Michael Keating

Charley's Aunt

Report of Michael Keating in Charley's Aunt.


Bringing It All Back Home - (2 Dec 1995 - BBC)

Michael Keating is in an old footballer - talking with another old footballer (Gareth Thomas) on a coach.

Gareth and Michael (36K)

London's Burning

Series 3 episode 7 Michael plays the uncredited part of A.C.O. Howard. This is mildly amusing because it puts him at the same rank as Gareth's semi-regular character in the series, A.C.O. Bulstrode.

Michael's character is an anagram of 'Oh, a coward'. There must be some deep meaning we can attach to this. Or maybe not. :) - Paula

Yes Minister

I was watching an old episode of Yes Minister earlier this evening, on our local PBS TV station, here in Toronto. The episode was "Death List", where Jim Hacker is listed on a freedom fighting team's assassination list. He gets assigned a team of bodyguards from Special Branch... and one of them is Michael Keating.

He only had two lines... but the surprising thing was seeing him with a moustache. Don't think it suited him at all! I'm pretty sure it was filmed in the early 80's but I'm not sure if it was post B7, or filmed during a season break. Good to see him though.

Steve Dobson.

A Christmas Carol

Michael Keating played Scrouge in Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" in December 1998.

Report by Chris Blenkarn
Poem by Chris Blenkarn (in the style of William McGonagall)


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