Collector's Lot

There's a regular programme on Channel 4 featuring collectors of various things ranging from china to far more exotic items.

On Tues 4th April at 3.30, the programme will feature Andy Hopkinson's collection of Blake's 7 costumes and props.

I was there when they recorded it and I can tell you that it's a really amazing collection with costumes belonging to Avon, Blake, Servalan, Jenna, Travis, Vila, Cally and other characters as well (people who were at Deliverance may remember some of them from the costume exhibition there). Channel 4 filmed it in style. The set is stunning and a tribute to many days hard work by Andy. (I turned up to help on the last day and am now an expert in using a staple gun whilst balanced on the top of a ladder...)

The presenter, far from taking the piss, got into the spirit of the thing and actually did the programme wearing one of the costumes.


Here are a few pictures taken while the set was being set up and during the filming.

We will provide more AFTER the program has been shown - we don't want to spoil it for you.

Pictures taken during filming.

Pictures of the model used to create the set.

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Last updated on 17th of March 2000.