Carol mentioned this zine a little while ago on Lysator as one that's especially good for Tarrant stories. It is indeed, and it also has some good stuff on other often-neglected characters like Jenna and Gan.

This is #1 of 3 issues; I understand that #4 was planned but probably won't be published after all, alas.

It's an extremely attractive zine visually, with a well-designed layout and lots of nice art. Some may consider the typeface too large, but I found it pleasantly readable.

The "FSA Cadet Blues" cartoons by Leigh Moto'oka won a Fan Q, as I recall. They are an absolute scream. I'm very tempted to quote, but I won't-- find the zine and read for yourself, with the accompanying illos!

There are some familiar names among the authors here. :) Carol, "Words Spoken" is such a good, low-key refutation to the "I Hate Tarrant Because He Bullied Poor Vila" crowd. Maybe you should consider establishing an online gen Tarrant fiction archive, similar to the new A/Ta fiction archive, with stories like this and "The Shores of Innocence," if authors and editors permit?

"The Shores of Innocence" is one of my favorite gen Tarrant stories. Due to a head injury, Tarrant loses the memory of the last few years of his life and is suddenly once again a gungho young Federation officer. The Scorpio crew lose a crewmate and gain a very dangerous prisoner. How will they deal with the situation?

There's another good Tarrant-Vila story by Lorna, but my favorite of her stories in this issue (excellent as they all are) is the very touching Gan story, "Worth Dying For." Worried about the upcoming mission to Earth, Gan consults Orac as to its probable outcome. The decision that he then makes shows him as a true hero. Read this one, Gan fans!

The story is followed by Anne Stullken's Gan poem, which reflects my own view of the character beautifully. Anne, are you lurking? If so, take a bow!

The other poems are several cuts above the usual fannish level and well worth reading also.

And for Blake fans, I recommend Carol's PWB Blake story. She may be the Godmother of the Tarrant Nostra, but she has a good handle on other characters as well.

C. K. Smith's Jenna story is good too. Also for Jenna fans- I think I forgot to point out the Jenna series by Helen Woolverton in Dr. Bellfriar's Memorial Journal, but you'll definitely want to read that.


Editors: Michael Macomber and Caryn Dunkel
Publisher: FanGraphics (Lindenwold, NJ)
Date: 1991

Lorna Breshears, "The Inheritor" (S4; alt-post-Orbit)
Teresa Ward, "Orbital Fluctuation" (S4; alt-Orbit; A-Ta)
Cami, "Fracture" (S0; B)
T. L. Condon, "Blake: An Epilogue" (S5; A)
Lorna Breshears, "Worth Dying For" (S2; pre-Pressure Point; G)
Lorna Breshears, "A Nod Is as Good as a Wink" (S4; Ta-V, Ta-hc)
Alison Berkeley & Cami, "Diverging Pathways" (sequel to "Pathways" in Forgotten Seven; S2; Ta-Tr)
C. K. Smith, "Payment for Services Rendered" (S3; J)
Cami, "Words Spoken" (S3; post-City; V-Ta)
Lorna Breshears, "Playing the Odds" (S2-S5; alt-Horizon; A-J)
Leigh Moto'oka, "The Shore of Innocence" (S4; Ta)

Michael Macomber, "A Few Words of Thanks from One of Your Editors"
Leigh Motooka, "The FSA Cadet Blues" (cartoons)
Zine ads

Derrin, "Nobody's Fool" (V)
Teresa Ward, "The Stalker" (Tr)
Teresa Ward, "Blake's Computers: Zen's Opinion; Tirade;
Humble Servant" (reprinted from Chronicles #36)
Anne Stullken, "Gan"
Pat Jacquerie, "The Lovers"
Susan Williams, "Face in the Mirror"
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot"
Melissa Mastoris, "Remembering Vila: Survival; A Moment's Bravery"
Michael Macomber, "I Steal Things"
Jacqueline Taero, "It Was a Kerr Avon Year" (f, It Was a Very Good Year)

Ken Horan cover B, V, G, J
p. 37 illo for "A Nod"
Susan Williams p. 7 V, A
p. 31 G; illo for "Worth Dying"
p. 85 A-B; illo for "Face"
p. 93 A-V; Orbit
p. 95 A
p. 105 A
T. L. Condon p. 11 V
p. 17 B
p. 22 A
p. 27 B
p. 53 A
p. 55 Ta-Tr
Leigh Moto'oka p. 13 A-Ta; illo for "Orbital"
p. 15 FSA Cadet Blues
p. 21 FSA Cadet Blues
p. 75 FSA Cadet Blues
p. 77 J
p. 91 FSA Cadet Blues
p. 107 Ta
p. 119 Ta-D; illo for "Shore"
Derrin p. 20 Tr
p. 103 V

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