Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

There's some steamy stuff here, gen though it is. In particular, "Those Dreams" could easily have gone into Straight Blake's, especially in issue #1, which was mostly non-explicit. "Oceans Apart" is a short, bittersweet, unconsummated A/C; "A Study in Contrasts" also seems to pair them romantically, at least in the mind of an outside observer. Gan is featured romantically in "Second Chance," with Vila as the second male lead in this one.

Several of the stories have a rather slashy feel, at least to my smut-inclined mind. "Out of the Pit" reminded me quite a bit of Careless Whispers. It wouldn't be at all difficult to add sex to this view of a PGP A-B relationship. "The Dream Foregone" is much darker, but again, sex could be added. It starts as a PGP A-V, but gradually we learn that events on GP did not occur as in the aired canon-- and in the end we find out why.

Paulie Kay's gen A-V stories often seem to me to come close to A/V. In this one, Vila is the victim of an odd phenomenon that sets him adrift in time, but he manages to come back long enough to tend an injured Avon.


Editor: Marion McChesney
Publisher: Paw Print Press (Edgewood, MD)

Sheila Paulson, "Out of the Pit" (S5; A-B)
Roxie Ray, "A Study in Contrasts" (S3; post-Sarcophagus; A-C)
K. Ann Yost, "Just Give It Some Time" (S1; A-B)
April Murray, "Second Chance" (alt-S2; G/ocf, V/ocf)
Mary Gerstner, "Oceans Apart" (S3; uc A/C)
Virginia Waldron, "The Dream Foregone" (S5, alt-S4; A-V, A-B)
Sue Glaven, "Puppet" (S4; B)
Susan Rotellini, "Irreconcilable Allies" (S4)
Paulie Kay, "On Time" (S2; V; A-hc)
Marie Logan, "Heart of Stone" (S3; A-V)
Sheila Paulson, "Shivan" (S2; post-Voice; A)
Pat Jacquerie and Jacqueline Taero, "Those Dreams" (S4; A/So)

Bea Quindlen front c. Liberator A(?)/C cartoon
back c. "Trap for a Lonely Rebel"
Suzan Lovett inside front c. same as #4 (color)
Sue Williams p. 6a A, B
TACS p. 56a A in cloak

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