Collector's Lot

Annuals, zines and things on the Liberator's flight deck.

One of Avon's costumes.

One of Blake's costumes.

Andy wearing one of Avon's outfits

One of Cally's costumes.

Channel 4's film crew.

The corridor to the flight deck...

Coser, Avon, Mutoid (in foreground).

The whole display ready for filming.

Deeta's costume.

One of Avon's costumes.

What the flight deck looks like from the rear.

One of Jenna's costumes.

Behind Zen.

Liberator guns.

A Paragun

A federation pistol.

A rack of Liberator style braclets.

The set was assembled in a Theatre in Chesterfield, it still uses ropes to a manage scenery.

One of Servalan's dresses.

A ship from "Gold".

CH4's presenter wearing Blake's shirt.

Another of Avon's costumes.

A thermal suit.

One of Travis's costumes.

CH4's presenter with a Federation trooper (Alan Stevens).

One of Vila's costumes.

Andy and the presenter in front of Zen.

And, the presenter and a trooper.

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Last updated on 17th of March 2000.