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Alan: Blake's 7 was devised by Terry Nation, the man who created the daleks, and he came up with this program in 1975, its tag line was Robin Hood in space and the BBC swallowed it. They made the show in '77 for broadcast in '78.
It's about one extremely dedicated man, Blake, who believes in freedom for the masses, trying to persuade a crew of convicts to fight the good fight with him. And by and large they are not terribly interested.
The program changed from being Robin Hood in space to possibly Che Guevara and the dirty dozen.
It's people, people who have a cause against an evil regime. As you think about it a bit more, the political aspects of it become a little less black and white. You start to think now are they good guys, the things that they do? Are they really bad guys for the things they don't do.
Cally: Are you sure that what we are going to do is justified?

Blake: It has to be, don't you see, Cally. If we stop now then all we have done is senseless killing and destruction, without purpose, without reason.

Una: I suppose that the main character would have to be Blake, given that the program was named after him. He's the man who is leading the rebellion against the Federation, the evil regime. At his right hand side, but not necessarily supporting him, is the character of Avon who is perhaps the devil's advocate of peace, the voice of pragmatism.
Alan: He would shoot you in the back no problem and he was effectively an evil character, who fought evil forces, but you side with Avon because Avon is pretty cool.
I think that if you are to be honest, that when you are twelve and you are a girl, your hormones kick in when you are looking at Avon every week. Avon, fascination with Avon is going to be part of the interest in it as well.
A combination of witty cynicism; dark saturnine goods looks; and an interesting background, ensured that he became a real hit with the female viewers.
Servalan: You don't sound surprised?

Avon: Why should I be? It has a perverse kind of logic to it.

Servalan, the arch villaness, played by Jackie Pearce was wonderfully over the top and absolutely superb.
Pita: The lady who plays her, Jacqueline Pearce, said that they wanted to put her in boots and camouflage army gear. She said, 'No no no you don't do that. I'm going to do it in a dress.'
Judith: Any woman who can carry conviction, while running across a quarry in evening dress and high heels, deserves my eternal admiration.

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