Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The zine is mostly humor but has some serious stories too. The one I was most struck by was the grimly-titled "Genocide." It's actually about Avon and Tarrant being trapped in each other's bodies! (Oh, if only this were a smut story, and they would have to have tantric sex to get switched back, like Avon and Cally in Trust, Like the Soul.) The title refers to the issue of whether, if the mechanism for getting them switched back happens to be fatal to an entire planetary population, they'll go through with it or not.

There are wonderful illos by Dani Lane (an artist I greatly admire), showing Avon's body with Tarrant's mannerisms and vice versa. I think she's especially good with body language.


"Space Oddity" and "Son of Space Oddity" were specifically HUMOR-theme zines

Editor: Emily McEwan
Publisher: Green Cheese Press (Wheaton, IL)
Date: October 1987

Alicia Ann Fox, "A Little Holiday" (S2)
Kelly Hardin, "Beyond Cute, Episode 1: Lumpish" (S3; humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Genocide" (S3; A-Ta)
Peter Heimsoth, "Blake's 7 on the Run" (graphic story; S1,2,3,4; humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Beyond Cute, Episode 2: With Mucous" (S3; humor)
Linda Terrell, "From the Flight Deck of the Collaborator: Impossibly Lost in Incrediby Crowded BBC Space" (S1,2,3,4 parody; humor)
Dree Nagel, "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (S5; A/ocf)
Dree Nagel, "Proposition" (S5; sequel to "Satisfaction Guaranteed;" uc A/Se)
Dree Nagel, "This Moment's Madness" (S5; sequel to "Proposition;" A-hc)
Kelly Hardin, "Beyond Cute, Episode 3: Under the Left Earlobe" (alt-S4; humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Alternatives" (S5, alt-S4; A-B)
Dree Nagel, "The Great Escape (or, One of the Many Occurrences Taking Place between the Fourth and Fifth Season)" (S5; humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Beyond Cute, Special Edition: The Search for Sap" (S2; humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Beyond Cute, Christmas Special: It's a Mediocre Life! or, It's a Wonderful Dictatorship" (S4; humor)
Jane Carnall, "A Sandy Tale" (S3; humor)

Emily McEwan, "By the Light of the Moon" (editorial)
Kelly Hardin, Emily McEwan, and Dree Nagel, "The Sunday Funnies and Other Relevant Bits" (collage of clippings; humor)
Holly Hutchison and Alicia Ann Fox, "The Ten Commandments of B7 Fan Fiction Writing" (humor)

Kelly Hardin, "Gauda Prime (Forest)" (A-B)
Dree Nagel, "Jeopardy (B7 Version)" (f, Jeaopardy, by the Greg Kihn Band)
Kelly Hardin and Dree Nagel, "You're a Mean One, Mr.
Kerr" (f, You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, from How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
Dree Nagel, "Everybody Grab a Gun Tonight" (f, Everybody Have Fun Tonight, by Wang Chung)
Dree Nagel, "The Hokey Effects" (f, The Holey Pokey)
Dree Nagel, "(Not Quite But Almost) Paradise" (F, Almost Paradise, by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson)
Dree Nagel, "I Am a Rock (Avon's Version)"
Dree Nagel, "Bang Bang" (f, Boom Boom, by Paul Levakis)
Dree Nagel, "The Distrust Zone" (f, Twilight Zone, by Golden Earring)
Dree Nagel, "To Your Lies" (f, In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel)
Dree Nagel, "Like a Villain" (f, Like a Virgin, by Madonna)
Dree Nagel, "The Rebel Bunch" (f, the Brady Bunch theme)
Dree Nagel, "Bad Attitude" (f, New Attitude, by Patti Labelle)
Dree Nagel, "Run from You" (f, Run to You, by Bryan Adams)
Dree Nagel, "Show No Respect' (f, Show Some Respect, by Tina Turner)
Dree Nagel, "Stuck with You" (f, Stuck on You, by Lionel Ritchie)
Dree Nagel, "Opened Your Fire" (f, Open Your Heart, by Madonna)
Kelly Hardin, "Bein' Mean" (f, Bein' Green, by Kermit the Frog)
Dree Nagel, "Ode to Servalan, or, Avon's Lament"

Emily McEwan cover A in forest on GP
inside c. calligraphy
p. 1 A with teddy bear
p. 86 illo for "Beyond Cute 3"
pp. 14, 45, 85, 97, 105, "Beyond Cute" logo
Holly Hutchison p. 9 "This Alien Needs a Friend" cartoon (V)
p. 12 A as Grinch, cartoon
p. 39 cartoon illo for "Hokey"
p. 49 A
p. 89 "The Rebel Bunch"
p. 93 A-V
p. 100 "What Aliens Are Outside the Enterprise?" cartoon
p. 109 cartoon illo for "Ten Commandments"
Julie Nowak p. 10 Trek crossover cartoon
p. 55 A-C cartoon
p. 88 "Federation Vice" cartoon
p. 104 swimming pool cartoon
Dree Nagel p. 16 A-V-Ta cartoon
p. 50 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled" (cartoon)
p. 73 A-Se cartoon
p. 82 author-editor cartoon
p. 82 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled, #2" (cartoon)
p. 94 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled, #2" (cartoon)
p. 96 A-Se cartoon
p. 110 A-Se cartoon
p. 111 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled" #s 4 & 5
p. 112 "slash" cartoon
Dani Lane p. 22 illo for "Genocide"
p. 30 illo for "Genocide"
p. 65 A-Ta; illo for "Satis."
p. 68a A-Se; illo for "Prop."
p. 78 illo for "This Moment's"
Peter Heimsoth pp. 41-44 "Blake's 7 on the Run"
Dorinda Francis p. 84 A
p. 91 A

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