Speaking Left to Right:

I'm Una.

I'm Pita.

I'm Reba. We are in Oxford and we are Blake's 7 fans.

I'm Judith Proctor. I live in Dorset and I'm a Blake's 7 fanzine publisher.
My name is Alan Stephens. I come from the Forest of Dean and I'm helping to bring Blake's 7 back.

Lost in Space

Trailer of all programs in the series, including:
  • Thunderbird 3 and the sound track of Captain Scarlet from the Gerry Anderson program.
  • The Tardis and the theme music for Dr Who
  • The X files
  • The Prisoner
  • The Enterprise from Star Trek the Next Generation.
  • And the Liberator
Alan: My first memories of watching Blake's 7 were a bit hazy really, as they were on a black and white portable television because my mum liked watching Coronation Street and the two programs clashed.

Pita: Half my class watched it. It was our soap opera. You know, those who didn't watch Corornation Street watched Blake's 7.
Reba: I was 14 when I first saw Blake's 7. It was on American Television on PBS. I had been warned in advance that it would be on. I was a big Dr Who fan and they said. "Oh you will love this its great."
Judith: About five years ago I had my appendix out and while I was recovering from the operation, a friend lent me the entire series of Blake's 7 on video. Instant addiction. It was wonderful!
Una: It was all my brother's fault. He was a big Dr Who fan and he was ten years older than I was and I idolised him, so I started watching Blake's 7 because he watched it.
Really it was very different from anything I had seen in Science Fiction before: cynical, dark, didn't look like it was predisposed to happy endings, and I think when you are fourteen that is really appealing.

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