Editor/publisher: Pat Jacqueri
Date: 1995


Liz Sharpe, "Orpheus Dreams" (A/C)
Aurora, "Passionflower" (B/C)
Judith Proctor, "Mary Sue Writes Slash" (humor)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Taken In" (A/J)
Michelle Moyer, "Moments in a War" (A/J)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Out of the Tomb" (A/C)
Irish, "Impeccable Taste" (A/So)
Catherine, "A Different Duel" (B/Sinofar)
Liz A. Vogel, "Design Specifications" (J/Z)
Twisted Sister, "Sparring Partners" (A/J)
Vanessa Mullen, "Jenna" (B/J)
Rhapsodie, "Hearts of Glass" (D/V)


Pat Jacqueri, "Ultraworld: Tarrant" (orig. pub. in Shadowstar) (D/T)
Judith Proctor, "Aftermath" (f, Greensleeves) (A/Se)
Judith Proctor, "It's Lonely When you Never See the Sky" (f, Athenry) (B/oc)
Pat Jacqueri, "Dark Mirror" (orig. pub. in B7 Complex) (A/Se)


Karen River cover, color A & Anna
p. 4 A & ghost of C
back cover "Avon Portrait"
Leah Rosenthal p. 24 carton illo for "Mary
Phoenix p. 41 A/J
p. 48 A/C
Val Westall p. 54 A-So
p. 56 A-So
p. 59 A/So
Leigh Motooka pp. 81-84 "Tarrant Paper Doll"


Review by CB

This is a zine of exceptionally high quality both in content and production. The artwork is good overall and it has two outstanding portraits by Karen River, a head and shoulders of Avon and Cally on page 4, and a full face sombre Avon on the back cover. All the written contributions are well worth reading, and some are outstanding. Jenna is particularly strongly featured, and Avon keeps busy, but Tarrant and Gan do not put in an appearance.

The last story in the zine is the stunning "Hearts of Glass". It features Vila and Dayna, and takes place the night before the crew leaves Xenon. This has to be one of the best Blakes 7 stories in print, poignant, chilling, utterly convincing and beautifully written. Dayna and Vila are completely in character and their encounter mirrors the lack of hope and the anguish of lives spent constantly on the run. A haunting story, told with outstanding skill.

"Orpheus Dreams" is a sensitively written story in which Cally's (necessarily solid) ghost returns to comfort Avon on Xenon in answer to his unwitting call to her. Much of the story consists of an intimate and revealing conversations about their relationship, but the tender ambience does not tip over into undue sentimentality and both characters retain their sharper characteristics. There is also a short epilogue with Vila that is typical Avon. Very believable, very enjoyable.

"Out of the Tomb" shows Avon coming to Cally after the alien takeover.

"Passionflower" is a Blake Cally story that for once shows that intercourse with an Auron IS different. An intriguing tale, gentle and told with some humour; no wonder Blake's a bit disconcerted.

"Mary Sue Writes Slash", accompanied appropriately by a Leah Rosenthal cartoon, has a good-humoured giggle at slash cliches.

"Design Specifications is a one-pager where Jenna experiences one of Zen's more intriguing programmes

"Sparring Partners" is a brief Jenna/Avon story which starts with a bad back and ends where you would expect.

"Jenna" is told largely in flashback from Blake's point of view. It briefly covers their relationship on Liberator and goes on to focus on what happened to them afterwards.

"Taken In" has a predatory Avon in hot pursuit of Jenna, with Vila as unwilling eavesdropper. Straightforward story with comic overtones; the authors state that a very different version previously appeared in "B7: The Other Side".

In "Moments in a War" Jenna unsuccessfully attempts to comfort Blake after Gan's death and Jenna ends up with Avon for a brief cessation of hostilities. Their temporary rapport is soon over.

"Impeccable Taste" features Avon and Soolin in what is on the surface a harsh story, told partly in flashback. It rings true and has an interesting twist at the end.

"A Different Duel" is a short story in which Sinofar furthers her acquaintance with Blake.

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