Melange #8

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I came across this zine recently. The story by Terrell and Mila hints delicately at the possibility of A/B, but so discreetly that the story passed as gen in two out of its three publications. (It wasn't unusual in those days, BTW, for a story to see print three times on three different continents.)

But I was very puzzled by the second B7 story, because I don't have it anywhere in my listings, and yet I'm sure I've read it before. I even think I remember seeing it on a full-size page, A4 or letter size as the case may be, but maybe I'm imagining that.

Authors, help! Leah and Annie, do you remember whether this story was ever published anywhere else? Am I imagining having seen it in another zine? (It's also remotely possible that I read this very zine before, in my early days in fandom when I devoured huge quantities of fiction very quickly, and then semi-forgot about it.)

Sarah T.


Editor/publisher: Barbara Fister-Liltz (North Riverside, IL)
Date: 1986
Format: digest, half letter size, 54 pp., blue card cover, center staples

B7 fiction:
Linda Terrell and Ginny Mila, "Image on My Soul" (S4; B); also in CHRONICLES ANNUAL 1986 (AU, 1986) and TOUCHED #9 (slash; UK, 1986.11/12)

Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "For the Birds" (S2; A-V)

B7 art:
photo p. 5 B-A
Leah Rosenthal p. 45 C-V-J; illo for "For the Birds"

Other fandoms:
SW, Starman, AW, Witness, Lone Wolf McQuaid, ST, Raiders, Si&Si, Matthew Star, Mad Max

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