Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's another technically multimedia zine that in fact is almost all B7. The only date given on it is the date of the con itself, but since con reports are included in the zine, it must have been compiled afterwards. Was it perhaps sent out later, as a followup, to the con members?

As far as I know none of the other Scorpio cons had souvenir fiction zines, which is a pity, as the contents of this one are very good.

Hmm-- since it seems very unlikely that this will be reprinted, I wonder if the authors would consent to web archiving??


(mm but mostly B7)
Editors: Emma Abraham, Cherry Steffy, and Nancy Kolar
Publisher: Scorpio
Date: [con dates: July 31-August 1-2, 1987; zine published shortly thereafter]
Format: letter size, 52 pp., blue card covers, side staples

B7 fiction:
Liz Sharpe, "Curtain Call" (S5)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Minor Incident in the Wake of Gauda Prime" (S5-S3; A-C-V-ocs)
Debra Bruce, "Return" (S5; A-V-ocf)
Jeff Morris, "Gripe Session" (script; S2; J-V; humor)
Avon's Angels (Ellen Levine, Merle Micklin, and Marie Parsons), "Tangled Strands" (script; S0; Carnell, A/Anna)

Non-B7 fiction: D. Linn, "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream" (RoS)

Emma Abraham and Cherry Steffy, Editorial
Story Contest & Zen Award Winners List
Emma Abraham, "Zen Award for Merit Winner 1987: Pat Thomas"
Emma Abraham, "Impressions of Scorpio V"
Jeff Morris, "Con Review of Scorpio V"
Thanks from Cherry

Nancy Kolar cover Liberator & Stonehenge

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