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Star One is out of print.

Contents Details (with the begining of each story):

Harmony - by Judith Proctor

A first season fantasy set around folk music.

Cygnus Delta - by Judith Proctor and Pat McLaughlin

There is a livestock plague on the planet Cygnus Delta, and Blake goes to the aid of farmers. Things slowly start to go wrong for the Liberator crew. Cally meets a telepathic alien who is threatened by the plague. Avon makes a fatal mistake, and is forced to live with the consequences.

Kriegspielen - by Neil Faulkner

It's the middle of the Andromedan war and the fighting seems to have been going on forever. Cally's tired, everyone's tired, and the crew are all at each other's throats.

In Broken Images - by Catherine Salmon

A study of the changing relationship between Blake and Avon from their first meeting to the last fatal encounter.

Vila's Christmas Surprise - by Andrew Down and Julz Munckton

Inspired lunacy on Xenon base when Vila decides that Orac should have his own set of wheels and become a self propelled computer.

Love and Honour - by Andrew Kearley

What happened when Tarrant and Zeeona originally met on Betafarl. A view of Betafarlian culture and the full reason why Zeeona removed her glove at the end of 'Warlord'.

The Third Option - by Judith Proctor

Tor Hammond is working on the Federation teleport project several years after the events on Gauda Prime. His life is quiet and uneventful until an irritating woman offers him an old Liberator teleport bracelet.

Star One is an A5 photo-reduced zine. It has 132 pages and over 63,000 words.

This zine is out of print.


Editor: Judith Proctor
Publisher: Waveney
Date: First edition: 1994
Second edition, with minor corrections:
Third edition with Kathy Hanson's art replaced by Val Westall (at Kathy's request) 1997

Judith Proctor, "Harmony" (S1)
Judith Proctor and Patrick McLaughlin, "Cygnus Delta" (alt-S2)
Neil Faulkner, "Kriegspielen" (S2; post-Star One)
Catherine Salmon, "In Broken Images" (S1,2,3,4; A-B)
Andrew J. Down and Julz C. Monckton, "Vila's Christmas Surprise" (S4; humor)
Andrew Kearley, "Love and Honour" (S4)
Judith Proctor, "The Third Option" (S5; A-Se)

"Meet the Contributors"
Judith Proctor, "Editorial"

Kathy Hanson p. 7 A-B; illo for "Harmony"
p. 27 C; illo for "Cygnus Delta"
p. 31 C-B; illo for "Cygnus D."
p. 55 A; illo for "Cygnus Delta"
p. 127 A-Se; illo for "The Third"
Jacqui Topp p. 56 C
Martin Helsdon p. 77 B-A
Les Jones and
Andrew Downs p. 91 cartoon illo for "Vila's"

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