The Endless Farce

A Blake's 7 slash (homosexual) zine comprising a sequence of four sex comedies written by Predatrix. Plenty of Cock and a Fair Bit of Bull (written with Another Lady) features Avon and Blake finding that they do have one thing in common. This story is currently available online. The next three stories detail the addition of Gan to the menage, why orgies are bad for your health, and how one amuses oneself while recovering. Very little angst, a lot of fun, and a great deal of sex. Estimated word count 71,000.

A change in my work means that I can no longer handle the printing and sales side of zine production. Fortunately, Judith Proctor agreed to take over on future print runs. As Judith's policy on adult art is stricter than mine, we decided that the simplest way to handle it would be to remove all adult art from future print runs of the existing zines. The gen art only copies are clearly marked as a second edition. The first edition of Endless Farce 1 has now sold out (unless I find a couple of stray copies), and there are no plans to reprint it. - Helen Patrick

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Endless Farce 2

Cock & Bull Tales II, the long-awaited, by perverts everywhere, sequel to Endless Farce is available. Containing:

SNAF, (or Situation Normal, Avon...) the story which should have been story 3.5 in _Endless Farce_, but got left out after a disk crash. If you've ever wondered how A got back to normal after _Avon Makes A Stand_, this is the story. WINCE as a slightly sticky Avon is passed a handkerchief in one of those really embarrassing social situations. GRIN as A & B try to score points off each other while driving each other demented. PANT as Avon is eased out of underwear "small wet and barely able to contain his impatience". Partly shown on the list.

A Bad Workman Blames His Tool, where A & B behave badly, B manages to have sex with A while concealing he can't get it up, C and J drop in for a Weird Auron Genderfuck Sex Scene, and It's All All Right In The End (Avon's End, naturally). Not previously published.

Two Quarts In A Pint Pot Blame Stamford for this. She sent me a porno movie clip proving that it's actually *possible*. Some of the sexual activities portrayed may squick people (yeah, like anyone easily-squickable's still reading Farce ...). Not previously published.

Oh Dear Oh This is the "Avon fucks the *Liberator*" story. Also contains Gan getting really pissed off with Avon, and an "insatiable Avon gets sodomised by technology" scene. And a lot of jokes. And Avon squirming a lot after practicing with an impromptu sex toy. Despite containing unfeasible amounts of sex with inanimate objects, and a het scene (not with Avon), it's still essentially slash. Not previously published, although I may have mentioned it on the list.

Supplied Avon wants to get away from it all. Following advice from Orac, he is stranded for two weeks among raving religious maniacs who are obsessed with his having sex (yes, like me, but they're actually trying to *stop* him). Contains an even more Weird Auron Genderfuck Scene than Bad Workman, and it's still what I'd call slash. Go figure.

Review by Sally Manton

Or Who Has Time for Rebelling Anyway?

Not Our Heroes, according to Predatrix. In the opening blurb she says "I like to think that in one conceptual universe Avon keeps Blake too shagged-out to sulk or run away. Personally, I'm surprised he had enough energy left for your average grocery-shopping mission :-)

For those who have already giggled their way through Endless Farce 1, welcome to more of the same. With embellishments. Eye-opening embellishments. For those who *haven't* had that pleasure, welcome to extremely bawdy, extremely funny slash which follows canon only in so far as Our Heroes do behave very badly (but managing to still be endearingly *them* at the same time). Blake is warm, generous, temperamental and obstinate to the nth degree; Avon is stunningly selfish, utterly brattish, extremely amusing and invariably unreasonable to another nth degree; the pair of them mix verbal cut-and-thrust with tactile affection quite beautifully. And Gan is kind and dutiful and trying sooo hard not to be narrow-minded (he ends up with Cally, who is a nice mixture of sexual ultra-frankness and verbal primness).

The sex is both mind-boggling (I'm still trying to get my imagination *around* a couple of Pred's variations on the theme - Two Quarts in a Pint Pot, for one) and an awful lot of fun, which is lovely - pure fun being rarer than angst and passion and highly-charged emotions. I love the way Blake and Avon keep arguing and teasing and even *competing* right through what is clearly mind-blowing sex. And there is *lots* of sex - as I said, no time for the Revolution :-) I can't recall if there was a single page with no sexual references on it (this, by the way, is most definitely *not* a complaint) so it's not a zine for people who want politics and SF and such. OTOH, even if the sex itself isn't quite your cup of tea, the bawdy jokes, puns and sheer exuberance (and lack of sentiment or slush) may be.

And I also giggled the fact that Vila - so often the 'wise Delta' who sees all and knows all without being told - is the *only* one who has no idea what's going on around him (he thinks he knows, of course). Even Orac knows ...

My own favourites were
- 'A Bad Workman Blames His Tool' with Blake temporarily 'out of commission' and Avon doing his (not entirely successful) best to be reasonable and patient and selfless (for him) "for ... oh, for days at least" the Avon-Jenna-Cally mend-sex scene is ... interesting :-), though what I like best about Jenna and Cally in this series is that they're such unabashed *gossips* (well, wouldnt you be?) and has a verry nice Avon-on-top scene.

- 'Supplied' - just about *any* version of Kerr Avon in a strict monastical community would be fun, but Pred's sexually insatiable and extremely bad-tempered one is gorgeous. Poor deprived darling ... this includes another mind-boggling sex scene (possibly my favourite), where Blake and Avon have sex while *both* in Blake's body.

Strongly recommended for those who like comic slash, and are not easily shocked, but with the gentle warning that the stories are quite graphic and - ummm - creative; if explicit description makes you uncomfortable, or you're unsure if it will, try a couple of Pred's other stories to the feel of them first.


Editor/publisher: Predatrix
Date: [2002]
Format: A4, 61 pp., blue card cover, white tape binding

Fiction, all by Predatrix unless otherwise indicated:
"S.N.A.F. (Situation Normal, Avon Fucked)" (sequel to "Avon Makes a Stand" in EF #1; S1; A/B, A/G; 20 pp.)

"A Bad Workman Blames His Tool" (part 1 of 4, sequel to EF #1; S1; A/G, A/B, A/C/J; 11 pp.)

Julia Stamford and Predatrix, "Two Quarts in a Pint Pot" (part 2 of 4; S1; A/B/G; 5 pp.)

"Oh Dear Oh" (part 3 of 4; S1; A/B, A/G, C/G; 13 pp.)

"Supplied" (part 4 of 4; S1; A/C/G, A/B/C/G; 10 pp.)

Predatrix, untitled editorial
"The Story So Far"

Posted on 21st of December 2007

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