Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The B7 story in =Pywacket's Eclectica= is a relatively short and lightweight one, but the zine might be of interest if you like any of the other fandoms represented, since Annita Smith is a fairly good writer. Just for reference, here's what else she's done in B7:

"Through These Walls" (S5; A-V), SOUTHERN SEVEN #4 (US, 1988.12)
"Candle in the Wind" (S5, long after GP), PROBABILITY SQUARE (US, 1989)
"Out of the Night" (S5; A-V, V-hc, A-ocf), BLAKE'S DOUBLES #1 (US, 1988)
"Precious Vengeance" (sequel to "Out of the Night" in BLAKE'S DOUBLES #1; S5; A/ocf), SOUTHERN SEVEN #8 (US, 1994.5)
"The Treasure Outside the Door" (sequel to "Precious Vengeance;" S5; A/ocf), SOUTHERN SEVEN #8 (US, 1994.5)


PYWACKET'S ECLECTICA (assorted stories by Annita K. Smith)
Editor: Annita K. Smith
Publisher: Pywacket Press (Dallas, TX)
Date: April 1997
Format: letter size, 88 text pp. + [1] p. zine ad; lavendar paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, black plastic back cover, black comb binding

B7 fiction:
Annita K. Smith, "A Thief's Christmas" (late S2; A-V)

Other fandoms: UNCLE, AS&J, S&MK, RSteele, Shadow Chasers, QL, XF, RGB, STV

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