Zenith - Review

Review by Jacqueline Thijsen

This is one magazine that's so good it should practically sell itself. <honesty attack> Well, ok, it was the piccie of Brian Chroucher in very tight swimtrunks that first got me interested. Wow baby. And that is my one complaint: why was that picture so small? It deserved to be a full size, fold out pinup. I know that would have meant staples through Brian's tummy, but I believe I could have gotten over that </ honesty and drool attack>. Other than that one complaint, I could find absolutely nothing to complain about in this entire magazine. And this is coming from a misanthropic, glass three quarters empty whiner, who can usually find fault in just about any magazine. For once I didn't hate the artwork (I'm not a nice person for artists, since I don't really like any picture that isn't a near photographic likeness), but in fact really admired it. That cover drawing of Travis is absolutely beautiful and one of the very few drawings that (in my overly critical eyes) looks better than a photograph. As for contents: it's everything I ever hoped for in a magazine and have never before been able to find: good, interesting and indepth articles, lots of information and most important of all (to me) I've read absolutely everything in it. Most of the time when I buy a magazine, I read only about half or maybe three quarters of the articles, and find the rest too boring to bother with. Not so with Zenith. Everything was eminently readable, and I guess kudos for that go to the authors as well as the editors. I intend to keep Judith's article about her visit to the power station on my lap the next time I see any of the episodes that were taped there.

I have one question: where were all the ladies? Even Servalan was mentioned only a few times (although that picture of her in the white dress was quite beautiful) and Jenna and Cally were barely mentioned at all. How about next time (yep, shameless plug, but I'll definitely buy it) you guys put in an interview with Jan Chappell or Sally Knyvette? How's it going with the sales, BTW? Are we nearly at the point where we can expect Zenith #2? If not: everybody buy this! I want a next one! Or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll... well, go off to sulk, I guess.


Last updated on 14th of August 2000.

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