Carol Mc's Favorite Original Characters

For those interested in original characters I thought I'd pass along a list of stories that contain some of my favorite ocs in fanfic.

May King by Susan Cutter - ADULT - is a novel full of rich settings and engrossing original characters. The Scorpio crew's search for food sources takes them to a "a planet so wonderful the natives call it Eden."

The Nothing That Is (Southern Comfort 8.5) and Exit Interview (Southern Comfort 10.5) by Lexa Reiss - ADULT - a pair of stories that deal with Tarrant's pre-series days. His FSA roommate, Jarn, plays a vital role in both stories.

The Desperados (Southern Seven 7) by H. S. Levijoki - A PGP told from the pov of a resident of Gauda Prime. It provides a wonderful perspective of our rebels as outlaws.

Outside Impression (Gambit 2) by Peggy Hartsook - Another story told from the perspective of an original character. This time we view our rebels through the eyes of a child. It's another unique and delightful perspective.

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Last updated on 31st of March 2001.