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Gareth Thomas

London's BurningSeries 6 Episodes 3 and 4Gareth is in Episode 4 as Assistant Chief Officer Bulstrode Link
London's BurningSeries 6 Episodes 5 and 6Gareth is in Episode 5 as Assistant Chief Officer Bulstrode Link
London's BurningSeries 7 Episodes 7 and 8Gareth is in Episode 8 as Assistant Chief Officer Bulstrode Link
AvengersMurdersvilleGareth waits silently in the village pub, wearing dark glasses and drinking a pint of beer, until the appointed hour when his victim arrives. Then he gets up, collects a shotgun from the landlord, and goes outside. We hear gunshots, then Gareth returns the gun to the landlord and calmly resumes drinking his beer. Not Known
Star MaidensAll of it Star Maidens is available on video in German.

It's a new release--1999 and called DIE MADCHEN DEM WELTRAUM. 2 videos each about 180 min.

It's put out by hrMEDIA.

You need to be pretty keen to get this as Star Maidens was pretty dire. On the other hand, it's almost in the "it's so bad that it's enjoyable" category. If you want to see Gareth Thomas as a slave of women wearing kinky boots, then you know where to go...

The telephone number is (069) 155-447 (Bestell-Hotline). Address is hrMEDIA, BertramstraBe 8, 60320 Frankfurt, Germany

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Paul Darrow

Dr. WhoDr Who and the SiluriansPaul Darrow played "Hawkins" Link
Dr. WhoDr Who TimelashPaul Darrow played "Tekker" Link

Jacqueline Pearce

Princess Caraboo(Film)Jackie played Lady Apthorpe Link
White Mischief(Film)Jackie played Idina Link
Carry on don't lose your Head(Film)Jackie played the 3rd Lady Link
Dr. WhoThe Two DoctorsJackie played Chessene Link
AvengersA Sense of HistoryJackie plays a young university student, and gets to dress up like Maid Marion while the rest of the cast become Robin Hoods and Friar Tucks Not Known

Glynis Barber

Dempsey and Makepeace Glynis playes Sergeant Harry Makepeace a.k.a. Lady Harriet Alexandra Charlotte Makepeace Link

Brian Croucher

Dr. WhoRobots of DeathBrian Croucher played "Borg" Link

Peter Tuddenham

Peter had voice only roles in three Dr.Who episodes. (Sounds familiar)
Dr. WhoThe Ark in Space  Link
Dr. WhoThe Mask of Mandragora  Link
Dr. WhoMark of the Rani  Link

Scott Fredricks

Scott played "Carnell" in Blake's 7 and two parts in Dr Who.
Dr. WhoImage of Fendahl  Link
Dr. WhoDay of the Daleks  Link

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