Tales from Space City #2

A change in my work means that I can no longer handle the printing and sales side of zine production. Fortunately, Judith Proctor agreed to take over on future print runs. As Judith's policy on adult art is stricter than mine, we decided that the simplest way to handle it would be to remove all adult art from future print runs of the existing zines. The gen art only copies are clearly marked as a second edition.

Only the gen art versions are available through this website. The original editions with adult art will only be available directly from me (Helen Patrick helen.patrick@waveney.org), while existing stocks last, and will not be reprinted once that stock has run out. Please email me first to check on availability and current snailmail address before ordering any zines directly from me. I have moved to the US, and the snailmail address in the flyers is longer valid.


For a slim zine, this has an amazing lot of good stuff in it. Almost all of the stories are short and most are funny, but there are some serious ones too.

I think my very favorite is an angst-fest, Jenner's "Hidden Facets" A/B. (One very minor complaint: I think that this and the other party stories deserve to have individual titles, rather than all using the title of the frame story. Some of the writers did give their stories titles, and I wish all had. I have to admit, though, that I didn't even notice this when I was reading the stories-- only afterward, when I was cataloguing.) It's Avon's POV, always difficult, and very well handled here. Wrenching; rather like an Oblaque story, but more wallowy, in a very elegant way.

For a pick-me-up after reading Jenner's story, try Nova's story, "Dreams of an Insomniac" (fanon strikes!), as an antidote to melancholy: equally well-written, with a lovely, cynical Avon POV, but this time with a happy ending.

There's more angst in "Shadowscapes" by Anfrolenthis. This is an excellent post-Deathwatch V/Ta (with perhaps a hint of A/V? I couldn't decide) that reminds me a little of a slash version of "Hearts of Glass" (the beautiful D/V story in =Straight Blake's= #2 that I think is one of the all-time best B7 stories of any genre). In a similar vein, "Decline and Fall" by Anon. is a gen D-V story that captures the hopeless, tragic feel of the fourth season as Vila tries to comfort Dayna after the events of "Animals."

On the funny side, I especially like "The Diamond Prince" by Julia Henry, in which we discover that Dayna's sister Lauren is a slash fan; and Oliver Klosov's "Mr. President," in which President Sarkoff of Lindor becomes well acquainted with the entire crew of the Liberator. The latter reminds me somewhat of "The Late, Great Blake" in =Liberator Fantasies=, another of my favorite stories.

I was also very taken with "A Source of Innocent Merriment" by Count Jockula, which I mentally subtitled "Del Grant Gets His." Ralli, the female rebel in "Countdown," abducts him and takes him to a planet that sounds like just my kind of place. :)

Another memorable story, serious but not particularly angsty, is Susan Cutter's first "Hidden Facet," about a girl and her horse. I found her adventurous, sexually precocious young Dayna very plausible, and there's a lovely picture by Val to accompany the story.

"Avon at the Con," a round robin by Susan Cutter and others, is very funny-- a kind of adult version of stories like =The Other Side of the Cheeseboard=. Not that there's any actual sex, but I loved the visions of Tarrant at the art show, Dayna watching "Charles Bravo," and Avon causing consternation at the slash panel merely by showing his familiar face there.

And there is loads more that I haven't the energy to describe in detail, plus several more illos including a color Avon portrait. Recommended as a souvenir for those who fondly remember the original posts, and especially for new members who wonder what went on in these parts in the past.



(mixed gen, adult, and slash)
Editor/publisher: Helen Patrick
Date: March 2000
Format: A4; 81 text pp. + [4] pp. ads + [3] onesided illo pp., incl. one in full color; greyscale illo on white card cover with clear plastic overlay, white card back cover, white tape binding

Predatrix, "Vampire Snippet" (S1?; A/B, implied C/V; humor)
Sandy Steiner, "A Snippet-- Avon's Eyes" (A-B-V-C-the author; A/C, implied A/B; humor)
Calle Dybedahl, "Interlude" (S1; B/J; humor)
Oliver Klosov, "Unlikely Challenge" (S2; J/V/O; humor)
Predatrix and Helen Patrick, "Keeping Warm" (S1; A/B dialogue; humor)
Julia Henry, "The Diamond Prince" (S3, Aftermath; uc A/D, A/Ta; humor)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Zipper" (S1; C/V; humor)
Anfrolenthis, "Shadowscapes" (S3, post-Deathwatch; Ta/V)
Anon., "Decline and Fall" (gen; S4, post-Animals; D-V)
Steve Rogerson, "Revenge" (S4, post-Orbit; A; humor)
Predatrix, "Dear Diary" (S5; A/Ta, A/B, Ta/V; humor)
Nova, "Dreams of an Insomniac" (S2; A/B, uc A/ocm)
Susan Cutter, "Language and Morals Crackdown" (story to be continued; S1 or S2)
Oliver Klosov, untitled (continuation of "Language and Morals Crackdown" by Susan Cutter; D)
Judith Proctor, untitled (continuation of "Language and Morals Crackdown" by Susan Cutter; C)
Deborah Rose, untitled (continuation of "Language and Morals Crackdown" by Susan Cutter; A/C)
Fifitrix, untitled (continuation of "Language and Morals Crackdown" by Susan Cutter; A/?)

The 1998 Birthday Party
Susan Cutter, "Party Theme" (story to be continued; S?)
Susan Cutter, "Hidden Facet" (gen; S0; B)
Lydia McMartyn, "The Lesson" (gen; S1, Spacefall; Nova)
Judith Proctor, "Gan" (gen; S0; G-his daughter)
Catharine R., "Irreversible" (gen; S1; Tr-Keera)
Lydia McMartyn, "Just a Quickie" (gen; S2; G-O; humor)
Oliver Klosov, "Mr. President" (S1, Bounty; C/Sarkoff, J/Sarkoff, G/Sarkoff, A/Sarkoff, V/Sarkoff, B/Sarkoff)

Kassandra West, "Korda Sings" (gen; S2, Shadow; C)
Calle Dybedahl, "Hidden Facets" (S1; A/ocf; humor)
Christabel, "Hidden Facet" (gen; S1; V; humor)
Steve Rogerson, "Secret" (S2, post-Trial; past B/Inga)
Paula Robinson, "Hidden Facets" (gen; S1; Tr)
Oliver Klosov, "Party Favour" (S2; B/?)
Carolyn, "Hidden Facets" (gen; S2; J; humor)
Count Jockula, "A Source of Innocent Merriment" (S2, post-Countdown; Del; Grant/ocfs)
Christabel, "Hidden Facets" (gen; S2, Star One; Lurena; humor)
Predatrix, "Hidden Facets" (S1?; A-V, A/B)
Predatrix, "Hidden Facets 2" (S1?; A/B)
Kate Hall, "Hidden Facets 2" (gen; S2; Tr)
Jenner, "Hidden Facets" (S2; A/B)
Susan Cutter, "Hidden Facet" (S0; D)
Susan Cutter, "Hidden Facet" (S0; Ta; humor)
Catharine R., "Flight" (gen; S0; Ta)
Christabel, "Hidden Assets" (A/V; humor)
Kate Hall, "Hidden Facets 1" (gen; S3, Rumours; Se)
Andrea, "Desertion" (gen; sequel to "Premise" in #1; S4, B - S0, Ta)
Louise Rutter, "Hidden Facets" (gen; S5; D-Se)

Round Robins and other things
Susan Cutter, Lorna Payne, Oliver Klosov, Pat Fenech, Cami, Helen Patrick, Christabel, "Avon at the Con" (S3; real world crossover; humor)

Calle Dybedahl, "Spacerebels of Gor" (alt-S3; uc A/D, J/V, Ta/ocm, Se/Ta, D/V; humor)

Jenni-Alison, "Some Scribbling" (S3; humor)

"Editorial, or, 'Actually, I could get to like this.'"
"Technical Details"
Richard Proctor, untitled one-liner (humor)
Jenni-Alison, "Snippet" (Ta appreciation)
Lisa Williams, "Eye Colour Genetics" (short article)
Susan Cutter, "Snippet" (Tarrant Nostra ad; humor)
Kat W, una, Harriet, predx, Rob, "Space City room party at Redemption 1999" (humor)
Helen Patrick, "I Was Corrupted by Space City!!!" (humor)

Kat W., "Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me" (f; S1; C)
Airan Wilkinson, "There's a Rocket in my Pocket" (Cat in the Hat parody; S2; A/B?)
Cami, "12 Days of Christmas" (gen; f; Ta)
Predatrix, "Vilanelle" (gen; V)
Christabel, "Packing for Redemption" (gen; fandom; humor)
Susan Cutter, "Santa Saves the Day" (Christmas 1998; S5)
Christabel, "Christmas Carols" (gen; f, assorted carols)
An anonymous Significant Other, "Lament" (gen; humor)

Art, all by Val Westall:
cover A-B
facing p. 2 A; color
facing p. 46 A/B; illo for Hidden Facet by Predatrix
facing p. 50 nude D on horse; illo for Hidden Facet by Susan Cutter

Posted on 21st of December 2007

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