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There is a growing collection of online fiction, covering whole stories and extracts of zines. This part of our page, will provide links and reviews comments about online fiction, in much the way we already cover zines.

If you know of other Online B7 fiction please let us know at Judith Proctor.

Follow links through Creative Stuff to find it. This is complete with several stories and illustrations. A reproduction of the original print fanzine. Deals with the aftermath of Gauda Prime.

Also now Phoenix 2, Phoenix 3 and Phoenix 4

The Aquitar Files
A Blake's 7 Web zine.

Hello everyone, So...we were denied an audience for our screaming egos on the BBC, well, never mind! In the meantime we've been working on the webzine...

The Aquitar Files has a new look!

With almost 300 registered readers now, we thought we'd tart the place up and invite you all over for another visit...

A new logo and design are just part of our recent overhaul of "The Aquitar Files"! Take the time to visit us and you will find:

Plus, for those who still haven't gotten around to reading the rest of the stories, we have 21 short stories, a novella and one novel.

The familiar previous version (non-frames) at: Chocolate 'n cherry frames and Javascript version at:

Temporarily housed new deluxe vanilla (no frames) version at:

(this will be moved over when Reba has a spare minute or fifty!)

love from
The Editors
The Aquitar Files

You need to request a username and password to access the stories; email your request to, with the subject header 'AF:Password'. We have an auto-response bot set up so you should be able to access the site within a day.

We currently many short stories, a novella, and a novel length story online, as well as a few other things -- including a page of my photos from Deliverance! Some of these have previously appeared in very old zines or on one of the B7 mailing lists, but the majority are getting their first publication on TAF.

We are always looking for more submissions, so if you have a story you'd like to submit, please do! Or if you have an old one that's long out-of-print that you'd like to resurrect, or one that has appeared elsewhere, we'd love to see that too (as long as it's OK with the editor of whatever it appeared in first!!) Some people have commented that e-fic for other fandoms have been of generally lower quality because there's no editor. Not in this case! Loulou and I do the usual editorial stuff that you get in a paper zine, and try to keep the quality of the stories high.

The Aquitar Files was the first Web site entirely dedicated to publishing new B7 fiction.

If you are a registered reader who has forgotten their password, please email us if you would like to have it resent. Alternatively, if you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us.

The email address is

For many people in the world it is the only cheap and easy way to read B7 fan fiction. To help us to provide this service for fellow B7 fans in far flung places in the world, please consider writing us a story!

Through a Glass, Darkly
A complete story.

Avon finds himself transported to a strange parallel universe where familiar people play unfamiliar roles.

B7 Stories
Theres two purely B7 stories and a couple of crossovers with DC Comics Sandman.
The Fool and The Demon
by Calico Laganthrope
A Blake's 7/Gargoyles crossover, set after Gauda Prime.
After the Day has Died
by Lachlan James Patrick
A project engineer named Kerr Avon discovers that his life in the domes is not as ordinary as it seems to be.
Blake's 7: Return To Action
by Kelson Vibber
The post-Gauda Prime adventures of the crew.
a group of radical writers comprising
  1. Helen Steele
  2. Robert Wilson
  3. Sion Arrowsmith
  4. Matthew Reid
  5. Caroline Miller
This is a continuation for Blake's Seven. It's set somethingteen years after `Blake', with the idea that the surviving characters could realisitically be played by the original actors and actresses.

The action is set around a new ship with a new crew, but they are, nonetheless, caught up in the currents of a history of which they know little and understand less. The few still surviving from that time play their cards very close to their chests.

As a highly politicised group of writers, we have always felt that Blake's Seven's strengths lay in its portrayal of intrigue at a personal and social level, as in episodes like `The Way Back', `Gambit', `Rumours of Death' and `Traitor', rather than its rubbery aliens in `The Web', `Redemption', `Ultraworld' and `Animals'. Hence we intend to follow the trend of the later two seasons and concentrate mainly on Blake's Seven as space thriller, avoiding telepathic pet rocks (indeed telepathic anything), headless robots and ill-advised genetic experiments wherever possible.

Since we intend to retain a number of the characters from the original series, we ought to have some kind of explanation for the end of `Blake' and an account of its immediate aftermath. We hope to expose our theory in the course of the new scripts.

Thus far, we have written the first two episodes of our putative new season...

The first, Enforcer, tells of a woman with a unique opportunity to pursue a vendetta...

The second, Silver City, examines a situation where present circumstance, past loyalty and commercial reality all come into conflict...

Work has started on the third episode, Aristo, in which a slightly too remarkable coincidence brings together old and new...

The Liber Avonis
A web site of fiction, poetry and episodes based on Blake's 7, and Avon in particular. It's a little eccentric, but there again, B7 can be too... by Helen Steele.
Kathryn Andersen
Has several sets of fiction-related pages :-
Blake's 7 Story Archive
This is a very large story archive, there may be more stories than those listed here. This is a straight copy of part of the index there.

Many of these stories were first published in paper-format fanzines in the 1980s, now out of print. They appear here by permission of the authors. Please email site owner if you wish to contribute. Unpublished stories are also welcome.

The Guns of Avalon by Alicia Ann Fox: Jenna's encounter with the rebel leader Avalon.
Hammer Into Anvil by Alicia Ann Fox. Tarrant prepares to leave the Academy.

Series A
Adventures in Babysitting by Sheila Paulson. Blake and Avon crash land and subsequently meet three children.
The Outbreak by Alicia Ann Fox: early days on the London.
Grand Illusions by Alicia Ann Fox: what is 'space fatigue'?
An Evening Out Can Be a Terrible Thing by Alicia Ann Fox: too many toasts lead to a merry (!) Avon.
Living in Harmony by Alicia Ann Fox: how to relax on the Liberator.

Series B
Anamorphosis by Alicia Ann Fox: an alternate to "Pressure Point."
Open Season by Alicia Ann Fox. Cally and Avon must elude Federation sympathizers until Liberator returns for them.
Checkmate by Alicia Ann Fox: after "Redemption," Blake goes after Dev Tarrant.
Weight of the World by Alicia Ann Fox: after "Voice from the Past," Blake has lost his sense of purpose.

Series C
Rumours With A View by Alicia Ann Fox. An alternate to "Rumours of Death." Non-explicit female/male sex.
Project Myros by Bill the Unsecured. Blake and Jenna and a monster, oh my. And then the strangeness begins.... Bill the Unsecured's first story.
Not Quite Friends by Irish and Cami. Tarrant and Avon must learn to deal with each other in the midst of crisis. 158 K.
Factions by Alicia Ann Fox. An episodic alternate.
Defense by Alicia Ann Fox. On the way to Avon's rendezvous with Shrinker, Zen diverts Liberator.
Afterthoughts by Alicia Ann Fox: the crew remains on board after "Star One." 60 K.
Sweep the Ashes by Alicia Ann Fox. After "Star One," Blake is stranded on Camelot.
The Bishop by Alicia Ann Fox: how to open doors when Vila is incapacitated.

Series D
The Testing by Alicia Ann Fox. A short speculation set during "Blake."
Winds of Change by Alicia Ann Fox. A very short post-"Rescue" piece.
A Stitch in Time by Sheila Paulson. A B7/Beauty and the Beast crossover.
Children of the System by Alicia Ann Fox. Was Zen's demise the end of Liberator?
Demon in a Bottle by Alicia Ann Fox: "Blake" alternate.
The Importance of Being Tarrant by Alicia Ann Fox. Short humorous PGP alternate.

Series E (post-Gauda Prime)
The End of Entropy by Sheila Paulson. A happy-ending story!
The Pattern Of Infinity, by J. Kel: a lyrical PGP epic, set 7 years after "Blake." (Review By Sarah T).

Synopsis of episodes I-V. (Warning: Spoilers!)
Episode I, A Very Ordinary Need. 104 K.
Episode II, Rain of Judgment. 132 K.
Episode III, The Bed at Midnight. 180 K.
Episode IV, The Auron Comedy. 159 K.
Episode V, The Life of His Epoch. 153 K.
Episode VI, Of What Devils Hid the Stars. 170 K.
Episode VII, The Nothing Therein. 116 K.
Episode VIII, The Book of Infinite Secrecy. 152 K.

Episode IX, The Name of Action. (>100K).

Episode X, The Meaning of the World. (>100K).

Episode XI, Violence is Life, Always. (>100K).

Episode XII, The Ultimate Significance of Time. (>100K).

Episode XII, Epilogue. (>100K).

Lest There Be Dragons by Cami: a world of castles and dragons surrounds Avon, Tarrant, and the Queen of the Universe--or does it? And who is in the dungeon?
A Darkling Torrent by Cami: a gen prequel to the Avon/Blake slash novel Careless Whispers by S. Lewis. A difficult tactical decision helps Avon to realize how he feels about Blake.
Dissolution by Alicia Ann Fox. Cally survived Terminal as a prisoner of the Federation, and the new Supreme Commander has a rebellion of his own in mind.

Precipice by L. E. O'Brien. Blake and Avon have escaped Federation interrogators, only to end up in a dire predicament with a difficult decision to make.
The Bargain by Deirdre Hughes: Servalan and Avon.
It's Your Funeral by Deirdre Hughes: post-"Star One."
The Ringer by Deirdre Hughes: prequel.
Speaking to the Subconscious by Alicia Ann Fox: Blake muses on love and Jenna.

Grace Robbins

Annie Wortham
Several old out of print Blake's 7 stories by Annie Wortham. Including "Night of the Living Ice Cream."

TV Nation
is a story called "TV Nation," which has a couple of amusing B7 jokes as well as other media jokes about how tv is different in alternate universes.
This writer does a good Jenna.
Somebody else
Thier first PGP story

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