douglass)

James relentlessly turned his body on the bed. He had always felt he had achieved his greatest happiness in Lord S'pock's house, giving himself willingly. Then why had he felt that moment of pain and struggle when S'pock had taken him tonight? Why had he cringed under S'pock's thrusts?

No, he suddenly realized. He had not cringed. The flame of revolt had risen inside of him, if only for a brief moment. He had rebelled....

A Matter of Seduction (by Sharon St. James)

There was no way for Kirk to mask his outrage. "The cards are on the table, all right! I'm supposed to screw a he!"

"Exactly." The Admiral's blue eyes were hard and cold. "You'll do whatever it takes to get them to join the Federation. Understood?"

"I understand." Kirk rose. "If I'm Starfleet's prostitute, what does that make you?"


Contains: Parted and Forever Parted (Part II) - (by Sharon St. James)

The conclusion of Sharon's acclaimed story. Kirk's only chance to regain his lost memory is with T'Pau of Vulcan - the woman who has forbidden his bonding to Spock. What price will she demand for her assistance?

P.R. (by Ursula Tulle)

Mendez inhaled deeply and braced himself. "The Enterprise has been assigned to provide assistance for a series of Via-Galactic Holo productions."

Kirk recognized the famous entertainment company. "What? You mean - mean VG Holo? Show business? US?"

A sexy Deltan actress wrecks havoc on the tentative beginnings of a relationship between Kirk and Spock

I Told You So (by Dana Austin March)

"So, you gonna tell me why you've been acting like a sun about to go nova?" The doctor leaned back in his chair, ready to be father, friend, confessor ass-kicker, depending on the current need.

"Spock and I can't agree what to do on your upcoming leave," Kirk admitted.

"It's only four days in orbit around Lamorin. Not like you have a helluva lot of choice," the doctor reminded. Only by main force and a healthy dose of self-preservative instinct did he refrain from laughing. The legendary Captain of the Enterprise had been turned into a yeoman-chewing terror by a marital spat.



Pursuing Hyacinths (by Jenna Sinclair)

Kirk turned his head to kiss the palm of the caressing hand. "I love you," he choked, overwhelmed by the onslaught of feelings that possessed his soul, and suddenly consumed by gult over what he knew was going to come next.

And he was right. Spock's hand slid up to seek the meld points on the side of his face. "Join with me," Spock whispered, asking permission, as he always did, before entering into a meld with his lover.

And for the very first time, Kirk pulled away from the touch of those loving fingers, and said, "No."

Kirk's inability to deal with the ramifications of the mindmeld drives a wedge in his relationship with Spock.;.. A wedge which is compounded by a negative Starfleet appraisal of his performance; inexplicable problems with the Enterprise; a mission involving two rival groups: fundamentalists versus scientists; and an unbonded Vulcan woman...

A Delicate Decameron (by Frances Rowes)

"It annoys you," Spock continued in the same doleful tone, "because you are unused to it. All your other lovers..."

"Oh, right, now we get to it; all my millions of other lovers..."

"Do not become angry. I merely wished to say that, having had so many of your dreams fulfilled by them, you must find me -- unutterably dull."

"Not dull," his lover smoothed the towel on the rail unnecessarily, "just different. I have my dreams for us, that's all."

"But you think you will never realize them." Spock nodded to himself.

"Don't you have fantasies -- dreams?" Kirk turned to him in appeal.

"Him," Spock admonished sadly, "you know I do not. We seldom imagine; we do not dream."

Spock, convinced that Kirk will soon tire of him, is disconcerted to be assigned alone on a mission to Delta. But there, he discovers a Book of Dreams... A Book which reveals the absolute range of the desires and fantasies long buried within his mind, from the heart of darkness to the ultimate in self-sacrifice... A Book he shares with Kirk...

The Lover Within (by Ellen O'Neil)

What happened next had the unreality of dreams, a nightmare from which, no matter how he tried, Spock couldn't wake... Kirk was settling back comfortably in his seat and saying, "You may fire when ready, Mr. Chekhov." ... the Tellarite ship exploded in a fireworks display of light. Spock stared around him as another raucous cheer went up from the bridge crew. All of them -- his fellow officers, his bondmate -- were cheering the destruction of an unarmed vessel. A chill ran over Spock as very detacheduly, very aloofly, he began cataloguing the possibilities. Either he had waked this morning in some hideous alternate reality, or, the Enterprise's officers, and perhaps the entire crew, had somehow been transformed in the night into the people he now saw...

When the cheering subsided, Kirk turned to the security officers. "I'm placing Mr. Spock under disciplinary confinement in my quarters," he said. "You will escort him there. Reprogram the lock so that it's inoperable from the inside and operable from the outside only at my voice command. Oh, the remove the computer terminal. He mustn't be allowed access to the computer." He turned back to the viewscreen.

An alien being is brought aboard the Enterprise... a being which brings to life the "wolf" in every single crewmember... except for Spock... Imprisoned by his lover, intent on escaping and finding a solution to this crisis, Spock discovers Kirk has developed a real taste for power games...

The Terran Teaser Meets the Double Whammy (by Ellen O'Neil)

Kirk started back toward his own cabin. As he moved past the sleeping alcove, he glanced absently toward the bed. The minute he did, something registered on his vision... Something that looked like, -- no, he must be mistaken. He had to be. That couldn't be a picture of a naked man lying in the floor beside Spock's bed. Could it? ... Kirk sank down on the edge of the bed, flabbergasted, his mind too shocked to think. He laid the publication in his lap and it fell open naturally to a page toward the rear. Kirk could only stare at the drawing... of a naked human male, standing, feet apart, looking down at the naked Vulcan male who knelt before him... Kirk ran his hand nervously through his hair. What was this porn -- and that's definitely what it was -- doing in Spock's quarters?

Additional fiction by Elyce Rae Helford, Alex Kane, Kate Singer & T'Other. Poetry by Ellen O'Neill & Dana Austin March. Covers by Marilyn Cole.



FULL CIRCLE by Killashandra (A sequel to "Turning Point" in "T'hy'la" # 18)

Kirk turned on him, eyes blazing. "What the devil did you think you were doing out there, anyway?" He began to pace again, agitated. "Did you think you could prove something? Or were you trying to get yourself killed?"

"Both," the Vulcan confessed, very quietly.

Kirk faltered. Some meters away, he turned, meeting Spock's gaze in the low light. "What?"

Spock only looked at him.

"You can't be serious." Kirk was shaking his head. "No. You can't mean that. You can't mean that you--" His voice caught. "You don't quit, Spock, not you. Not like that."

The Vulcan's lips curved slightly, painfully. "You are so certain."

Kirk's face twisted. "How can you ask me what I fear?"

Spock has left Starfleet, left Kirk, for Gol. And Admiral Kirk, Chief of Starfleet Operations, is slowly falling apart. When the Vejur crisis brings them back together, they must find some way to go on...


Kirk picks out the perfect gift for Spock. What McCoy chooses is another matter indeed. And when the Doctor slyly substitutes one gift for another, farce reigns.

DARK STAR by Greywolf the Wanderer

Kirk turned. "Chekov! Take the Science station. FIND him!" No-one said it. The same thought was in all of their minds -- don't say it, and it won't be true...

Pavel jumped up. "Aye, keptin!" He took Spock's seat, and went to work. Very quickly he discovered that picking one Vulcan out of a ship full of Romulans is not easy. In fact he was not at all sure it was possible, but he wasn't about to tell the captain that. He'd just have to work that much harder. Spock could have done it, he was sure. Therefore he had to.... As Sulu gently took them to a different course, he peered into the scanner, trying desperately to see something that simply was not there...

The Romulan Commander is well aware of the reason the Enterprise has penetrated Romulan space - to steal the cloaking device. But she has motives of her own... and what she plans for Spock will forever alter his life...

DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL by Chris Jones

"I still do not understand how this tradition began. It seems..." Spock hesitated, looking for a word other than 'illogical.' "Unnecessary." He placed the last pile of folded clothes carefully in his travel bag and tabbed it closed.

Kirk, sitting on Spock's bed, grinned at the Vulcan's word choice. "It goes back to the 20th-century United States. Same-sex couples couldn't marry. The different-sex couples got weddings with big parties and lots of presents. All the same-sex couples ever got was a pat on the back and hearty congratulations. The Navy decided it wasn't fair, so they established 'don't ask, don't tell.' The same-sex couple were supposed to keep their relationship a secret, and their friends would try to find ways to make them acknowledge it without asking. When they finally trapped the couple, it was a great excuse for a party. Like surprise birthday parties." Kirk bent to take off his boots.

"Hmm," Spock said noncommittally. Surprise parties were another Human custom he found most illogical.

The efforts of virtually everyone on board the Enterprise to give Kirk and Spock an unforgettable party send everyone on a wild and merry chase throughout the quadrant...

ALSO: THE LIFE THAT LIES BEFORE, THE WEDDING GIFT and THE EDGE by Jungle Kitty; I CALL YOU CAPTAIN by Rosemarie Heaton; and WHAT HE'D DO FOR LOVE by Dana Austin March. Cover by Shelley Butler.

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