Filming Locations

Locations by area

Surrey area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Betchworth quarry, near Reigate:

Note: Betchworth is now a landfill but accessible by a foot path. Take boots.

Time SquadSuarian Major surface
DeliveranceCephlon surface
HostageExbar surface
MolochSardos surface
PowerXenon surface
WarlordBetafarl surface
Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Merstham:Trialplanet surface
Box Hill Woodlands:HeadhunterXenon surface
Note: the bridge no longer exists.
Woodlands near Horley:AnimalsBucol 2 surface
Friary Shopping Centre, Guildford:Warlordescalator massacre sequence
Forest, Camberley, near Woking:BlakeGauda Prime surface

Berkshire area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Scrubland-Bray, near Maidenhead:The Way Backriver and night scenes near dome
Springwell Lock Quarry, RickmansworthCygnus AlphaCygnus Alpha surface
Black Park, Fulmer:The Webforest and lab exterior
Bounty-road and checkpoint

London area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Fulham Gas Works:Seek Locate DestroyCentero communications base
Wembley Conference Centre:Voice from the PastAtlay conference centre
Royal Festival Hall Underpass, South Bank:Gambitalleyways
Camden Deep Tunnels:Ultraworldcorridors
Wembley Exhibition Halls:Death-watchVinnie/Deeta shoot-out.
Note: believed to have been demolished.

This location was also used as a CI5 training ground in "The Professionals".

Oxfordshire area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Rutherford Laboratories, Didcot:Weaponplant exteriors
Abingdon:Pressure PointChurch farm-abandoned house
Abbey House-abandoned church
Upper Croft-woodland ambush
RAF Abingdon-minefield
Perton Hill:Terminal and RescueTerminal surface
Perton Village HallTerminalBlake scene
Somewhere in OxfordshireRumours of DeathResidence One (perhaps)

Bristol and Somerset area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Oldbury-on-Severn Power Station, Bristol:Time SquadFederation complex
RedemptionSpaceworld interiors
KillerQ-base exterior and tunnels
Monkton Farleigh/Eastlays Quarry, near Corsham, Wiltshire:The Way Backmeeting place, city exterior, flashbacks
Note: these could be the same place or might just be close together.
Milton Quarry, Wells:Project Avaloncave entrance
Wokey Hole, near Wells:Project Avaloncave interiors
Clearwell Scowles, near Clearwell, Glo:HorizonHorizon caves and surface
Bream Scowles, near Bream, Glo:The KeeperGoth surface
Old Lightmoor Colliery, Cinderford:Star OneStar One sirface

Dorset area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
Binnegar Heath sandpits, near Wareham:ShadowZondar surface
TraitorHelotrix surface
Note: privately owned property.
Sandpit, Bovington Camp:AssassinDomo surface
Winspit Quarry, Worth Matravers near SwanageGamesMecron 2 surface
See Winspit today

Also used for the planet Skaro in the Dr Who serial Destiny of the Daleks.

Note: there is a footpath from Worth Matravers and along the coast as part of the SouthWest Coastal path, but there is NOT a public road (do not belive Google maps).

Refuse Disopsal Centre, Poole:GoldZVP gold processing plant
Note: No longer there
Unknown quarry:GoldBeta 5 surface

Yorkshire area:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
How Steen Gorge, near Pateley Bridge:PowerplayChenga
Almescliffe Crag, near Ripon:VolcanoObsidian surface
Greenhow Hill, Hebden Moor:VolcanoObsidian surface
Leeds Polytechnic (now Leeds Metropolitan University) Building Dept:Children of Auroncloning plant
Somewhere near RiponAftermathridge from which the Mellanbys fire on Sarrans
A reservoir near Ripon (maybe on Hebden Moor):City at the Edge of the WorldKezaarn surface
Thruscross Reservoir, near Greenhow Hill:Children of Auronescape sequence

Other Areas:

LocationEpisodeUsed for
New Forest - Suters Cottage / Shave Green / Hazel Hill:Duelfight scenes
Quex Park, Birchington, Kent:BountySarkoff's "authentic 20th century residence"

The Waterloo Tower is a Bell Tower containing 12 bells hung for change ringing. It was built in 1819, by John Powell Powell.

The doors of the Waterloo tower were painted white and gold for the B7 episode, and they remained that colour for many years afterwards, although they have now been painted over.

It has a couple of web sites:

Waterloo Tower - details of the bells and Wateloo Tower - History.

Bamburgh, Northumbria:AftermathSarran beach
Bovington Airfield, Herts:Harvest of KairosKairos surface
Unknown quarry, Dunstable, Beds:StardriveCaspar surface

Locations by episode

The Way BackScrubland-Bray, near Maidenhead, Berks. River and night scenes near dome Monkton Farleigh/Eastlays Quarry, near Corsham, Wiltshire meeting place/city exterior/flashbacks

Note: these could be the same place or might just be close together and used for the tunnel sequence. Area around Ivor, Bucks.?

Space FallTV Film Studios, Ealing.
Cygnus AlphaSpringwell Lock Quarry, Ricksmansworth, Bucks. Cygnus Alpha surface TV Film Studios, Ealing. Betchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey?
Time SquadBetchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey - Saurian Major surface Oldbury on Severn Nuclear Power Station - Federation complex
The WebBlack Park, Fulmer, Bucks.-forest and lab exteriors
Seek-Locate-DestroyFulham Gas Works - Centero comunications base TV Film Studios, Ealing.
Mission to DestinyTV Film Studios, Ealing.
DuelSuters Cottage, Shave Green, Hazel Hill, New Forest, Hants. fight scenes
Project AvalonMilton Quarry, Wells, Somerset - cave entrance Wookey Hole, near Wells cave interiors
BreakdownTV Film Studios, Ealing.
BountyWaterloo Tower, Quex Park, Birchington, Kent - Sarkoff's residence. Black Park, Fulmer, Berks. - road and checkpoint
DeliveranceBetchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey - Cephlon surface
OracSpringwell Lock Quarry, Ricksmansworth, Bucks. - Aristo surface
RedemptionOldbury on Severn Nuclear Power Station - Spaceworld interiors
ShadowBinnegar Heath Sandpits, Wareham, Dorset - Zondar surface (private property)
WeaponRutherford Laboratories, Didcot, Oxfordshire - plant exteriors
HorizonClearwell Scowles, Gloucestershire - Horizon surface and caves
Pressure PointChurch Farm, Abingdon- abandoned house
Hardwick House, Pangbourne.?
Abbey House, Abingdon- abandoned church
RAF Abingdon - mine field
Under Croft, Abingdon - woodland ambush
TrialRoyal Alexandra and Albert School, Merstham, Surrey: planet surface
KillerOldbury on Severn Nuclear Power Station - Q-base exterior and tunnels
HostageBetchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey- Exbar surface
CountdownTV Film Studios, Ealing.
Voice from the PastWembley Conference Centre - Atlay auditorium
GambitRoyal Festival Hall underpass - alleys
The KeeperBream Scowles, Gloucestershire - Goth surface
Star OneOld Lightmoor Colliery, Cinderford, Gloucestershire - Star One surface
AftermathBamburgh Castle, near Holy Island (Lindisfarne), Northumberland - Sarran beach
Somewhere near Ripon - ridge from which the Mellanbys fire on the Sarrans
PowerplayHow Steen Gorge near Pateley Bridge, Yorks. - Chenga surface
VolcanoGreenhow Hill on Hebden Moor, about 30 miles north of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire - Obsidian surface
Armscliff Cragg, near Harrogate, Yorkshire - Obsidian surface (working quarry, take care)
Dawn of the Gods:?
Harvest of KairosBovingdon Airfield, Herts. - Kairos surface
City at the Edge of the WorldReservoir near Ripon (maybe on Hebden Moor) - Kezaarn surface
Children of AuronLeeds Polytechnic (now Leeds Metropolitan University) Civil Engineering Dept. - cloning plant
Thruscross Reservoir, near Greenhow Hill - escape sequence
Rumours of DeathSomewhere in Oxfordshire? - Residence One
UltraworldCamden Deep Tunnels - corridors
MolochBetchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey - Sardos surface
Death-WatchWembley Exhibition Halls (now demolished) - Deeta/Vinnie showdown
Southall Gas Works?
Terminal/RescuePerton Hill, Oxfordshire - Terminal surface
Private land visible from Watlington Hill (Christmas Common), one mile west of Stokenchurch.
Perton Hill village hall - Blake scene
PowerBetchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey - Xenon surface
TraitorBinnegar Heath sandpits, near Wareham - Helotrix surface (private property)
StardriveUnknown quarry, Dunstable, Beds. - Caspar surface
AnimalsWoodlands near Horley, Surrey - Bucol 2 surface
HeadhunterBox Hill, Surrey - Xenon surface (bridge no longer exists)
AssassinSandpit, Bovingdon Camp, Dorset - Domo surface
GamesWinspit Quarry, Winspit, Dorset, near Worth Matravers in the Isle of Purbeck - Mecron 2 surface

See Winspit today

GoldPoole Refuse Disposal Centre, Poole, Dorset - ZVP gold processing plant (does not exist any longer)

Unknown Dorset quarry-Beta 5 surface

WarlordThe Friary Shopping Centre, Guildford, Surrey - escalator massacre
Betchworth Quarry, Reigate, Surrey - Betafarl surface
BlakeA forest in Camberley, Surrey - Gauda Prime surface

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