Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This is an exceedingly strange zine. I don't quite know what to make of it. Many of the stories are humorous, but it's a very grim kind of humor.

My favorite things in the zine are the poem "Hell" and especially the illo that goes with it-- the wall scene from "Rumours," but with the positions reversed. Servalan is running her hand through the hair of the chained Avon. Yum. (Of course, it's not altogether accurate as an illustration-- he looks to be still in pretty good shape in the picture, whereas in the poem he talks about how they've been beating him in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of Orac. But I suppose one can't have everything. :)


Editor: Aya Katz
Publisher: Inverted-A, Inc.
Date: July 1989
Format: letter size, 100 pp., off-white card covers, black comb binding

Anna Piast, "Errand of Honor" (early 19th-C. AU; A as Aaron Burr, Tr as Alexander Hamilton, B as Thomas Jefferson)
Nets Hawk, "Existence and Uniqueness" (S0; Egrorian and Pindar; humor)
Aya Katz, "Raison d'etre" (S1, Spacefall; A-B)
Sara Talbot, "A Golden Dragon" (S2; ocf; "to be continued")
Sena Brothers, "Chilianchi" (S3; "article" on fashion designer)
A. R. Wilkins Jr., "Little Black Leather Stud" (Little Red Riding Hood parody; S3, Terminal; A; humor)
Aya Katz, "That Nice Young Man" (S4; A-V; humor)
Sena Brothers, "Lambed Down" (S5; D-So-V)
Nets Hawk, "A Real Nutcase" (S5 - alt-S0; A)
Sena Brothers, "Dark Snake Winding" (S4-S5; A-D-So-A's brother)

Aya Katz, "Rowena" (f, Shoshana, Shoshana, by H. Hefer, folk tune; AATA universe)
Joe Isham, with help from Remedial Filkers Sean Blane, Aya Katz, Michael Tong and Karen Wittum, "It's Roj Blake's Theme" (f, It's Garry's theme, by Gary Shanding and Alan Zweibl)

The Remedial Filkers (Sean Blane, Pat Brown, Joe Isham, Aya Katz, Nets Katz, Apryl Raitt, Dave Smith, Rachelle Smith, Sharon Sullivan, and Michael Tong), "Blake, the Mind-wiped Rebel" (f, Puff, the Magic Dragon, by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton)

The Remedial Filkers (Joe Isham, Aya Katz and Karen Wittum), "I Just Woke You Up to Bug You" (f, I Just Called to Say I Love You, by Stevie Wonder)

Aya Katz, "Bartholomew Is All Over Town" (f, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)

Aya Katz, "Gauda Prime" (f, Bab el Wad, words H. Guri, music S. Pereshko)

Aya Katz, "Hell"

Linda K. Holt cover A with Tarot cards
p. 6 A-B; illo for "Errand"
p. 62 A
p. 96 A-Se; illo for "Hell"
p. 98 A
Elli Thurmond p. 10 A
Robert Eastman p. 21 J-B-A
J. Medina p. 24 ocs; illo for "A Golden"
p. 80 A-B as children; illo for "A Real Nutcase"
p. 82 A; illo for "A Real Nutcase"
p. 90 snake
Marilu Bentley p. 46 A
Sena Brothers p. 50 early S2 crew in Santa hats
p. 52 D
p. 53 Se-A
A.R. Wilkins, Jr. p. 54 A; cartoon illo for "Little Black Stud"
p. 56 Se; cartoon illo for "Little Black Stud"
p. 58 A; cartoon illo for "Little Black Stud"
p. 60 Se; cartoon illo for "Little Black Stud"

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