Partial Lunar Eclipse: April 25 2013

The partial lunar eclipse of April 25 2013 will be visible over Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This will be a very thin eclipse, as only a tiny sliver of the Moon will be covered by the Earth's umbral shadow at maximum eclipse; the umbral magnitude is 0.021.

The partial eclipse will begin at 19:51:42 UT and end 32 minutes later at 20:23:32 UT, with the moment of greatest eclipse at 20:07:32 UT. The penumbral phases of the eclipse begin at 18:01:46 UT and end at 22:13:22 UT; these will be visible over a slightly larger area, and should be visible before and after the partial eclipse as a shading across the Moon.

More information on this eclipse may be found at Fred Espenak's site.

The following map shows the areas where the partial eclipse will be visible:

Visibility of the partial eclipse.

This map shows the position of the Moon (the cross in the centre) at the time of maximum eclipse. The darkened area sees the whole partial eclipse; the pink areas to the right see only the beginning; and the blue areas on the left see the end. The moment of maximum eclipse will be visible from the darker pink and blue areas, and the whole of the darkened area.

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