The Avon Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

A1Grey tunic with pockets over grey shirt.The Way Back, Space Fall, Cygnus Alpha.
A2Yellow-banded brown top over brown turtleneck.Time Squad.
A3Black 'push-button' costume over grey shirt.The Web, Seek-Locate-Destroy, Mission to destiny, Duel, Project Avalon, Breakdown, Deliverance.
A4Blue hooded parka with v front.The Web, Seek-Locate-Destroy.
A5Dark green & black with silver striping.Bounty, Orac.
A6White snow jacket with black piping.Deliverance, Orac, Star One.
A7Black leather with single line of silver studs.Redemption, Killer.
A8Silver/white tunic. (AKA 'Silver Alpha.')Shadow, Horizon, Gambit, Children of Auron.
A9White karate ghi.Shadow.
A10Black sweater/shirt (usually worn under other costumes.)Weapon, Dawn of the Gods.
A11Red quilted leather outfit.Weapon, Pressure Point, Countdown, Dawn of the Gods.
A12Grey leather with panels, front zipper.Trial, Hostage, Voice From the Past, The Keeper, Star One, Aftermath, Powerplay.
A13Brown vinyl 'bug' suit.Killer.
A14Silver & white fatigues (surface outfit.)Hostage, Countdown.
A15Black ghi, open-necked.Voice From the Past.
A16Hal Mellanby's black shirt/pjs.Aftermath.
A17Black suede w/shiny black leather banding, belted.Volcano, Rumours of Death.
A18Green 2-tone surface fatigues w/buckles.The Harvest of Kairos.
A19Green suede w/grey leather panels, black trim, v front.City at the Edge of the World.
A20Black w/grey corduroy shoulders, black leather v front.Children of Auron.
A21Grey prison coverall w/plastic multicolored shoulder band.Rumours of Death.
A22Black with white trim, some studs, short top.Sarcophagus, Moloch.
A23Black 'bed sheets.'Sarcophagus.
A24Brown studded medieval-style w/pirate buckle over black sweater.Ultraworld.
A25Black leather 'toreador' w/horse-collar shoulders. ('Tugboat Avon')Death-Watch.
A26Glossy black leather w/wide silver v on front.Terminal.
A27Black studded jacket, 'scalloped' shoulders (sometimes worn over A26)Terminal, Rescue.
A28Black leather & studs w/white panels at chest.Rescue, Power, Traitor, Stardrive, Animals, Headhunter, Orbit, Warlord, Blake.
A29Blue spacesuit w/gold trim, 'Spartan'-style helmet.Headhunter.
A30Black & white costume with circular white striping at collar. Assassin, Games, Sand, Gold.
A31Shiny blue 'zVp' coverall.Gold.
A32Grey/green panelled coverall/fatigues.Warlord.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Best:A8: The silver-white 'Silver Alpha' tunic from 'Shadow'
Worst:A25: The aforementioned bullfighter costume from 'Death Watch'

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Last updated on 30th of December 2008.