Blake's 7 Cleaner Models

Models of Blake's 7 characters, made from pipecleaners wrapped in wool, and dressed in assorted replica outfits. Figures are usually about eight centimetres high. I will consider any character and costume, as long as I think I can find the right scraps of material, or handle the trickier features. Please specify the character and costume you would like, and then we can discuss it.

Delivery times are likely to vary wildly, depending on whether it's a time of year when I have any spare time. So I'd prefer you to send no money until I confirm that I'm in a position to fill the order.

Harriet Monkhouse.

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From Season one ...

... to season four

Your favourite Avon outfit...

... or your favourite Servalan and Travis

Restage those classic scenes!

And if you really insist.

Last updated on 21st of December 2007.

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