Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The filks by Aya Katz aren't bad, but nothing special either. The same press published the fiction zine =Inverted Blake= (2 issues), which I haven't seen yet (well, actually, I spotted one issue from a distance in a used zine sale at MediaWest, but someone else got to it before I did-- and as far as I know, not anyone I know and could borrow it from).


(poems and filks by Aya Katz)

Editor: Aya Katz
Musical consultant: Janet P
Publisher: Inverted A, Inc. (Grand Prairie, TX)
Date: 1988
Format: letter size, slightly trimmed; 44 pp., off-white card cover, center staples

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Poetry (all by Aya Katz):
"The Blake Bunch" (f, The Brady Bunch Theme)
"Wiping of the Mind" (f, Windmills of the Mind)
"If You Want to Set Men Free" (f, If You Love Me, Let Me Know)
"Servalan Can" (f, The Candyman)
"Alphas and Deltas"
"Thus Spake Avon"
"Keeping Score"
"Trial" (f, Beverly Hillbillies Theme)
"Star One"
"Passing the Torch"
"Vila's Complaint" (f, Lucille)
"Exile" (f, Sometimes When We Touch)
"Children of Venom"
"Rumours of Death"
"Anna Grant" (f, Barbara Allen)
"Kind Words, At Last"
"Terminal" (f, The Yellow Rose of Texas)
"It's Just as Well"
"Orbit" (f, Windmills)
"When the Wine Ran Out on Xenon" (f, La Bifm fla Blile [sic])
"Figurehead" (f, Anacreon in Heaven)
"Arlen" (f, Clementine)
"The End"
"Life after Gauda Prime, or: When you're Dead, You're Dead" (f, The Noble Duke of York)
"Anthem" (f, Pesenya o Rodinye)

J. Medina covers & interior illos various portraits

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