Selecting story categories

Don't select in all categories. The odds of finding a humorous, season three, novella featuring Tarrant in a with a sex rating of 3 or less are pretty well non-existent, whereas just selecting Tarrant may find you a story.

If you don't select any options at all, then you will be shown all the titles currently in the library.

What the categories mean.


Select the highest and lowest ratings that you want, and the library will give you details of all stories of that fall within your chosen boundaries. Set the levels for m/f (Male/female), m/m (homosexual) and f/f (Lesbian).

When you click on the Remember button, your settings at that point will be remebered and for your next visit to the library (provided you have cookies enabled).

A story rated None will not even have a hint of romance or sexual interaction.

A story rated Thinking about it might involve one character feeling attracted to another, or light flirting. There will be no explicit sex of any kind.

A story rated Kissing might take things as far as a kiss, or have two characters retiring to the bedroom behind a row of asterisks. There will be no description of what goes on in the bedroom.

A story rated Non-explicit sex may follow the characters into the bedroom. In this category, you can expect 'romantic' sexual descriptions. Use of four letter words will be minimal. Violence is unlikely.

A story rated Explicit Sex is going to have explicit language and detailed sexual descriptions. Relationships may be love/hate and there may be stories where consent is a grey area.

A story rated Rape/Bondage will involve things that may upset some readers. Possibilities might include rape, incest, bondage, unusual sexual practices, etc.

Quick Set Buttons - Gen - this will give you stories suitable for any readership including children. Adult - this will give stories with hetrosexual sex. Slash - this will give you stories with male/male relationships - as some slash stories also include hetrosexual or f/f relationships, these have been included in the setting. Note that adult and slash quick set buttons exclude stories with Rape/Bondage - if you wish these, adjust the sex setting to suit.


This is calculated from the size of the file for the story:

0-9999 bytesshort


(you can click on more than one of these and will be offered stories from any of the seasons selected)

PWB= Pre Way Back - in other words, a story set before the first episode of the series.

1,2,3,4 = season 1,2,3,4

PGP = Post Gauda Prime - a story set after the last episode.

If a story is in a different season to that which it initially appears to be (eg. Avon wakes from a nightmare and realises that the whole of season 4 was a dream) then the story will be classified under the season it appears to belong to - it would ruin the surprise otherwise.


It's possible to click on more than one button - in which case, you will only be offered stories that fall into either categories chosen.

Alternative Universe - There are two types of alternative universe story.

There's the kind where the series history is changed as the result of a particular event - maybe Kerril came aboard Liberator, or Cally never died on Terminal. This sort of story then explores the different events that unfold as a result of the change.

The other kind of alternative universe story places the characters in an entirely different setting altogether. Maybe Blake and Avon met in an Italian city state as in the zine Renaissance or perhaps the characters are suddenly flipped into our own world.

Angst is hopefully self-explanatory. Somebody will get to suffer, either mentally or physically. There will be stresses and strains that are not always successfully resolved.

Hurt/comfort - somebody gets hurt, be it physically or mentally and someone else (usually a close friend or lover) gets to administer tender loving care. H/C stories usually have happy endings, as the comfort is generally enough to reduce or remove the hurt.

Humour - Something that will hopefully make you laugh or at least chuckle.

Crossover - If Avon meets a Federation cop called Ray Doyle, then it's a crossover with The Professionals (even if it isn't set in present day Earth). Likewise if Blake runs into a vampire called Spike, then it's a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Crossovers involve characters from other TV shows, books or films.

Action/Adventure - Stories that include space battles, fights, exploration etc.

Poetry - poetry.


The program will try to find a story that includes all the characters you mention, so don't select too many. One is best, two is okay, more than that is being very optimistic. Only the main characters in a story are indexed, so if Soolin only has two lines, she won't be included in the index.


If it's a bad day and all you want is a story with a happy ending, then click on the happy ending button. That way, you don't need to look at the end of the story first to find out if you want to read it.

The happy ending marker is not displayed on story synopses, in order to avoid giving away the end for those who prefer not to know.

Features like selection by date of story may be added later.


This has a list of all authors in the library. If you select an author it will only show stories by that author.


The maximum number of titles that you want to be offered on your screen at once.

Last changed on 15th of February 2002

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