This issue has one of the most beautiful pieces of slash art I've ever seen. What, you may well ask, is it doing in a genzine? Well, it's been recycled, you see, although in such a completely appropriate way that you'd never know it started life with a different title. This is the lovely portrait of Avon and Tarrant in elaborate fantasy costumes, by Leigh Motooka. It originally appeared in the Tarrant apa, On the Wing, as a kind of visual AU, showing the two of them as Tanith Lee's demon princes, Azhrarn and Hazrond. (And as for why that's slash, well, read Lee!)

Here it illustrates another one of my favorite gen A-Ta stories, Carol's "Lest There Be Dragons." PGP, Servalan has conditioned both A and T and is keeping them as her toys in a fairytale castle. But Lord Avon has an uneasy feeling that there is something wrong with their luxurious existence. There's a semi-tragic ending. I would LOVE a slash sequel, hint hint!

The long story by Marla Fair also has a hint of slashiness. A and B have an adventure on a planet; at the end it turns out that they were selected for that purpose by the local telepathic aliens because of the bond between them.

"Running Amuck" is a funny Vila-Soolin story that could very easily become Vila/Soolin if one were so inclined.

"Avenging Angel" is about as far in tone from "Running Amuck" as a story can get, and shows how Lorna earned her title of Terminatrix. Yes, folks, she snuffs her own favorite in this one! (Then there's also a story in which she snuffs the entire human race, but that's another zine.) What I like especially about the story is the way it shows the remnants of the Scorpio crew coming together as a kind of gestalt as a result of mutual torture. (Come to think of it, "Instruments of Darkness" in Dark Fantasies was probably influenced by this story.) Although the overall tone is dark, there's a hopeful ending. And y'know, I could imagine a sequel in which the survivors come together sexually. (I seem bent on smuttifying gen stories tonight!)

In "Birds of a Feather," Vila and Slave strike up a beautiful friendship after the entire rest of the crew meet with an unfortunate accident over Malodaar. I'm sure that when Vila discovers that special programming Dorian installed in Robin's story, they'll become even closer. :)

Oh, and there's an exceedingly slashy illo by Phoenix for the A-B alternate Orbit story.


Editors: Michael Macomber and Caryn Dunkel
Publisher: FanGraphics (Lindenwold, NJ)
Date: 1992

Teresa Ward, "Birds of a Feather" (S4; alt-Orbit; V-Slave)
Lorna Breshears, "Avenging Angel" (S5; D)
Teresa Ward and Cami, "Addiction" (S3; humor)
Irene Stubbs, "Involvement Acquitted" (S2)
Lorna Breshears, "Running Amuck" (S4; V-So; humor)
Marla F. Fair, "Survivors" (S2; A-B; A-hc)
Cami, "Lest There Be Dragons" (S5; A-Ta, A/Se, Se/Ta)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Locus" (alt-S4; alt-Orbit; A-B)

Michael Macomber, "Here We Go Again! Editorial Notes"
Nola Frame-Gay, cartoons (humor)
Jane Mailander, "From the Home Office on Gauda Prime: The Top Ten Good Things about Kerr Avon" (humor)

Poetry: Pat Jacquerie, "Bright Deceiver"
Melani L. Monk, "B7 Limericks"
Jacqueline Taero, "Dark Mirror: Tarrant's Revision" (f, Dark Mirror)
Jacqueline Taero, "Megalomaniac's Marching Song" (f, When I Find My Life, by Marianne Faithful)
Teresa Ward, "Galactic Knight Errant"
Alicia Ann Fox, "Not Incorrect"
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Our Rebels Now Are Ended"

Ken Horan cover illos for "Lest," Avenging"
Leigh Moto'oka facing p. 6 V-Slave; cartoon illo for "Birds"
facing p. 66 V-So; cartoon illo for "Running Amuck"
facing p. 100 A-Ta; illo for "Lest"
facing p. 114 A-Ta-Se; illo for "Lest"
Phoenix facing p. 8 D-V; illo for "Avenging"
facing p. 130 A-B; illo for "Locus"
Susan Williams facing p. 32 V, A, J, B, G, O
back cover GP
Marla Fair facing p. 46 B
facing p. 77 A
facing p. 91 C-J
Nola Frame-Gay facing p. 64 cartoon
facing p. 134 cartoon
Jane Mailander p. 65 Bloom County cartoon

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