Slash in Gen Zines

There are a few slash pairings in gen zines. The last two on the list are the result of the policies of individual editors who treat non-explicit slash stories the same as non-explicit het stories, a policy that I agree with in principle but that does make things difficult for the bibliographer! (You may recall the confusion as to whether the excellent B/ocm story by Nicky Barnard should be considered slash or gen for Fan Q nomination purposes.) The others are either humorous, or involve original characters (and come to think of it, I probably should have described Judith Seaman's =A Ledge Betweeen the Streams= as "uc A/ocm"-- it definitely qualifies as slash by the Fan Q definition!), or have a non-explicit sequence that includes m/m rape as a form of torture (and there's another bit in a Judith Seaman story that could be included in that category, but I've refrained from mentioning it in the listings as it would be a bit of a spoiler).


Susan R. MatthewsThe Ultimate AlternativeFIFTH SEASON #3A/various others, f and m; humor US, 1984.5


Lillian FilsCause and EffectsVOICES FROM THE PRESENT #1S2; possible future A/B; humor US, 1988.9

Avon/Del Grant

Zenobia Seagreane QuimbyPassion's Purple Flower (Pale Lavender Prose)THE PLAIN MAN'S GUIDE TO ALIEN INVASIONS #2Pale Lavender Prose US, 1990


Karen BushrelationshipsHORIZON NEWSLETTER #32"relationships" competition honorable mention; S?; A/O; humor nl; UK, 1995.3


Rose PriorModelsVILAWORLD NEWSLETTER #30S3; uc D/Ta, uc D/V, implied A/Ta nl; UK, 1988.9


Leah Rosenthal and Ann WorthamThe PromiseWHATEVER WORKS #1alt-S2; A/Tr, A-V mm; US, 1986.12


Paulie KayMflph Dome Mong Plugh (roughly translated 'Oh No, Not Vila')DR. BELLFRIAR'S MEMORIAL JOURNAL #2roughly translated 'Oh No, Not Vila' US, 1989
Diana KlopfFakerSOUTHERN SEVEN #6S3?; V/ocf, uc A/V US, 1991.10
Judith M. SeamanFruits of the Moon TreeHORIZON #12alt-S2; uc A/J, uc A/V, uc A/C UK, 1988.10

Blake/original character (male)

Nickey BarnardHauntedPRESSURE POINTS3 or S4; B/ocm UK, 1999


Jane CarnallCruelty Has a Human HeartSOUTHERN SEVEN #9S4, alt-post- Orbit; D/So US, 1994.5

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