Gareth Thomas in Morgan's Boy

Morgan's Boy was a 1984 eight part BBC drama starring Gareth Thomas (Blake) as Morgan. Morgan is a Welsh hill farmer who is left alone after the death of his mother. His nephew (a typical teenager from Manchester), comes to stay with him and the two gradually establish a relationship. Things slowly start going wrong as Morgan discovers that the estate want his farm. The series is bleak, but brilliantly done. It is not available on video, but copies do exist among fans from when it was originally screened.

Why not write to the BBC and ask them to repeat it?

Picture of Gareth Thomas From Morgan's Boy. From publicity photograph.

Gareth Thomas

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Morgan with his sheepdog, Cap. (Poor quality picture as it's from a third generation video tape)

Morgan and Cap

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Morgan with his sheepdog, Cap. From a publicity photograph.

Morgan and Cap

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Morgan with his nephew Lee, and Pugh who worked on the farm.
Lee is newly arrived on the farm and has yet to adapt to a life that is very different from his native Manchester.

Morgan, Lee and Pugh

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Morgan with an orphan lamb

Morgan and Lamb

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Morgan feeding a lamb.

Morgan feeding Lamb

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