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Richard at Winspit
Judith as Avon(69K) Judith in one of Avon's 4th season outfits (do you know how long it took to fasten on all those darn studs?)
Judith as Avon(83K) Avon's 4th season outfit, but without the jacket this time. (anyone who says it reminds them of a mutoid will be shot!
Judith as Avon(73K) I always did like Avon's silver top. I bought the fabric in a bazaar in Istanbul. The gun actually belongs to my son Kelvin (one of Horizon's replicas), but I'm allowed to borrow it.
Judith as Avon(95K) Avon's silver top, sans gun, but with a belt I bought in this really amazing shop in Amsterdam.
Judith as Gareth(95K) Blake's baggy shirt with waistcoat. The waistcoat really ought to be green, but I couldn't find any fake leather the right colour, so it's brown, so there. The shirt looks big because it is big. It's actually an original (courtesy of a friend of a friend who got it from BBC costume auction) and therefore had to fit Gareth Thomas before it fitted me. It was pretty loose on him and I'm a lot skinnier! I love it though. I'd been looking for a pattern to make up when the chance came up to get the real thing. My family generously bought it for my birthday. Thank you, family.
Judith with Teleport(114K) I knew there was some reason I try to avoid being photograhed in profile... If you think Paul Darrow has a funny nose, I can beat him by miles! The teleport bracelet is another replica (made by Will Blight) and is really Kelvin's. (I used to buy him all the things I wanted for his birthday - luckily he wanted them too)
Judith and Boys(114K) What Liberator handguns are really for. The taller charming sprog is Kelvin then aged 15. The smaller, and equally charming one is Henry, aged 9 in this photo, the bane of my life!
Judith in a Centauri mood.

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