Soolin/Albert (from Twin Peaks)

Cathy ConradThe Mostly Improbable, Neary Unbelievable, Seemingly Impossible but Nonetheless True Post-Gauda-Prime StoryTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #7So/ Albert; B7/Twin Peaks crossover; humor mm; US, 1991


Sharon EckmanYou Were Right -- I Did Underestimate You, My DearALTERNATIVE SEVEN #6So/Dorian UK, 1983
Mal O'DarDirty DiversionsTHE NAUGHTY BITSSo/Dorian US, 1989


Ben StudHarvest of PassionFORBIDDEN STARSo/Jarvik; humor UK, 1995


Cathy ConradGetting a LiftTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #6A/"Bunny" [the blonde in "Gold"], So/Keiller, A/So; humor mm; US, 1990

Soolin/original characters, asorted

Susan CutterA DreamTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S4; dream implied A/So, dream implied A/D, dream So/ocs, dream D/topiary bear UK, 1998.10

Soolin/original character, male

Susan CutterA DreamMAY KING S4; uc D/Ta, Ta/ocfs, D/ocms, D/ocf, V/ocf, D/V, dream A/D, dream D/Lauren, dream D/Ta, dream A/So/Ta, So/ocm, Ta/ocm, A/ocm, A/Ta; US, 1998.11)
Gail NevilleKiss of DeathBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4So/ocm AU, 1987

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