Review By Jean Graham

This 240+ page zine starts off with a giggle from Alan Moravian, "So You Want to Be a Rebel" - you might call it an entry-level exam! "Turning & Turning in the Widening Gyre" by Patricia Blasi is a masterful short piece of misdirection that leads the reader in one direaction but artfully twists to an unexpected conclusion. In "Giving Off Sparks" by co-editor Sophia Mulvey, Avon gets psychological help from Carnell, Soolin gets gravid(!), and Vila gets friendly with gnomes, elves and unicorns (yep - all in one story, and that's only the beginning!) Liberator undertakes an errand of mercy in K. Ann Yost's "First Do No Harm; Vila communes with pink elephants in C. Doshier's "Vila Quits"; "What Friends Are For" by K. Rae Travers is a 1 pager on Avon's slipping mental faculties and Vila's concern about same; Jennifer Smallwood's "Resurrection" continues an alternate universe Post-GP series wherein Soolin is a doctor aboard Liberator trying to deprogram Avon and Blake, who have been false-memory-implanted by Servalan. Another K. Rae Travers story is "Whose Rescue Is This Anvway?," in which Blake and Jenna set out to save Avon and Vila - or perhaps it's the other way round! Sue Williams' "Final Victory" is a 1-page joke; Anne Stullken's "Reflections..." is a one paragraph Vila introspective; "Friendship on Loan" by Helen Parkinson concerns kiddies Kerr & Vila and their respective teddies all meeting on a doomed shuttle flight; Catherine Kendall's "Spread Your Wings" is a lengthy speculation on Tarrant's background.

Wry humor characterizes Alan Moravian's "Dating Game"; "Special Treatment" bv Susan M. Skibba posits the post-GP crew shipping Avon off to a mental asylum - or is it? Sara Talbot's "Payment in Kind" is an espionage tale in which Vila gets married. (Unfortunately, large portions of this story are illegible due to poor reproduction of dot matrix type!) "Heir Apparent" by Patricia Blasi is apparently a joke based on a drinking song with which we're not familiar. And finally, there's "A Good Idea at the Time" by Helen Parkinson, in which Blake, attacked by other prisoners aboard the London, finds he has an unexpected protector. TSLO delivers a lot of zine for the money. There are few illustrations, but good stories go a long way toward making up for that.

This zine is available (price unknown) from :

Bearly Spaced Ent,
24 Cynthia Rd,
MA 02771-1806


Editors: K. Rae Travers and Sophia Mulvey
Publisher: Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Date: May 1993

Patricia Blasi, "Turning & Turning In the Widening Gyre" (S5)
Sophia Mulvey, "Giving Off Sparks" (S5; Deltah Base Series)
K. Ann Yost, "First Do No Harm" (S1)
Cheufeld Doshire, "Vila Quits" (S3)
K. Rae Travers, "What Friends Are For" (S4)
Jennifer Smallwood, "Resurrection" ("Different Reality"#3; alt-S4)
K. Rae Travers, "Whose Rescue Is This, Anyway?" (S2)
Sue Williams, "Final Victory" (S2)
Helen Parkinson, "Friendship on Loan" (pre-S1)
Catherine Kendall, "Spread Your Wings" (S3)
Sue Skibba, "Special Treatment" (S5)
Sara Talbot, "Payment in Kind" (S2; sequel to stories in "Inverted Blake" #1-2)
Patricia Blasi, "Heir Apparent" (S4)
Helen Parkinson, "Good Idea at the Time" (S1)

Alan Moravian, "So You Want to Be a Rebel?" (test)
K. Rae & Sophia, "Dear Reader"
Alan Moravian, "Dating Game" (S4)
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Poetry & Filks:
Melissa Mastoris, "Vixen"
Anne Stullken, "Reflections on a Prisoner on Gauda Prime"
Anne Stullken, "Cally"
Sue Williams, "Weight of Command"
Anne Stullken, "Death of a Friend"
Roxie Ray, "Ring Upon My Finger"
Melissa Mastoris, "Alien"
Melissa Mastoris, "Darkness Descending"
Roxie Ray, "Fedbusters!"
Anne Stullken, "Vila"
Anne Stullken, "Avon"
Roxie Ray, "Vila Don't Lose Your Bracelet"

Sue Williams cover B, V, A
p. 37 V; illo for "Giving Off Sparks"
p. 118 B; illo for "Weight of Command"
p. 197 A; illo for "Special Treatment"
Val Westall p. 7 A; illo for "Giving off Sparks"
p. 126 V-D; illo for "Spread Your Wings"
p. 152 Ta; illo for "Spread Your Wings"
Fiona Ellem p. 20 Ta; illo for "Giving Off Sparks"
p. 47 A; illo for "First Do No Harm"
p. 91 V-So; illo for "Resurrection"
Pam Whitelark p. 104 B-A; illo for "Whose Rescue"
p. 117 A; illo for "Friendship on Loan"
Kathryn Andersen p. 62 V; illo for "Resurrection"
p. 179 Se; illo for "Special Treatment"
Cheufeld Doshire p. 53 Orac; illo for "Vila Quits"
Amy Riendeau p. 160 illo for "Dating Game"
K. Rae Travers p. 37 (creature only)

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