Posted 14th of July 2000


I was saddened by Marion McChesney's sudden death this last June 2000. As far as I know, POWERPLAYs 1-7 were her only B7 genzines. She had been active in several fandoms throughout her life. In Star Trek, she produced the long genzine series VAULT OF TOMORROW which many people loved. Marion was, also, associated with several cons over the years.

I think POWERPLAYs 1-2 are among the best B7 genzines around, mainly for the stories and the art, much of it done by Marion's good friend Suzan Lovett, the lady who introduced her to B7. Marion's own B7 poetry and stories were, also, good, and I enjoyed them. I preferred her poetry to her prose, though.

I normally don't read B7 poetry because so much of it is awful, in my opinion. Marion's poems are always thoughtful and different. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite one. Her poetry and the art that goes with it are highlights to me of the POWERPLAY series. I have reread the poems in the first two POWERPLAYs, my personal favorites of the series, many times.

If you do not own any POWERPLAYS, I strongly suggest you start hunting for them, preferably originals so that the wonderful pencil art shows its full glory. But, if you can't get the originals, then reprints or even copies are better than nothing. The art quality will be dimmed or lost, but the poetry and stories will still be as wonderful.

I met Marion in Los Angeles about five years ago on several occasions. She was a fun person to talk to and be around. Some friends of mine had just talked to Marion at MediaWest Con less than a month before she died. One of them said that she had no enemies because she was nice to everyone.

I think Marion had a special place in her heart for Michael Keating, because, if I remember correctly, she told me that at one con she paid $400-600 (I forget the exact amount) to have breakfast with him. And she didn't regret having spent it.

My last contact with Marion had been via letters about a year or so ago. I bought the original Lovett that is the cover to POWERPLAY 2. It's a gorgeous Blake as knight fighting a dragon. It is now a precious possession of mine. Every time I reread a POWERPLAY or look at my wonderful Blake in armor, I will remember Marion fondly.

Joyce Bowen


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